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Memories of Snoopy
This dog is not perfect. Nobody is. He has bitten me, ignored me, disobeyed me, etc. But he was perfect for me.
He taught me deep love. He helped me to fall asleep at night and to feel safe (even though I'm pretty sure he would have just licked any intruder!)
I see him as a manifestation of God's love for me in many ways. When I have felt like I no longer wanted to be here, I thought of this dog that comes trotting down the hall to see where I am. This dog who sits by me. Who wags his tail when he sees me. He licks my face. (sometimes he would sniff my face and then give just one little lick-what a sweetheart). He licks my hand sometimes putting his paw over my arm to hold it down.
He has taught me to not focus on your weight-focus on the attributes that people love about you and share them. He wasn't body conscious. He loved people. He didn't always care for other dogs but I'm certain he is making making some wonderful friends right now.
Snoopy loved food. Just a little too much sometimes. We would share a banana every morning for a long time. He never complained that all he got was the ends. He loved melons and I would often give him some during dinner and hear a slight crunch from under the table as he gobbled it down (it was also a way to break any awkward silences). He often stole many pastries from the table as well as loaves of bread that were just too close to the edge of the bread box. He was a mastermind of stealing yummy treats. One time a few months ago he ate the rest of a box of dentastix...he has a stomach of iron!
He tried to teach me the art of apologizing which I am still not good at whatsoever. Dad caught him eating a box of cookies but was unable to get him away from it. He called for me to take care of it. I went downstairs and found him crouched near the box of cookies that were covered by soup cans (dad's way of trying to stop him). I reprimanded him and he looked so sad. I didn't hit him because that NEVER works in their learning. I didn't carry him up the stairs because I wanted him to know that he disobeyed.
I went back to my room to finish folding some clothes when I heard a soft jingling coming down the hallway. He looked at me in my room and then came in slowly and sat right next to my leg. I understood this to be his apology and quickly forgave him. He then started rolling around on the ground like the adorabeagle he is.
Snoopy has been the love of my life and I know that people generally reference a significant other with that phrase but in reality, he has been the creature that I have loved most-more than any human thus far. I've never felt like anyone loved me back-but he does and in a way that lets me know that God does too.
Snoopy is a beautiful beagle and always received compliments on his coloring and just general doggone cuteness. (I love the little white dot on the back of his neck and the heart shaped discoloration on his nose). I won't ever forget him though I hope that it won't be this hard for long. My heart is so full of love for him and there are reminders of him in every part of my life. I will miss the long drives we would take with the music blaring. I'll miss sharing food with him. I'll miss him rolling around on my bed or waking me up in the middle of the night to let him outside. I'll miss him in the winter when he would chase down snowballs and eat snow. I'll miss him in so many ways but I'll love him forever and can't wait to reunite with my dear beagle again in heaven where he won't be weighed down by the frailties of life and the ailments that plagued him in his later years.
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