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Memories of Pokey
We had Pokey for exactly seven years. We adopted her from the Amanda Foundation. She was supposed to be a Cocker Spaniel, approx. 2 1/2 yrs old. I had seen an ad in the paper for a female Cocker Spaniel named "Pockets". I called and made arrangements to meet her. I remember sitting in the waiting room when they walked her in. I thought to myself, that's not a Cocker Spaniel! She looked pitiful. Her hair had been so matted they had to shave her from head to toe which revealed how terribly flea bitten she was. She also had a weird shape, long and low - short legs. Nothing like the Cocker Spaniel I was expecting. They handed me her leash and told me to take her for a walk and get aquainted. Well, it took one look in those big brown eyes and I knew I'd be taking her home with me. Who knew she'd be so cute when her hair grew in? She actually ended up looking like a small purebred Cocker Spaniel except with short legs. She turned out to be the sweetest, smartest, cutest and most comical dog we had ever known. How lucky we were to have her. We are heartbroken to have had to let go. We didn't want sweet Pokey to suffer anymore. I cry and miss her everyday. In our hearts forever, my sweet little Pokey! 10/14 It's been two weeks now, and I can't stop crying I miss her so much. I do find comfort in knowing she's at peace and in visiting her residency. It's amazing to receive sympathy messages from others who know what this feels like. 10/24 I think about her all the time and miss her more than ever. So many routines and rituals gone. She loved when I called out "let's go nite-nite".'She'd charge upstairs and jump on the bed. When we got in she'd climb up on me in bed and wait for me to give her a milkbone, which was her nite-nite snack. "Nite-nite" sweet Pokey. 8/16 /01 Even though some time has passed, I think about her and miss my Pokey every day. I started walking the neighborhood for exercise, but everything out there reminds me of her. The "Pokey Trail" with all her favorite stops, and furfriends wondering where she is. No other could ever replace our Pokey, but loving her so much makes me think it's time to rescue another dog who needs a loving home. I think Pokey would like that. Kisses Pokey! Kisses! 9/30/01 Today is the one year anniversary that we had to let you go. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and miss you. You'll always be our "special one" and I'll never get over losing you my sweetest little Pokey. 9/30/02 Two years today we lost our beloved Pokey. We moved to a house recently and I can't help but think how much Pokey would have loved the yard. Rats!...I'm crying again. But there is good news to report. In Pokey's honor, we rescued another cocker spaniel just a week ago. We named her Baboo. She's very sweet but afraid of being left. We know she's had a pretty tough life and hope to make her feel safe and loved. I think Pokey would approve. 9/30/03 Today is Pokey's three year anniversary since she went to the Rainbow Bridge. I thought about her all day. We still miss and love her very, very much. Damn - Here comes the tears again. 9/30/04 Today is Pokey's four year anniversary since she went to the Rainbow Bridge. We have our family photo hanging in the living room and everyone that comes into our home comments on her photo. Always in our hearts, sweet Pokey. 9/30/06 Missing sweet Pokey. 9/30/09 I'll never get over losing Pokey. She was so, so special. Now we've lost Baboo too. It's too hard to lose them. 9/30/10 Ten year anniversary of Pokey's passing. We still miss her. Sending all our love to our special Pokey.

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