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Memories of Scottie
Scottie, I remember when you came to me from the rescue. I was afraid that you would not bond with me because you former owner found you distant because of your close bonding with your litter sister. It took a while, but in time with the help of "cookie" you did bond with me. More and more we became part of each other even though you had a brother and sister Caleb and Penny. We were all a family together, but there was something special about you, as if you were God's special gift to me for his purpose. How I feel that now! Caleb and Penny miss you, particularly Caleb, but he goes with me to your grave every day, where the Christmas flower is on it. That flower has been there ever since Christmas eve, the day that you died and were buried by a kind and wonderful neighbor. I witnessed your death and bestoyed kisses upon you. How I hated to see your eyes set in death and leave me. How I wanted you to stay. I love you and I always will. We will see other in the morning on Heaven's hill. Your Mom will love and be thankful for you forever.

Scottie it is about a week before your birthday. You will certainly
be hearing from Mom.
Something kind of strange happened yesterday something like the Rainbow Bridge would do particulary with you living there. I have found it hard to go on without you. Penny and Caleb are sweet and I treasure them, but the family chain has been broken on earth. Mama, Caleb and Penny have earth things to do, and this is so weary at times. Back to yesterday, I was taking Caleb out on his lease. I noticed a candy wrapper or something like that on the patio. I finally picked it up and looked at it. It was a Scooby Doo wrapper with its bright happy colors, and it was kid cookies, I guess, It looked like kid dog biscuits. Putting everything together it
was as if your Rainbow Bridge sent Mama, a good will token of you. You in your love must have been thinking about a real "cookie" for you Scooby-doos on earth. You, darling are missing from a family scene, but "cookie" wrappers are falling to earth. Your favorite thing was "cookie." My little darling of Rainbow Bridge. Milk bone was the official name of your "cookie".

Scottie, today the 24th of Jan at around 2Pm you died a month ago today. It seems like a year and I still miss you so. I am comforted by your "cookie" gift, it let me know that you and Rainbows Bridge wants me to carry on with Caleb and Penny. The "cookie" still is our binding tie between all of us, including Mama. Thank you so much for your Rainbow gift to our patio. Love is the golden chain that binds forever.

Scottie, today is your birthday, you would have been eight years today, you almost made it. I have tried to go on with my life, but I'm still not ready. I live day by day with Caleb and Penny. Your rainbow gifts are my source of strenght for now. I placed red roses on your grave today and put the christmas flower on the yard site where you died before me. Surprising Caleb and Penny were out. They went at once to the flower. They knew that it came from your grave, for they visited the site Christmas day 2011. It saddened Caleb, Penny took it in stride. They haven't truly said good by either, not yer. You were such a wonderful dog. Maybe Mama can go on and plan her life soon, but now now, my dear one.

Tonight Scottie, Caleb and Penny shared thoughts of you. Caleb and Penny shared their thought through a special "cookie"that you had on earth. It was your moist Id dog food sandwiched by two saltine crackers. How you loved it and so do they. i know that you have an "out of this world" cookie at Rainbow Bridge in memory of your on earth birthday. I thought of you by rose petals in a large vase and twinkling red lights on the clear glass, and a special card that wished you all kinds of good times and happy days, very approicate for your new residence. I also opened some photo prints that I had never seen before. You were in your back yard at Mill Creek where you lived about one year and a half ago. Thinking of you my darling and oh, how I missed you here tonight. But that little paw print touches my heart when I think of you. My baby, Mama.

Scottie, this is Valentine's day. I had big plans for Caleb, Penny, and I in our love for you. But Mommie has been sick so sick that I started looking for the Rainbow last Sunday. I thought I might be coming to get you and take you to heaven with me. I have had a terrible stomach flu. It has been so bad that I didn't visit your grave today. All of this love for my dogs started when my parents died and I was too old for children. I made a dog family and it has been a wonderful experience. Of course friends and family are mixed in, but my babies are my immediate family. I have lived with them, and you, my darling was one of the best, the most noble, and the most gentle, like a Collie light from heaven. As soon as I feel like it, Caleb, Penny, and myself are having that celebration of honor of you, my wonderful dog. Mama

Scottie my valentine. Penny, Caleb, and I had our usual valentine celebration with special most dog food and potates, and milk bone your favorite for treats. We shared Looney Tune cards with Tweety Bird. And most of all we gave a wonderful valentine card in honor of you at Rainbow bridge. It was about how you send rainbows and bring out the sun, and of course send us your valentines of love, for we know that you still love and care for us, and my darling we indeed love and care for you. Spring is coming. Another great surprise awaits. Mama

Scottie, here's the surprise, a poem written in your honor by Mama.

By Mama

The dead earth
Lies in
The cold winter
Still clawing at
Bare trees
And moaning its sad
That has no sound of
While the bondage
Of winter
Holds nature
In its iron

From somewhere in
the fartherst
Place, a stirring
The stirring of some
Ancient wind
That knows the
Ways of life.
In the heart
Of the frozen
A warm beat
In the ears of Creation
Come forth
And live."
At the stirring
The trees feel
A rush of enery
And find that
Tiny buds are forming
And soon will be bursting
From their neckedness,
Tiny seedlings
Whisper somewhere beneath
The earth,
What are they saying?
and hear,
"We are about to burst
from the shrounded
And break upon
With blossoms of beauty
For the world
To see.
Renewal is our song,
We are the stuff
Of Resurrection."

Resurrection, the hope of man
and beast alike,
The way of Our Creator
In the miracle
Of Spring.

Scottie, my little one, You now have a gift of a bunny rabbit for easter. I still miss you so much. I have tht little stuffed sheltie, collie that I kiss nearly every day because he is such a memory of you. It is almost getting to love you again every day. Caleb and Penny are enjoying the dog park, that I am sure was a gift of he Rainbows Brige and you, my darling. Mama.

Scottie, I took pictures of your grave during cherry blossom time. The deserted place of your grave in the country is near a cherry tree that blossoms in early spring. The photos were beautiful. They were so fitting in their beauty for the wonderful unforgettble dog that lies there. Yet I know that the real you is not there. You are in an even more lovely place, and that is Rainbow Bridge. Remembering and thinking of you my darling, until heaven becomes our home. Until then, pictures of earth, are a shadow of the real cherry trees at Rainbow Bridge.

Scottie nearly summer. It looks lovely at Rainbows Bridge. Eat that wonderful ice cream Sunday that you couldn't have on earth because of you gastro health problems and choclate is not good for dogs. Eat up my free baby and celebrate with your balloons. Loving you Forever, Mama

Scottie, the fourth of July and a Rainbow Bridge flag for you day of independance. Happy Rainbow Bridge Day, Enjoy the beauty of heaven awaiting in you new land.

Come on Scottie, eat up, there are no tummy problems at Rainbow Bridge. You could not have that chicken sandwich on earth. Now you can. Rainbow Bridge is a place for you to grow, and down on earth where Mama can grow as well as she dreams of its beauty and meeting you again and stroking your fur and hearing you give that happy yelp once more when Mama gives you her best attention.
As I climb every mountain I can overcome that terrible sadness for better things are waiting for us Somewhere, someday, sometime, my sweet darling.

Scottie I heard from your former Mom last night. She had just found out about your death. Your former Mom and Dad loved you dearly even though you were too close to your sister Scarlet. How good it was to hear from her and find out how sorry they were about your death. You were such a wonderful dog. I am sorry for them that you wouldn't bond well because of your love for your siblilng. You had two homes that loved you so much. Caleb too, loved you, and still misses you. Even Penny in her way loved you also. You were truly a light in this world, my darling. My special dear one. And I am so thankful that I was privlaged to share you for a while with your first parents. Mama.

Scottie, Fall is here. Your illness started in the late fall. It won't be long until a year from your death. I still think of you everyday. I have the play Collie-Sheltie that is the image of you. I call it my morning memory and my bedtime memory. I still go to your grave every day and check on the flowers and its soundness. I have all the photos of you. You are never out of my mind. I love you still and forever. You keep me aware of heaven and the rainbow bridge. I love you so and I always will. I have grown as a result of your death. I am so glad that God gave you to me for awhile. I know that it was no accident that I went to Petco after Rusty's death. He was the little John the Baptist that led me to my dog of Light, a gift from heaven and to be remembered and loved forever. Love is eternal my darling. I love you until after the end of time. Your Mama.

It'a been about a year since the begining of that last illness that took you from me here on earth, although you are in my heart and thoughts each and every day, and forever. I am so thankful that God gave your memory to me. You are a forever beautiful dog and I love you. Thanksgiving is near, and you dear are my gem of thanksfullness. Thanks for the memory, my darling. Mama

Scottie, the Christmas season has begun. A now sad time for me for it will soon be on Christmas eve, the one year aniversary of your death. I still miss you so much, Hardly a day goes buy without visiting your grave, and if no visit my thoughts are about you. It has been a very difficult year. I remember you as if it were yesterday, but I am not complaining because at your death, I asked God to let you memory stay with me in all that you were, and somehow, I still believe that in the Father's great love, I will see you again, someday sometime in that great forever land of Heaven where the lion will lay down by the lamb, and all nature will be restored and given new birth. Even though you are so clear in my memory, I can now go on with Caleb and Penny, and thank God for them before they too run to see you at Rainbow Bridge. My darling, I know that my love for you is forever, and God creates no vacums. Love always, Mama

Scottie tomorrow will be the anniversary of that terrible day when I lost you. But because of Christmas and Christmas eve, their is hope for everlasting life. And you were a part of me, I believe that I will see you again in that perfect day when all tears are washed away and creation is renewed on the new Earth when heaven will become one with the Creator God, Eye has not seen nor ear heard what God will give us in that eternal country.
On the twenty third of Dec. before your death, you had a really good day even though you had been so ill. I asked you where the ocean was where the kitty cat was. How you tilted your sweet head and looked at me with those beautiful questioning eyes, that were stilled in death twenty four hours later. I love you baby. I love you even more than when you were here. And this year has brought tributes to the memory of every wonderful dog I have ever had, because of you.
you are more than a dog to me. You're something that only God could have given me. I love you, and I know that God will help me get through tomorrow without to much sadness and only gratitude for having you. Mama

Scottie, Caleb, Penny and I went to your grave. Caleb has not wanted to walk to it from the car, but today he did as if he knew that it was the day to the hour of the anniversary of your death. I will never ever forget the sadness of that day 12/24/11 when I had to give you up. But I will never give up your memory and the hope of seeing you again. I love you, baby and I have honored your memory this Christmas through thoughts of the manger and the simple animals there that gave witness to the King of King's birth. And in this season of darkness of the year, when there is less light, the light of the Bethlehem star shines in the dark heavens, and the glorious light of the angel's appear in the sky, and in the darkness of death. It is a season of light to me, the light of salvation and the glory of God when the angel's sang. Mama

Scottie, it is New Years day, 2013, I know that you will have a happy New Year, beyond happy at Rainbow Bridge. Play with your toy. You loved soft toys on earth and did not tear them up, like Caleb and Penny, do, but you were different, you were gentle, laid back, but you did bark, how you barked but never at Mama. I miss you, baby, I got through the holidays, but the sadness of Christmas Eve 2011 returned in its rawness. I need to go on with Penny and Caleb and give them my best as I did to you. If you had lived you would have been nine years old, January 27, 2013. I will celebrate your birthday by celebrating the joy and beauty of Rainbow Bridge, a touch of heaven is there, and it cheers me to hope that someday in God's love I will see you again. Watch, baby, soon you will recieve a birthday cake for your special day.
As for the song, darling, your wind and rain are over for your safely tucked in at Rainbow Bridge, but Mama, Caleb and Penny are still on the earth. They are still my wonderful companions, but within my heart, my dear one, your little paw print is forever there, never to be forgotten, with great affection, I remember you, and I am not really alone, You are in my heart as well as my other loved dogs, Shep, Sandy, Buster, Snoopy, Laddie, Toby, Sparky, Angel, and Rusty who was so much like you. I lost Rusty about an hour before I saw you at Petco. I had no intentions of getting another dog, for I already had Caleb and Penny, but you were so much like Rusty, shy, reserved, and not too excited about Mama, but time would change that forever. No, I'll never walk alone with my fur babies in my heart, NEVER. Scottie you are the jewel of my heart, for you are my very favorite of all, and I loved them dearly, it has almost been unbearable in losing you.

Scottie, My sweetheart, your birthday at the wonderful bridge today. I promised you the cake, and here it is!!!!! Eat and enjoy, something you could not do on earth. Mama could not let you have such deligious things. I watched your diet. How I watched it so I could keep you with me. All that is past now. Caleb and Penny like Mama, cannot be with you at the bridge but they are having a tiny bit of Scooby Do fruit drops and Mama got you a Rainbow bridge, lovely Birthday card. Perhaps the angels will give you its message. I know there are many at your place now. I love you baby, and here is your special song for your special day.

Scottie, the second Valentine's day since your death. I am Remembering your life with me. You were a wonderful light to me on earth. I still love you even more and forever thinking of you. You were a light to me in a very dark time in Memphis. It was like heaven when I brought you to this good village. You belonged here, in a quiet place in the country. It was for you and for me, and for Caleb and Penny. You were a touch of heaven to me here and I know forever, for love will never ever die. Loving you my dear, loving you, always.

Scottie, Mama celebrated your bridge tonight through gifts of valentines, "cookies" and furry dog balls that squeak, one green, the other one yellow for the colors of your amazing bridge. Of course the gifts were for Caleb and Penny who particularly enjoyed the "cookies". You started that tradition with Mama and your brother and sister {adopted, I might add." The valentines are on the shelf, to remember my valentines with Caleb and Penny as I did with you. Memories are comforts in the losses that too many years bring. I love you baby. It was so good to remember the colors of the bridge tonight and to feel that in a sense you are still a member of this present animal family. I miss you, how I miss you. But you are still greatly treasured, Mama.

Scottie, I have not forgotten you even for a single moment. My computer has been down for quite awhile. Easter is tomorrow. And the hope of the resurrection is forever in my heart. And your memory to me is something clean and beautiful like spring, and newness. You were something really special and good on earth. Such was what you were and still are to me. It is so easy to picture you in that land with the lion and the lamb and forever freshness and beauty. I love you, my darling. Enjoy your rabbit. You, I will never forget even when the last star falls and time is no more. Mama

Scottie, I am so sorry that Mama has been late with your web site. I didn't include summer at all. I have been preoccupied with the death of someone that I loved. And more importantly, my new computor would not adapt to real play to get your lovely music. I hope I can get the music on this other computor, but even if I cant' I have aranged your web page for fall. And will just do without the music if necessary. You are more important than any music and I love you dearly, Mama.

Scottie, still no music--old real play not strong enough to provide. I still miss you so much. You have a huge cross on your grave that Julus provided for you. He knows how much I love you. I visit your grave at Westminster every time I drive. You will have been gone from the earth two years exactly Dec 24. There is that empty place that speaks only of you. I hope that someday I will get the lovely music back. Nevertheless you will always be in my heart. And then in heaven forever. My wonderful gentle dog, one of a kind. Have fun at the bridge with the Christmas angels. Mama

Scottie, your birthday is coming up on Jan 27. If you had lived you would have been ten years old. These last two years have been difficult for me. You are needed with your mama and syblings, Caleb and Penny. Yet I know that you are have a marvelous time with the angels and the animals at Rainbow Bridge. I know too, that you are now well acquainted with my other pets who are there with you. Yet, I know that you and the others miss Mama. Someday we will be in heaven together where we can meet the King of Life and be happy forever. Mama

Scottie, still celebrating you birthday today. It is Feb now and time for valentine. That day is so important where you are concerned and also Caleb and Penny. We are a broken family now because of your absence. But I treasure little Caleb and Penny as well. When I say your name, I feel that Caleb still misses you as I do. We are still a family of love, and that will last forever. My other pets that you know at Rainbow Bridge are a part of that forever love as well. Mama

Scottie,Spring again and still thinking of you. In memeory's eye I can still almost see you and experience all of the wonder that you were. A time for resurrection in my hopes and dreams of seeing you on that beautiful day of life. When God will restore fully all things through his Son, King of the Resurrection. I love you and I always will. Mama.

Scottie so sorry I missed summer celebration. I was sick most of July and the weather was cold at times. It didn't altogether seem like summer. You would have liked the coolness for you stayed too warm most of the time, small fans even in the winter time were needed by you, my darling. I will never forget you nor your special ways and problems.

Summer is over now and I'm ready for fall and its beauty. I know Rainbow Bridge is far lovelier than earth and the weather is always right there, and of course there are no colds or illness. Of that I know that you are very thankful. It is nearing the third year anniversary of your last illness. The thoughts still make me sad, and I miss you so. Flashes of you come to mind so often. They are sad but yet I am so glad that I remember you vividly. You are not fading away, even on this earth to me. Mama.

Scottie, Thanksgiving time again. You're final illness began around Thanksgiving of 2011. You died a month later on Christmas Eve. That first thanksgiving nearly a year after your death was so sad for me. It doesn't hurt as much now but the sad memories visit me in a flash, even now. Love is for always. My love for you will never let me go while on this earth. Someday I know that that wonderful love will bring you back to me, some eternal day when Time is gone and the stars leave the sky. Mama

Scottie, just in time for Christmas. I remeber that awful Christmas eve 1911 when you left me. Oh, how I still miss you. But on a happy note, you went to Rainbow Bridge to await me when I come and take you to heaven to be with the great and glorious God and his Son Jesus Christ whose birth was witnessed by humble animals, and made your kind as well apart of the manger. How I love you even more, after three years, but I feel that I am only a breath away from you, my darling. I would miss a part of heaven if I ever forgot you here on this earth. Mama. 2014

Scottie, Happy birthday time at Rainbow Bridge. On earth you would have been 11 years old if you had lived. For the last three years you have been such a part of me and you always will be even in Heaven. By the way Scottie you have a new rope toy at Rainbow Bridge. You enjoyed them so much on earth particularly in playing tug of war with me. What a happy memory. Maybe you can play tug with other pet babies, or even with the angels who joy so in God's creation and the cuteness of His animals. Mama

Scottie, so sorry that I did not give you your valentine celebration. Caleb has been sick with an infected tooth. Even though he was under the weather, He Penny and I celebrated your birthday and your going to the beautiful rainbow bridge with light and rainbow colors. We will never forget you. Anyway on the first day of March you get your love day party. Besides there has been ice on the ground for two weeks, and some more winter weather to come. Valentines are better for winter than spring, and winter it still is. I love you my darling and here is your March valentine. Mama

March 2 2015 Caleb was much sicker than I thought. I took him to the vet. He had a very bad tumor and was put to sleep. He was buried today at your side. You and Caleb are forever together on earth and at Rainbow bridge and then you two will be with me in heaven at last. Mama

Scottie, you're sweet little brother,Caleb is now linked to your website. We are so thankful to Rainbow Bridge, and their concern for grieving parents, and their little residents. Spring is resurrection time. A time to think of paw prints in Mama's heart. And a little impression of a sound from somewhere, maybe somewhere over the rainbow.

Scottie, I have been so busy with baby Mo a sheltie basset hound mix that I got from the humane society here in blytheville after your brother, Caleb died. This year has been a very heard one for me even with baby Mo. You and Caleb were such a joy to me at Mill Creek, and your one and a half years at Plum Lane. Caleb has been gone now for almost a year and it has been a trying one. You and he are buried together here at Westminster Village, forever to be together at the bridge and heaven. I love you both. Caleb's death brought you back afresh in my memory and I miss you so. Then too the computor has been out of whack, with no music. Raymond will be here soon, and I can play the Rainbow music once again. I love you. The best days since my retirement were those last days with you and Caleb on Plum Lane in peaceful Westminster Village. Merry Christmas at the Bridge and its wonderful love. Mama.

Scottie, Mama, Penny and Mo celebrated your birthday at the Rainbow Bridge on Feb, 23,2016. It was appropriate for you and Caleb are now at the Bridge together. You both loved one another on earth, I know the bond between you two will forever be and in the heart of Mama as well. We were such a close family of love which is eternal for it is of God, and will always be. I celebrated the event with your usual rainbow lights and rainbow colored spray bottle for that special affect. This year I added lovely music such as When you Wish upon a Star and It's Cherry Tree and Apple Blossom Time so appropriate for the wonderful Bridge where you and Caleb dwell and also the coming spring time on Earth. I think of light, thanksgiving and love when I consider both of you even now and my wonderful memories of you both. Mama

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