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Memories of Sampson
Sammy was adopted as a rescue in August of 2003. Despite being abandoned by his family of almost 12 years, he instantly made himself at home in his new surroundings. An adorable guy, often sleeping with his tongue out, he was also affectionate and playful. His age began to quickly show, however, and within a year, he went from pulling on his leash full strength, to slowing right down and only managing walks at a very leisurely pace. Sammy loved the outdoors and enjoyed many camping trips, even riding in the canoe (with one frantic dip once in the middle of a lake). He was the sweetest, most loveable dog, who enjoyed being around his people and always wanted to be close by. He showed particular obsession with some foods - putting on the cheesiest (pun intended) "pizza face" grin when the occcasion merited, hoping for crusts as a treat. The slow deterioration of his health was visible, but did not seem ominous. Then, several severe nosebleeds and night-time pacing led to a sudden and unexpected suggestion of advanced nasal cancer. Put on pain medication immediately, Sammy reacted poorly and within 2 days was quite ill and unable to eat or function well. With feelings of shock, sorrow and anguish, but an understanding that he did not deserve to suffer any further, his life was ended at 1 pm. on Saturday, December 4th, 2004. His fighting spirit was evident at the end, but he eventually left peacefully, his pain finally over. He will be greatly missed by his sheltie friend Bingo, who coaxed him to play "chase me, chase me" twice a day. Sampson was loved deeply and will be remembered and cherished forever, for his brief but profound impact on my life. May you now have peace my dear, dear friend. Your predecessor, Gracey the sheltie, and her neighbour husky pal, Charlie, will be waiting for you at the Bridge, where you can run free and play joyfully forever.

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