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Memories of Shelby
Shelby was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 2010. I don't know much about her early life. I met her and her sister Sally (a dachshund)in 2016 when I started dating her mommy, Lisa. Shelby and I became instant friends! I gave her plenty of back and butt scratches and lots of belly and ear rubs. And took her for walks! She would get so excited when I grabbed her red leash! I moved in with Lisa and Shelby in 2017. Sadly, Shelby's mommy died that summer. We weren't married, so though I had no legal right, I asked the family for the dogs. And they let me have Shelby and Sally. We started our new life together later that year. In 2019, I moved to Wyoming (for work) and Shelby and Sally of course moved with me. Sally was getting up there in years. She was probably 20 at this time and started having seizures. The last one took her to the rainbow bridge in October 2019.

In 2020, Shelby's new mommy Sarah moved in with me. And Sarah brought Shelby a new sister, a kitty! Finley! Well, I'm glad to say that Shelby and Finley got along great. In 2021, Shelby got a brother, Arlo. Another kitty! And Shelby being the sweetest dog ever, allowed Arlo to hop and play and bite on her until she got fed up and walked away. She was so gentle with the kitties!

On Monday December 14, 2021 Shelby's day started out as normal. She woke me at 5am to take her out to potty. she pooped and peed as normal. I came home at lunch that day. Took her for her walk, and again everything was normal. I came home from work a little later than usual that night, after finishing up some Christmas shopping. Shelby didn't come to the door when I came home, which never happened. I called out for her, still no Shelby. I found her gasping for air with her tongue turned bluish-purple and immediately called the vet emergency number. We met with the vet about 15 minutes later. Shelby had something in her stomach. They put her on an i.v. because she was dehydrated. But a lot of things actually looked good for her that night, but her red and white blood cell count was off the charts. So, they couldn't operate that night. They would evaluate her the next morning. The next morning came, and I was told they had some unfortunate, bad news and Shelby didn't make it through the night. I had to view her frozen, dead body and say goodbye to her then. She was cremated the next day. I don't have, nor will I ever have kids. Shelby was my child, my best friend, constant companion, sleeping buddy, co-pilot....so many things. I miss her so much. My life revolved around her. I talked to her like a person, and she knew what I was saying. Sarah told me I was a good "doggy daddy". I hope I was. I don't know much about Shelby's early life. Lisa, got her from a rescue. I was told she was chained to a tree out in her yard with no other protection from the elements. Well, Shelby never had to worry about that again. She had her choice of couches, beds and other comfortable places to lay. She always had "good" dog food, treats when she came in, a "Twist'd" doggy bone on special occasions, cold fresh water, and a daddy that just wanted to be with her. I miss you so much Shelby-doo! My little bumpers.

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