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Memories of Taco
Taco it was such a shock to learn you had passed onto glory Easter day. I will always remember you sitting up like a little bear making me very happy. I loved when you layed next to me on the couch and ate your sweet potatoes and chicken tenders, and especially how you enjoyed your greenies. I am so happy you did start to eat regular dog food with vitamins, at least I know you were getting nourishment along with your vitamins. I can hear you barking when Petunia starts to bark. I miss your little back side when you ran. I loved it when you nibbled at the rabbit toy and did humpty dumpty on the pillow, you sure did work hard at it. you were so cute the way you barked. I love when you would get so excited to go out and the way you clung to daddy's shoulder. I loved walking you, well actually running with you sometimes. I still can see you laying at the window on the pillow, and on the back of the couch. I know Petunia misses you, her pal. It's not the same when just Petunia barks when the mailman comes. You were so cute when you would start barking when Petunia would, not knowing what you were barking at. You gave us so much pleasure and I am sure glad I ran after you that day across the street in the yard. I knew you were ours. I am sorry for whatever life you had before ours, but we tried really hard to give you a good home and lots and lots of love. There are so many things that made you the special Taco that you were, what made you you, and you will be missed and loved so very much. Catherine loved you so very much along with Daddy. I know that Angel misses you too. It won't be easy without you, but don't forget you will be in our hearts forever and ever. With every tear that comes out of my eyes it is just the deep love I had for you. I am so very sad you are not with me anymore, but I know you are in a better place not having any pain. I will see you again Taco and that will be a beautiful time together again. You are my ticky tock tock tic. I loved the way you groweled I Love You, and our song black jack, and diddaly diddaly dee diddaly doo song. We sure did have fun, silly fun sometimes playing on the couch. Well my sweet baby love, I love you so much and miss you so very much. I love love love you...mommy xxxxxxoooooo Today is April 26th and I miss you more than ever my sweet baby. Today is Petunia's 9th b'day. I know she misses you very much and Angel is now sleeping in your spots on the couch. I do feel your presence at times and it feels so good. Thank you for visiting me Taco baby. Tonight I am going to the candle light memorial for you. I think I am ready to take another step. I am now visiting other babies that have passed over. I know you are making new friends and are happy. I know we will be together again and that will be a happy day, no more tears. My heart aches and the tears flow but I just miss you so much. I keep your memorial page on all day, and have your picture up over the tv center so I can see you all day. Daddy and Catherine miss you. Well my baby I will treasure our time together. I love and miss you so very much. love mommy xxxxxoooo Today is May 26th, and I miss you more than ever. I am sorry I wasn't able to come to the candle ceremony for 2 weeks, but we got alot of virus's is the computer and had to wait till we could get a new harddrive and transfer some stuff before we lost my pictures and your memorial, Thank God we did not lose your memorial. I went to the service Monday night and felt so much better. Thank you baby boy for your presence at times it is so overwhelming, but I love it. My 51st birthday will be in a few weeks and I will be missing you. I will be back again my baby boy. I love you so very much, my heart aches for you so much. LOVING YOU FOREVER till we meet again...love mommy xxxxxxoooooo
July 4th 2010 - Hello my sweet baby boy...HAPPY BIRTHDAY 8 YEARS OLD. & 3 months ago you passed over to the Rainbow Bridge. I miss and love you so much my sweet baby boy. Thank you for your presence at times. I am so glad I go to Monday night candle ceremony, I feel a little better when I go. I hope others that have lost there babies recently feel better after the ceremony. Today I celebrate the life you had and gave to me. I love and miss you so much. Happy Birthday my baby, I LOVE YOU....Love always and forever Mommy xxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooToday is December6,2010 and I miss you so much my sweet baby boy. This was a hard Thanksgiving without you, I stopped smoking 7 months and became vegetarian 5 months. This will be another hard time, Christmas, I gave you a few toys on your new memorial I hope you like them. Well my baby boy I love and miss you so much, and so does daddy, Catherine, Petunia & Angel. I LOVE YOU TACO. LOVE ALWAYS AND FOREVER MOMMY XXXXXXXOOOOOOO...4/4/2011 My sweet baby boy Taco. It is 1 yr. I miss you so very much, my heart aches for you my sweet boy. I have so many memories of you. I need to take care of myself now baby boy. I did stop smoking because of you, but I gained 1/2 my weight back, I stopped exercising, you weren't there watching me anymore, but I need to start again. Daddy, Catherine, Petunia & Angel miss you. Please visit me baby boy. I love you so much my sweet baby boy. Love Always & 4 ever...Mommy xxxxxooooo4/24/2011 Happy Easter my sweet baby boy...I love and miss you so much. This is my first Easter without you...Today is 1yr I stopped smoking. Have fun at Rainbows Bridge, say hello to Boots, Missy, Sweety, Heidi Ho, Buffy and the gang...I love you baby boy...I miss you...love always & forever...Mommy xxxxxooooo 11/21/2011 Happy Thanksgiving my baby boy, I love and miss you so much, holidays just aren't the same without you. I was just looking at all your pictures, I sure have beautiful memories, we will be together again some day. Love always and forever, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxo Merry Christmas 2011 & Happy New Year 2012 my sweet baby boy, I miss & love you so much, you are forever in my heart,love,hugs & kisses Mommy xoxoxox2/14/2012-Happy Valentines day my sweet baby boy,thanks for the bones and hairs, I will cherish them.I love you.xoxoxox4/4/2012-Happy 2nd year at rainbow bridge.I love and miss you so much my baby boy. Thank you for your visits & gifts. Happy Easter. I love & miss you, always & forever Mommy xoxoxox4/8/2012.Happy Easter my baby boy, I love and miss you, 2 years ago on Easter you went to The Bridge-you were in an operation and bled to death from your stomach, I was by Nana, daddy called me and told me..my world has never been the same, but thank you for memories and signs, I love and miss you very much.love mommyxoxoxo4/4/2013 Taco, my sweet baby boy, today is 3 years you went to the bridge, I miss you and love you so much. I celebrate your life. Thank you for the signs and visits. Thank you that you have opened a world to me to help others & other animals.loving you forever, Mommy♥xo♥
10/18/2014,,,Today Petunia is with you ... kiss her and let her know I love and miss her. I miss you both and tell my Romeo,Bootsy,Missy,heidiho,sweety,and all my babies I love and miss them. x o x o4/4/2015 Taco, my sweet baby boy, it is 5yrs since you went to RB.I miss u so much my baby, my heart still aches for you, I hope you are having fun. We will be together again one day, till then, you are forever in my heart and thoughts every day. I love you, mommy <3 xoxoxo4/4/2016 (((((TACO)))) it is 6 yrs today that you went to R.B. thank you for visiting me yesterday. I love you and miss you so much. you are in my heart, thoughts every day. love you my baby, we will be together one day, till then I will forever remember the good times and days we shared.. I love you, Mommy @}-}--- <3 xoxoxo

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