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Memories of Muggles
I fell in love with him instantly. We had brought a crate to put him in to bring him home, but he made so much noise, I decided to hold him in my lap while my husband drove us home. He was always such a fun and loving little guy. He was fairly easy to train and loved to run in circles with his little tail tucked between his legs. My husband and I were still working at the time we got him, so we trained him to stay in the crate. He was always so good about that. I would try to come home at lunch time and let him out.

When I quit work we were together constantly. He would go in the bathroom with me when I took a shower and lay on the towel in front of the tub. When I got out he would lick some of the water off my legs, then he would want to be let out. He would get in the recliner with me each morning as I read the Bible Readings for the day and say my prayers. He would go to the mailbox with me to get the mail and sit in my lap while I looked through it. When I had recycle to take to the garage, he always went with me and helped. Of course, he knew he would get a treat. When I would change the sheets on the bed he would love to play in them, and especially when we would cover him up. We would say "where's Muggles" and he wouldn't move a muscle. He would get on top a pile of dirty laundry or would jump in a pile of clean laundry and knock it in the floor. His favorite thing to do was to knock the pillows off the couch to the floor. We would say "we're going to get you", and he loved it! We would play with him and rub his belly. When Steve and I were at each end of the house he would sit somewhere in the middle of us. He would wait at the bathroom door for us and when we opened it, there he was. Many times Steve would go back to the bedroom at night before I did some last minute chores. Muggles would wait at the end of the hall for me. When we were outside, he was outside. If I had to leave and Steve was home with him, he would immediately want to go out on the porch. He would wait patiently in front of the door until I returned; always barking and excited to see me. He would lay on the back of the couch in the sun room waiting for Steve. He just loved being with us and we loved being with him! He slept with us at night. He would get up close to me many times and snuggle. I loved it! When he was ready to go out in the morning he would keep pushing up against us until we would get up.

He loved everyone that came to the house. He would find a way to get in their lap before they left. Every day he would go to the neighbors house to visit his friend "Shadow". She was an Alaskan Malamute, so she was quite a bit bigger than Muggles. Shadow was restricted though because she was inside an underground fence. Muggles would go over and aggravate her, staying just far enough away so that Shadow could not get him. It was so cute to watch them play.

Muggles also had another special friend that belonged to my daughter. Her name was Piper. Piper was a Lab and was such a sweet dog. When we would go visit she would always bring her ball to Steve so he would take her outside to play. If Steve wasn't there, she would bring the ball to me. Muggles and Piper would play some until Piper got tired of him bothering her, then she would let him know she had had enough. Piper has recently gone to heaven, so I kept telling Muggles he would get to see Piper and play with her in heaven.

When Muggles was still a puppy my little Grandson came to visit for a few days. Ian would wake up in the mornings and come in our bedroom and get on the bed with me. Muggles loved to play under the covers. We would pretend he was an alligator. We had so much fun! Muggles never forgot that because he kept that up for a few years until he just didn't feel like it any more.

Muggles loved his little green dinosaur. This little squeaky toy came with him when we got him. He would bring it to Steve to throw and he would run to get it, squeaking it as much as he could. We were able to find one more little green dinosaur, but could not find any after that. I saved the very first one he had and buried it with him.

One day when Muggles was about 6 years old Steve was home with him. I was gone for the day. Muggles got excited about something and jumped up on Steve. When he did he fell backwards and hit his little head on the kitchen floor. He had a seizure. Steve picked him up right away and took him to the Vet office. Right before the Vet came in, he came back to himself. He had several seizures after that. It always seemed to happen after we had treated him for fleas and ticks. He had always loved to go for a long walk, but he got to where he would just lay down in the road because he was either too hot or tired.

Around Memorial Day 2014, we noticed he wasn't eating well. After a couple of weeks he even stopped taking his treats. We took him to the Vet knowing there was something seriously wrong. The Dr. took a blood sample and also checked him for tick disease and some other things. She called 3 days later early one morning with the bad news that he had kidney failure. We were devastated! We left him at the Vet office Memorial Weekend so they could give him an IV to flush his kidneys. When we went to pick him up he looked so sad. They had to shave about a 2" area all the way around his two front legs. That really bothered him because he licked at it all the time. He also came home with 4 different pills to take. The first couple of days was pretty easy because we hid the pills in food. He was a smart dog and soon found out the pill was in the food, so he would not take it any more. So Steve had to push the pills down his throat. It was awful! We found out the IV did not help the situation and a blood test 3 weeks later showed his numbers were going up, so we decided no more pills and no more IV's. We would just love and cherish him for the time he had left.

It was so difficult to find something that he would eat. Some days it would be ham and some days it would be beef or chicken. We never knew which he would eat. The week before we had to put him down he just quit eating. He would not eat anything - no matter what we tried to feed him. All the things he had loved so much before he would just turn his head away. He had lost 7 pounds and was so depressed. He would lay on a towel in the back bathroom. He would not give me kisses any more and would only sit in my or Steve's lap for a couple of minutes then he would be gone. We were afraid he was hurting, so Steve went by the Vet's office and arranged for him to come on the afternoon of July 3, 2014.

I had already started crying before the Vet and his assistant arrived. The Vet was wonderful! He was so gentle and explained everything he was going to do. Steve and I sat on the love seat in our Living Room and held Muggles until his life was over. We laid him on the floor. The Vet and his assistant left and I cried like I had never cried before. We wrapped him in his favorite blanket and got his favorite toy. We carried him out to the grave that Steve had dug earlier that day. We laid him in the grave and covered his beautiful little face and added his toy. I put a handful of dirt on him and Steve followed. Then we filled up the hole. We buried him in the back yard in the center of the trellis that is covered with Wisteria. There is a rose bush on each side of him.

We both have had some difficult days. I had never seen Steve cry like he did. I cried so hard, like I had never cried before. For 4 days I cried most of the day. I missed him so much I could hardly stand it; and the pain was unbearable. I know we will still have our moments, but at least I was able to function today. We are going on a fishing trip this week. Something we had scheduled before Muggles got so bad. This is going to be hard for us too because Muggles always went fishing with us. He loved being on the boat. A lot of times when we would catch a fish, he would get all excited and bark. He loved the wind blowing on him when we were riding in the boat.

We will love him forever! Someday we will see him again.

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