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Memories of Schultz
I'm sorry we could not do more for you. We did all that we could. In your short life with us I want you to know that you brought more joy and happiness then I could imagine. You are forever loved by your pack.
I especially will miss you, every hour of every day. We were always together.
You taught me how to be patient on our runs ( I wanted to run and you wanted to chase), you taught me unconditional love and loyalty. You were my shadow. I was never alone, you followed every step I made and I loved having you there. You kept me safe, you protected all of us.
I will miss your 9pm runs through the woods for one last evening check. You always made sure the yard was clear as the night settled down. Tonight I am missing that. I will miss the mornings as the kids file out to school and you watch through the door to make sure they are ok before they leave..
I will miss our crazy car rides! I will miss you sitting next to me on the floor as I make dinner, always under my feet. I will miss our nighttime ritual - you wanting my cookies.
The kids will miss their play time with you after school. You always knew when they got home, it was time for play! They will miss walking you in the woods.
Daddy is missing you more then you know.
I will miss the way people would stop and tell me what a good looking shepherd you were- we were a duo- the lady who runs with the shepherd. We will always be known for that.
I know in some long time from now we will see you again and I promise to bring my running sneakers! For now, go chase the squirrels, remember, you can't climb trees. Run free and peaceful. Have fun with the other dogs. I hope Bandit met you at the bridge.

Your pack will always love you and you have a piece of all of us with you. Our hearts are missing you.
Until we meet again someday... I love you my boopie boy!! - Mommy

2/16/15 Schultz- This first weekend has been so difficult. I think I hear you.... but then you are not there. I was waiting with daddy this morning for you, but you did not come to see us. The kids will not go play in all this snow because you are not there. You would love this, we got 16 more inches! The paths we dug for you are all covered, your herding ball is covered too, but I bet you would find it, you always did. I hope you have found some new friends and are happy. I miss and love you... "to infinity and beyond" as the saying goes. You are loved so much.

To all those who have sent their warm words of comfort, I thank you. I never imagined how much love and support is out there, and you have all given me strength during this time. To all the fur babies at the bridge, be happy and peaceful and know how much you are all loved.

2/18/15 Just missing you so much today my boopie boy. I caught a glimpse of your herding ball buried under the snow, in the last spot you pushed it to. I wish I could send it to you, I know how much you loved to move it around the yard!! You would get so mad when it got stuck somewhere!! I hope you are having fun and running lots! Lots of kisses - Mommy

2/20/15 It has been one full week and I miss you so much. Ant is missing you so much too. He finally broke down last night and cried like he never has before. You were his puppy from day one. He was the first one you saw when you came to us, he sat with you on the ride home, you two had a special bond. He is heartbroken. The younger kids all cry when we say your name, I hope you know how much you are loved. Watch over them. I miss you. Lots of kisses boopie boy!!

2/21/15 Hi boopie- I feel lost today. I came home from the rink and you were not waiting for us so we could go on our walk..... It was a strange feeling and I didn't like it. I hope you are able to run so peacefully at the bridge. Show everyone how fast you are!! miss you... kisses.. mommy

2/22/15 Our protector, you guarded us so well. There was a coyote in the back yard yesterday, I thought it was you for a moment, but it just walked through the yard and onto our path, I felt like he was looking at us, and then turned and walked away.... I wish you could keep them away from where you are! I am not looking forward to tomorrow, back to school, back to routine, but I don't know what that routine will be now. Tomorrow will be hard with out you here. My heart is so broken. I pray you are happy and have a new pack to run with, ours is different, its quiet. I miss you boopie boy! love and kisses.... mommy.

2/27/15 Good morning boopie.... 2 weeks you have been gone and my heart aches so much. I realize now how much you and I really did understand each other, and I miss that. Once everyone leaves it is so lonely without you. Daddy said he felt you here last night, checking on everyone and getting a pet from him. He misses you so much too. I watch the woods for you, but I can't do that justice, you were the guardian. I miss you boopie... hope you are having fun at the bridge. Love and kisses, mommy
3/6/15 Another week has gone by and I thought this would be easier but it's really not. I didn't realize how much I relied on you just for the simple things, like a pet to make me smile, or tripping over you at the door when I walk in. I feel so alone without you. I watch out the window to your yard and think about you running out of the woods everyday. I miss you boopie. Have fun with your friends and be at peace. Love and kisses, mommy
3/13/15 My boopie boy, our guardian-you have been gone one month already and it still hurts so much. The snow is finally starting to melt, I can see the top of your dog house, that you never used, your herding ball rolled out from cover and for a brief moment I thought you moved it, and your purple ball is now in sight too but still stuck in the icy snow. It hurts to see them sit idle, but this is the kind of snow that is hard to play in as it is just icy now. This is the stuff we would always slip on out back! Not the fun snow. I have yet to run outside, I am starting to see the others out there, our friends that we would run by every day are starting to surface now that the weather is getting better and its not as cold or snowy. I cannot make it out there tho. As I was watching TV the other night, I thought I heard you groan as you so often did when you sat down, as if to say, yes I'm here....maybe you were. I wish you were. I love you my boopie boy... run free and peaceful,( I bet you are the fastest one there) Love and kisses to infinity and beyond. Mommy
3/27/15 Good morning boopie boy. The icy snow is still with us and my hurt is just as bad as it was the day you left us. I miss you so much. I sometimes think back to the day I saw the coyote and thought it was you and still have it in my heart that is was you, just because he headed directly for our path and walked away where we used to walk. daddy said if it was you, then we would see more of you around, and I haven't. I will head out for a run soon, just for you I promise. It will be hard and I'm sure I will think of you the entire time, but hopefully you will be running beside me and keeping guard like you do.
I miss and love you so much. I hope you are happy and can see my candle every night....lots of love Boopie, Mommy.xoxo
04/13/2015 Hey Boopie Boy...Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday today! My best boy, how you are missed! The snow has FINALLY melted and I was able to go for a walk in the woods today. Our trails are there but they are a mess with tree limbs. The hole in the fence to our pond is gone so we can't get down to the mile loop anymore. I guess that's not a bad thing, it will take the coyotes a bit longer to get through now! The weather is slowly getting better and I went for a run this morning and thought about you every step of the way. Maggie from the street over from us came to visit us yesterday, it was Easter, and her owner said she was looking for you. I hope she wanders back for a visit. I hope you are having a party for your birthday boopie! We all love and miss you to infinity and beyond! Lots of kisses.... until next time.... Mommyxoxo
5/29/15 Hi my Boopie. Sorry I haven't written in a bit, I miss you.. I hope you hear me talking to you every day and see my light in the kitchen window at night. I have been running more often but its still not the same. I hope you know you are with me each step of the way, I especially think of you as I run by the various houses and trees you had a liking for. I walked the park yesterday after our run like we would do sometimes, it was quiet. The park was quiet and I thought about you. The kids still miss you so and so does Daddy. He talks about you all the time... his dumb bunny.... We loved your ears!! So many people are asking about you, they miss you too!! The weather is getting warmer, this is the best time to be out but it's still hard..... well, I love you boopie! Miss you tons! Until next time... xoxo Mommy
8/13/15 Hi Boopie- today it's been 6 months that you have been gone. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I still miss you so much. The kids do too. Chris and I were talking about you yesterday and he started crying so bad. I felt awful. The summer is ending as fast as it got here, and soon the kids will be back at school and the house will be quiet again. I hope you are running happy and peaceful. My runs are so different these days. I always think about you especially at the places you would you normally stop at. The White House with the big tree in front, the house with the birds, and of course the park. Although I have a hard time going threre. Well, it's that time, time for our run, I hope you will be by my side today. And always. I love you Boopie boy. Miss you tons. Love, mommy.
9/10/15 hey boopie boy- so its that time. The kids are back at school and the house is quiet again. My running did not go well without you this summer. It was different. I thought I would run faster but I didnt. I still stop and walk by your favorite spots. I miss you. I should be running now but I'm having a hard time today and I'm not sure why. I guess the bottom line is that I will always and forever miss you and I will never get over the fact that our time together was much too short. I love you more then you know. I hope you are happy and chasing squirrels as you liked to do. My groundhog friend is back without you here.... I see him every morning and think of you. If you were here he wouldn't be!! Miss you ton and love you lots.... In peace my furry friend... Mommy😘
1/14/16 Hello my boopie boy. So much time has gone by, and I miss you like it was yesterday still. I think about you every morning and each day. The fall has passed and this year, there was a family of deer in the yard. The babies would play just as you did and they would run in your paths just as you would. I thought a couple of times it was you that sent them telling me you are ok and that you are still running and playing as you did here with us. Yiayia passed too this fall, I hope you saw her at the bridge, I'm sure Wolfie was happy to see her, did you see her too? She loved you too. Maybe you have met Wolfie(Nounno's dog) in your travels, you did not know him here but you would have liked him. He was older then you and went to the bridge before you. I found so many tributes to you in a book Nicholas has, I hope you know how much the kids all still love and miss you. My boopie boy, I just miss you so much it hurts and I don't know if this hurt will ever go away.
The winter is back and this is the season you left us, so its hard right now. I love you boopie boy, lots of hugs and kisses to infinity and beyond. Mommy xo
2/14/16 My boy- Happy Valentine's Day. I can't believe it has been a year since you have gone. Not a day has gone by that you haven't been thought of or missed. There is a lot of snow again, and very cold just like when you left us. I miss you boopie boy. I wish you were still here but you are forever in our hearts, your paw print will be there forever - to infinity and beyond you are always loved. xo mommy
3/16/16 Hello my Boopie Boy, how are you my big dumb bunny ears boy? I was just thinking about you this morning and how I wish you were here to motivate me to go for a run. I would have to go if you were here! Oh I still miss you! I so wish things were different😪, Ant misses you so much still too, I wish he could have said good bye to you. I never imagined how hard this would be without you here. I Love you so much. My heart is aching. I hope you have lots of friends at the bridge. I hope you are watching out for Yiayia too. If you can see her, give her a bark and tell her I love her too! Sending all my love to the bridge. Until we meet again my boopie boy, to infinity and beyond. 😘love, Mommy
4/13/16 Happy Birthday my Boopie Boy! 4 years old!! I missed you so much today. I hope you heard me sing to you!!
Have a great long run on your birthday. Eat lots of peanut butter and chase the squirrels!! I love you Boopie Boy! Run free and peaceful! Lots of kisses. mommy 😘
11/29/16 Hey Boopie Boy-Oh how I miss you so. So much has happened these last few months. We are in a new house, just temporary, but I don't think you would like it, the yard is smaller but our park is still behind us so you could still have space to run. I think about you every day. I hope you still know that you are missed and we will never forget you. Sending hugs to the bridge.... love, mommy.
2/13/17 Hi there my Boopie Boy- I can't believe its been 2 years already.I still miss you today as much as I did that first night you were gone. I hope you know how much you are still loved and thought about. Every day and every night I think of you sitting by me. Even tho we are in a different house, I have a spot picked that I knew would be yours and I would still trip over you. You are forever my Boopie Boy.....sending lots of hugs and kisses to the bridge. love, mommy
2/14/18 HI Boopie Boy! I can't believe how the time has gone. I think of you often, especially now that a new fur baby has entered our lives. Zoe reminds me so much of you! I'm sure you are watching over us from above. I miss you Boopie. Lots of love to you.... mommy
2/13/20 Hi my Boopie Boy- You are so still missed even after all this time. I think about you so much and miss you so much. We love Zoe girl but you were and will always be special. We used to dance, she doesn't dance with me. But she is a little easier to run with, she doesn't pull or chase like you did!!! We should be moving back to our old location- new house tho. Closer to our woods but the woods are gone now. I'm sad about that. I wish we didn't do what we did but can't change it now. I hope you are happy and still running. Ii will see you someday again and we will run but for now run free, chase squirrels, and be peaceful and happy. I love you Boopie Boy! - To infinity and beyond- Mommy

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