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Memories of Smokey
Our nightly walks around the block that bonded us, I would talk to you and tell you how much you mean to me, sharing my meals with you, talking to you and sharing my thoughts with you, feeling the nudge of your nose against me for food or just companionship, like the couple of days before you left us, you walked over to the sofa where mommy and I were sitting, nosed me, looked at me with your big beautiful brown eyes, then laid at my feet while I pet you and loved you.
You were telling me something or just sitting with me for one of our last times. When you were younger, jumping on the sofa with me on it and you'd lean against me while I pet and stroked your beautiful coat, or if I was laying down, just jump on the sofa on top of my feet whenever the mood struck you, and I loved every second of it. You'd jump onto the sofa with me sitting on it and lean against me or put your beautiful head on my lap. Oh how I love you inside out my baby boy. I pray that you knew how much. If I'd known you were leaving us so soon, I would have held you tight, and not let go. I'll never forget how when something was going on outside, or someone was coming home, you'd put your beautiful face through the blinds and have to be in on everything. Oh how you loved being around people you sweet baby. I was so blessed and so fortunate to have spent most of your too short but good life with you. I've loved you from the first time I walked into the house in 2007, you were running and playing all over the house at 1 1/2 years old, being a beautiful puppy, a playful and happy baby. You were just a miracle that God had blessed us with and I'm blessed to having been with you for almost 13 1/2 miraculous years. You left us last Friday, July 10, 2020 when a huge part of me passed away with you. You were, are, and forever my baby boy. I love you so very much and miss you so desperately kiddo. I pray to God that there is a Heaven where you can be healthy, happy, and free while being as loved there as you were here by me and everyone who ever knew you. I will carry you with me until my time here is complete, and God willing, he'll bless me once again with reunion with you for eternity together. I love and miss you desperately Smokey boy.

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