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It is 12/31/2009 and I never thought you wouldn't be here. Sarge and I miss you very much. Lightning Bug is 15 lbs of loving fur. I sent you a picture of Sarge and him taken today in their Christmas outfits. I worked evenings on Christmas Eve and then also Christmas Day so we didn't get to celebrate till Christmas Day evening. I put the ornament that the hospital gave me in your name and placed in high in the tree and two of the 5 month old triples have spent a lot of time in the tree. Don't worry I bunglied the tree to the wall so it wouldn't fall and hurt any of your kitten friends. I have spent a lot of time picking up the non-breakable ornaments. I redid the kitchen from top to bottom I know you would like it. Many people have visited you and I enjoy reading what they have said about you and I know you also enjoy the visits you always liked visiting the patients at the hospital, now they can visit you. I am very sad to think of starting a new year without you, but I know I will see you and the many other fur babies that are enjoying Rainbow Bridge, when I leave this earth. Might not be for a while so please don't forget me I won't ever forget you, you changed my life in so many ways I am a much better human for having known you. I write again next year which will be in just over 3 hrs. Have a great New Years Eve with all your new friends, if you see Patti,Joey and Charlie and K.C. say Hi from Sarge and me.

February 10, 2010 I am working 4 10hr days and am now able to spend more time with Sarge and by next month the outside play area will be ready for him when I am not home. I hope you have made many friends, I think about you everyday and miss you very much so does Sarge. I brought in Spot Strips daughter the other day she was injuried and vey weak from the cold yesterday I let her go all well and happy to be free again, I was very sad I was hoping she would like indoor life, I haven't seen Strip in a few weeks so I am concerned, but all I can do is hope she is ok. I hope you are happy. I am sending some pictures for you to show your frinds hope you enjoy them.

August 22, 2010 Well Scooby you have been at Rainbow Bridge a year today I hope you have found many friends. Kilo decided to stretch on my laptop so the "juh" are loose and I have to be very careful when I write. This past weekend a little puppy came to my attention she had had her ear cut off and been throw out in the trash with her 9 siblings in early July. She is 10 weeks old today and I brought her home this past Wednesday. Sarge doesn't remember how he followed you everywhere and is a little put off by all the closeness, but I have things set up so that he gets away time also. I named her Freedom she is free of the past and free to have a great future. Please do not think for a second she is your replacement no one could ever replace you, but Sarge needed someone to play with like he use to play with you and I was sure you would approve of a rescue puppy. PS Kato died a few weeks ago if you visit the cat section tell her I am sorry I wasn't able to find out what was wrong before she left and I do miss my only grandbabycat. I am going to call Glenda now so I will write later. I miss you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 11, 2010 I renewed your membership so don't worry you won't have to leave the friends you have made there. I was off yesterday and today and spent the days listen to music and playing with the "kids" I got everything done on my vacation even with Freedom's help she is now over 40 lbs and only 4.5 months old she will be very big. I will send a picture soon. I miss you every day and so does Sarge & Lightening Bug. I see several things that you used to do with Sarge he now does with Freedom so it would seem Sarge learned a lot from you.

January 23,2011 Lightning Bug has been very ill since December 20,2010, but he is finally doing much better with meds that he takes every 12 hrs till Feb. 17th. I have to go to a human pharmacy to get his meds. I will send a picture of him and Freedom shortly.

Today is September 25, 2012 and I am retiring in 2 days and will be able to spend more time with Sarge and Pepper. I am just sorry you won't be with us, I miss you so very much so does Sarge. Pepper is too much for him sometimes, yet he does enjoy her company. I am at work so I will write again later and soon.

Sorry, it has been 2 years since I last wrote, I love not working and Sarge and Pepper plus the cats love having me home, but I am not as active as I should be. I joined Habitat for Humanity and volunteer at the VA ER every once in a while. Sarge will be 12 years old on 10/18 and Pepper just turned 4. I still think of you daily and talk about you a lot. I miss you very much and wish you had been here for my retirement so we could have more time together. I hope you have made many many friends as well as seeing your own brothers and sisters that went to RB ahead of you.

I am sure you already know this, but Kilo your kitty twin is now with you. She left her yesterday it was a peaceful trip, but I am sure she will tell you she had been in some pain for awhile, because the vet wanted to "try something" instead of listening to me; so Kilo spent another 3 months here the last 2 weeks where not at all happy. I think though she was now so close to her 16th birthday that she was trying to wait till then, but I couldn't let her continue to be so unhappy. Ask her how it feels to hear for the first time in her life. I know she will be happy with you and the other fur babies up there. Bye for now 10/27/2015.
Sorry it took much longer than I thought to add the picture of "Freedom" who is now called Pepper she was taking her name to literally. She is very smart and stubborn. I also just added a picture of Sarge in his winter sweater and the twins (Charlie & Sweets) you would really enjoy them. They love laying and snuggling with Sarge & Pepper.
8/22/17 You know that Sarge is with you to celebrate your anniversary on Rainbow Bridge, he came on June 12th. He missed you very much and I am sure he is happy to see you. I still think and talk about you daily. How could I ever stop talking about the dog that changed my life forever and I won't forget Sarge who was there for you and me. He was a great help while you were gone. Pepper has some big paws to fill, but she can do it. I love and miss you all.
I just renewed your residence for another year, on this the very very sad date of the anniversary of your leaving the earth. You won't believe this but I now have a pet rat. I found him when he was just 2 days old and weighed in at 10 grams. He now weighs over 180 grams and is 2 months old. I named him Splinter, he really is a lot of fun. Pepper even defended him against another dog that had bad thoughts. It was really nice to see her defend her baby brother. The cats play with him thru the cage when he gets larger and wear a harness I will let him meet them in person. I never thought I would have a rat not with 9 cats. Today is 8/22/18, I write more later.
Today is 10/07/20. A lot happened in the last 2 year's Splinter died after 495 days and I miss him very much so does Charlie. It was 10/26/19 so it will be a year soon. I built a very nice memorial shelter for him in the back yard. I'll send you a picture and then if you see him please let him know how much I miss him. I miss you also and talk about you and Sarge a lot also the kitties. I'll write again later I hope you are having a great time and maybe you think of me sometimes🐕🐱🐭😥.
Today is 10/20/21 I. Just renewed your place. It has been not a great year I had a dislocated right shoulder as well as a concussion then I got shingles on my head so I didn't do my taxes because my thinking was not good. They owe me anyhow. I write more later.

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