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Memories of Sox Gethner
We remember when Sox licked the toad and was loopy for a while. Actually Sox was always loopy...any happy. He was the toughest dog I ever had. He would run INTO fights at the dog park just to break them up. He wasn't always this way. When he was young we would take him to the park and would run after other dogs TO FIGHT. Or sometimes not. So, he was tough to take off the leash.

But as he got older we realized he ran into fights to break them up.

When he was just a few years old he was the fastest dog at the park. He had speed but did NOT like going on hikes. He didn't have endurance...he had speed. And he was always happy.

Once, when he was young, I hopped into bed and caught the chills. He hopped on the bed and snuggled up to as if he knew. It was then I knew he was special. He hopped on that bed every night after that.

He loved being outside. He would go outside and just hang-out. He would always like to run in the sprinklers when they were on. I have a video of a rotating sprinkler going on him, then off him, then on him, etc. He would just lay there and love being dried off before he could come in the house.]

Sox had a dot on his head. We were told the dot meant he was, "kissed by an angel." And he was. He LOVED kids. When he was young I would take my girls and Sox to the swingset. He would run to the sandbox to the delight of the little kids. He would roll on his back and want them to pet his belly. He was a happy dog!

One time, we were going into a restaurant to pick-up our take-out. There was an older couple sitting outside with their dog who also had a spot on his head. I stopped and looked at that pup and said to his owners, "DO you now what that spot means?" And they looked at me bewildered and said, "No! What?" And I told them it meant their dog was kissed by an angel. They looked at me and I just got this feeling that a lightbulb went off in their head. They offered me a sincere "thank you."

When Sox was little my girls used to paint his paw-nails with nail polish AND HE LIKED IT! Hence he got the name, Mr, Toenails.

He was also called Soxacillin...SoxyMoxy....and Mr. Toenails.

Sox pissed off our neighbor when we lived on a one-acre parcel in a rural area. The neighbor lived next door on another one-acre parcel and our parcels were separated by a wash. Our neighbor complained to the county that our dog, Sox, was disturbing him. Isn't that one of the reasons you have a dog in a rural area...to alert you? The guy was a jacka** which is why his mom named him Jack.

While I was dating my wife, Sox chewed my then-girlfriendsk favorite sandals and ruined them. She forgave him even though she could not find a pair like them ever again.

Sox got his name b/c my daughter is a big baseball fan. And Sox was a Boston Terrier. So Boston Red Sox helped Sox get his name.

Sox also had a sister Lizzy, a butt-wiggling brindle Boxer. They are together again on Rainbow Bridge patiently waiting for us. Along with Tango Spencer, Archie, Bioli, Biscuit and so many others of my furry family. I miss them all so much but know they're happy and patiently waiting.

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