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My Misha, I don't think it was just chance that you came into our lives, after all I had 5 furbabys at home and things were getting crowded.Funny that I happened to pick that one cashier at Marc's and when she saw all those pig ears and raw hides and treats she asked me if I worked at a dog pound, and I told her no the ones there don't get goodies like this. When I told her I did dog rescue she said great, her son left with his girlfriend and her dogs leaving you there so I said I would look into it and try to find a home for you. well one day went by and she left a msg and I quote "well, you didn't call so I turned Misha loose hopefully he'll run away if not I will take him to the pound to be put to sleep" well I called and blasted her, told her I would pick you up in the morn after work.I stopped by my brothers and picked up some bologna, ham and chicken to give you. I had been giving her money to buy food for you but as I found out she bought cat food(she had abt55 cats and 9 litter boxes) when I pulled up by her house I saw a pretty boy in the middle of the street, and when i called out Misha you looked at me so I said come on,show me where you live whereupon you turned and went right into the back yard. Remember when I gave you the food I brought with me and how you ate it all right up?That's how I knew she wasn't feeding you .I locked the gate and called her (got machine) and said you were in the back yard and I was going to work,but would pick you up in the morning.That night was one of the longest I can remember.FINALLY ,I picked you up and we went home.First you had to check out the back yard, once that met with your approval we went inside.I was worried everybody would get along.Little did I know how mellow and good natured you were.Well I all ways wanted a husky and what a good one you were.I would bring home pig ears and goodies and Sam n Lillie n bails would just come and take the ear right out of your mouth.Well when I caught them I would chew them out and give your things back to you.I found out later that you were always outside and that only when it was colder than 10 degrees did she put you in the basement.(nasty basement)Well you dont treat family like that, this was your home and you slept on the bed with the rest of us.It wasn't long before you started to grow on me, I love my Sasha and she loved me back to the point my friends called her my wife and I found myself hurrying home to be with Sasha and my Misha ,yes Sasha was the wife and you Misha were my best friend! My daughter-in-law kept telling me I had too many Barkers but it was too late, you were part of the family and like the 3 musketeers it was all for one and one for all.I think God wanted me to see first hand all about trust and loyalty and most of all love.You got around really well for the first 3 or so years but then things started like trouble with the back steps and gradually got worse.As soon as you came to live with us you were on the same program as everybody, antioxyidents, vitamins,brewers yeast, joint formula chondroitin and fish oil, it helped but like with my Sasha it was so hard to offset years of neglect, at least it helped hold off the reaper for a little while. At last, when it was your time , you were on the bed when you crossed the Rainbow Bridge, if there was anything that I could do for you including take your pain or give you years off my life I would do it without question, look in my heart and you'll know it's true. I love you my Misha, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't cry for you , You never ever gave me a hard time or took and chewed anything at all,Misha thank you for coming into my life.I love you and cant wait for the day we will all be together again.God Bless you my loving bear, your Daddy George
29/April/2008 My Loving Bear, It's hard to believe its been a year since you went home,to be with God and now my Sasha.We don't know how long Our Sam has but he's starting to slow down and sleep more, as it should be,he was 16 in April.My Misha, I tried as with Sasha too, to keep you as long as I could but God had other plans, and who are we to argue.There isn't a day that goes by that we don't all think about you both.I caught Lilly just the other day being sneaky and wondered what she was up to and saw she had found yours and Sasha's harness's, she looked up to me and it all came flooding back how she would lay down next to you Misha and put her arm over your back to comfort you and as if to say "it's ok,you've had a full life and soon it will be your turn to relax and know Heaven" And my love Sasha, every time Bailey pulls a shot she looks around for you to set her straight,for you were,are and always will be the boss.I sleep with your blanket and pillows and yearn to hold you both close to me.My youngest is only 4yrs (little)and that would give me 12 more yrs at the max then I will come home and we will be a family once more. Rest in the sunshine and a life with no pain,food and treats galore.When I come home to you I promise to never leave your side and give you belly rubs and take everybody for a long ride (my Sasha gets shotgun ) and we can go to the drive-in and see whatever the Barkers want.Misha I love you forever and a day and my Sasha you are in my heart and will be there always,my wife,soulmate and my Angel from above, all I have ever had or will have I give to you. God Bless you all, your loving daddy George
25Dec08 My Dear Misha,I miss you so,Merry Christmas my friend:) Well after going thru all three sites, Sam's and Sasha's and now Yours my head is spinning! I wish I could just join you now,that truly would be a gift from heaven. I don't know how you took all the pain it just seems the more I try, my lovin bear the more things seem to backfire for me. I was raised with good morals and principles like don't hit a woman,right wins in the end.but I'm taken to be the user not the arshlock.I see a man punching a woman in the face, she's bloody so I stop and beat the crap out of the guy, the police come and throw me in the back of the car.The bloody woman says that man beat the crap out of my husband.lucky 1 cop knew my uncle who was a cop n let me go!He said let us do our job.But I always try to help the weak,what is wrong trying to help? My older brother always lectures me on how i screw up,I'm tired of it all,I mean well but don't fit in,wrong time.It seems3 rights make an aw not again.The bad thing is I have 4 girls one =10,2 =5yrs n 1 =4yrs that gives me at the most say 12 years left, I'm tired and want to join you my gentle friend. Nothing works out right,I am always misinterpreted. I am not a quitter but it hurts when there is no place for you to go Ha Ha what a laugh. Its just an overload,God bless you my friend, May you play and feel the strength of your youth again.You deserve it,your pure in heart, loving and sweet my Misha.Please give hugs and kisses and love to my friends with you my Misha.Merry Christmas until later God Bless my teddy bear :) George

Please also visit Heaven, LITTLE, Sam Barker and Sasha.

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