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Memories of Rebel
When Rebel came into my life I was so happy. He loved to sit in my lap and when he was full grown at 93 lbs. he still wanted to sit there. He loved every one and most loved him back. He never had a mean bone in his body.
I knew it was nearly his time to go and I thank GOD for making the decision for me and letting him die at home with me holding him while he passed over.
I will never forget him and our special love.
memorys from my daughter Kristi
This morning, mom's 13 yr old Doberman, Rebel, crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. She's had him since he was 6 weeks old (I was 15 when we got him!) and he was her BABY. He had had two recent surgeries to repair some tendons in his legs and had a little trouble recovering from those and you had to help him get up and down steps here lately, but was otherwise in great health. This morning, he woke mom up to take him outside as usual. Then he ran around in good spirits, barking at the squirrels and birds. She brought him back inside and fed him and he just laid down and died in her lap.

13 is a LONG life for a Dobie but I guess we all wanted to believe one as good as him would never leave. He was EXTREMELY smart and good natured. You could have him perform all sorts of commands with hand signals alone from across the room and he was as gentle as could be. A great ambassador for the breed. When I first started driving, he liked to hop in my convertible and sit in the passenger seat with his head looking over the windshield while we rode around. His (uncropped) ears would flop every which way with the wind and turn inside out and we called him Mickey Mouse because he looked so silly that way. You could also start whimpering sadly to him and he would break out in the most God awful howling to sympathize with you LOL Lots of memories of that old boy. I'll miss him, but not half as much as mom. He was her shadow.
you have been gone a year now and I still feel your head on my knee as I type this.
I miss you more than I thought possible. I will never stop loving you

It is hard to believe it has been 2 years now.
I still miss you and see your happy silly self every once in a while, if only in my mind.
I lost Mom last year. I hope you might see her and Dad, they both loved you too.
Have fun there at the bridge I will see you later
Your Mom

Hey my love I still miss you so much.
You will never belive what I am doing now. I work at the B'Ham greyhound racing course
in the adoptions. I help find homes for the retired racing dogs, since I can no longer do rescues at home this is the next best thing.
may GOD be with you
love Mom

Wow another year gone by and I still miss you more than any one knows. I cry every time I visit with you , but I know we will together soon. Go run and chase light beams with your floppy ears and happy bark have fun my love

Hello my love. Guess you know I'm still here missing you. I hope you are still having a great time waiting. Hope you, Poppy, and Ice are together with Josey,Brandy, and Pinkie
my life is about the same I still have the horses, dogs, and work with the Greyhound adoption.

So handsome I'm still up and kicking turned 68 last month. Seems I still tell stories about the silly and kind things you and I used to do. Of course there are stories about you riding with Kristi when she first got her driver's license so nobody could mess with her, but instead all the kids loved you. You took guard duties to heart, if you did not know someone that came to visit you sat on the floor and wiggled between their legs so they couldn't get up with out you knowing.
I love you still

Here it is just you and me talking again. I still think of you often and miss you so much. I am 70 now and of all things had to have my leg amputated just below the knee on 12/3/13. got my new leg 3 weeks ago. you would not believe how good I can walk with it, even rode my horse 4 days after I got it. well goodnite my love see you on the other side some day.

here we are just us sharing a lovely bond, that will never end. I have trouble typing through the tears that fall. I know you are happy and enjoying your freedom hopefully you are with the whole gang.
sometime I think I feel you by my side.
love you always
not much going on here, Maddie's poodle should be there please find her. I still think of you ever day and of course miss you. I turned 71 this year, but still working. we lost several greyhound at adoption, so if you come across one let them know they too are loved and missed

2015 has been awful.My husband passed away, 2 more fur babies are gone too, then I had breast cancer again, and had it removed. they are slowly getting my parts, but the remade me and I am stronger.
please find Tuffy and Prada they both left in May. be kind and loving I think I may see you soon

2016 came and went. I still miss you. I can't seem to get very attached to the dogs living here now. I can't stand the hurt when something happens to them. Tomorrow is my birthday, 73 can you believe that?
Stay happy and pain free

2017 came and went. We did have snow this year. Remember your first snow, with you leaping up trying so hard to catch them all.
If you run into any greyhounds, they may know me. I have adopted out a lot of them, 2 just today.
Run, jump, and be happy

2019. all is going OK. We are going to move this year. Hope you find me. Hard to find for those nights I know you are there in bed with me. I miss you so much.
Love MOM
2020. Dear baby boy, can you believe I'll be 76 in a week? I didn't move, after all, can't find a house. When and if I do I will take your ashes with me so we will be together.
love mom
Hi my love
Well I did move finally and you are sitting on my desk. I have lost 2 dogs and 2 cats. Please look for them and I can gather all of you with me to cross. It's going to be a lot of y'all. I also have many that were shelter dogs that never got a home, so they will ho too.
I miss you every day.
GOD bless y'all
Still miss you and all the others. I don't think I could keep going without a good and loving pup beside me. I have a black lab and a golden now, both rescues ofcourse. I soon turn 78 so should join y'all soon. my pups here will be cared for after I leave. MOM

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