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Memories of Nicky Martino
~August 19, 2000 ~ The floor by my chair in my salon remains sadly empty and silent. You are no longer there to greet my clients and steal their towels. I think most of my clients came just to see you and your goofy antics. I still feel your presence especially when I am missing you the most. Nicky, you were my pal, confidante, protector, court jester, and biggest fuzzy love. You were my connection to happier times and saw me thru many sad ones, always there to cheer me up with a paw handy and big licky kisses. Willy stills calls for you and now has taken up her station downstairs, I think she waits for you to come in from the backyard. Time has not healed the wound of losing you, I just have to accept the fact that your time with me had to end. I didn't want you to be sick anymore and now you are the youngster you should be so you can run, and play with no pain. I know that when my time on earth is over, when I close my eyes at last, I will open them again and see you in front of me leading the way to heaven. Keep Rosemarie company for me, she always loved you so. I have a new addition here. Her name is Annie and she was unwanted by so many and finally found her place here with me and the rest of the fuzzy ones. Did you send her to me? I tend to think you did because I am so sad without you. Annie is only one fourth of your size but is in desperate need of love and care. And she really has a goofy face too. Well, I just wanted you to know the latest news and know that you are first and foremost in my heart. I miss you, my Golden Prince, and I am sending you many hugs and kisses. Please keep me company in the shadows. ~ Love Forever, Mommy~ Thanksgiving 2000 is tomorrow and I will be preparing the usual large dinner including your favorite, meatballs and lasagna. I will put your bowl of food in the shadows so you can also spend the holiday with your family. I miss your sweet face following me around the kitchen, looking for some small treat of what is to come later. Willy is still loving you and I know she still sees you at times just as I feel your presence near me. I love you, my big boy with the smiley face. Kiss Rosemarie for me too. Nicky, you are always, each and everyday and nite in my heart. Enjoy the feast my Golden Prince, I'll be right next to you. I love you so, be happy and keep the others smiling too. All my hugs and kisses, Mommy~ 3/01/01 ~ I can't believe that in five days it will be your birthday, you would have been fifteen. But at the Bridge, your just a pup again and free to run without pain. I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and send you kisses from me and Willy. She's still looking for you. Please play with Jeanne Gilmoore's baby, he's new at the Bridge. I miss you so much, stay at my heels in the shadows, Nicky, I need your help. Love You, Mommy.~ Easter is coming and I can't believe how the time is flying by, but not the pain of losing you. I still look for you everywhere I go thinking I just might see you suddenly.~5/11/02~Today is three years that I had to let you go to the Bridge, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do. But at least now you are young and vibrant again. When I sleep at nite, don't forget to give me my kisses, I can still feel you near me. Stay close to me in the shadows, I miss you more than words can ever express. I love you, my big foofy face, I love you. Always&Forever.~3/06/03~ Happy Birthday My Golden Prince!! Miss you like crazy still. ~ March 18, 2004 Willy your girl has joined you. Keep each other happy. Miss you always, Mommy ! Read Annie's Story: http://www.rainbowsbridge.com/stories/Jean-AnnieFlangapanni-633107690573577500.aspx ~ Annie has joined you on 2/23/07 ~5/05/09~ Still miss you. Please keep her company always~ Love Mommy

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