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Memories of Shadow
Shadow, what can I say. You are Missed, Always Loved And Remembered. I think we rescued each other. The day I saw you at PetSmart you were so cute and your personality was fantastic so I knew you were the one for me. You had a rough start, they found you stranded on a road in a rabbit cage with a bag of food. You had the worst skin mites, you were covered in cuts and scrapes, a piece of your ear was gone and you had an eye infection. When I interacted with you, you would never know you had that rough start. So off to the vet for your skin treatment, shots , medications and lab tests, all the while kissing everyone you came into contact with. You became a huge fan of the clinic, they loved see you there, and they even let you walk around through the office. That was the beginning of me starting to realize just what kind of special dog you were and would still become. Eventually you were healed and even more happy, then we had our period of training and tough periods here and there. But you learned things so fast and were doing things when I got you home that I never taught you. You had met a lot of people and were always enjoyed, people always loved you. You had friends that were cats, big dogs, little dogs , feisty dogs, you met some of the family dogs back home in NY and you always got along and enjoyed and could play for hours. you had an unbelievable and distinct personality that I will never forgot. The things you do, and how you acted and your nuances that were a perfect fit for me and my own nuances. You loved your beds, you loved to lean or touch people, lay by me, hang with me and share the bed with me, only jumping up when you were invited. You were a strong dog who dealt with a lot of changes and challenges and people doing things to you. you stood strong and took it all in stride. you were very durable, very laid back. We went through a lot together and moving all over to a big house to a small condo to different places in Phoenix then with your buddy Buffet who now I hope you are hanging out together at the bridge like you used to then back to Orlando. I know the moves were tough and I know your body was breaking down. You gave me the scare when you got old dogs disease and we did all we could to get you back on track and healthy and thankfully that all happened, as there is no known cure. Your body was starting to breakdown on you, your legs were starting to get weak and fail on you, but you still tried to be yourself. I probably wasn't the best father all the time but I did my best and sometimes wasn't sure what else I could do. I regret our time ending, but yet I cherish the time we had together. I will always love you and miss you little guy... Imagine I sold multiple houses and each person wanted to know if you came with it, someone was renting a place we were in, they wanted to know if you could come with it, and I know you loved going to PetSmart and you loved the Groomers and they surely loved you. When we left Phoenix two of your groomers cried that they would miss you. You were special Shadow, very unique , very entertaining and there will never be another one like you. I hope at the bridge you are back to normal, playing,leaping and doing your famous sit up and beg thing for hours, playing with Buffett and any other pets we have come across. I am sorry I had put you down, I couldn't watch what you were going through, although I know mentally you were still together but your body wasn't and I know I wasn't the best, because I also had my own issues to deal with and life changes that had come up out of no where. You were and are the best. No matter where I was you were there, with your beds, and even when you lost your hearing somehow you still knew when I left and when I was coming back, where I was you were always by me, near me, in your bed. I will miss everything about you, I will miss our road trips, dog parks, trips to grooming and how much you loved a car ride. Sometime maybe we can take another ride together for old time sake. You even loved your Paw and Crossbones color from the day you got it. When I took it off to clean, you would follow me around and do your sit up and beg thing. You knew to wait outside when your paws were wet so I could dry them. Just so many little things, pooches

RIP my buddy, my little shadow, my little man, my pup pup, my "child", my special pal. I hope you are at peace and are enjoying the Rainbow Bridge. I still cry for you and over you. You touched me and everyone that knew you. You were the best.

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