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Memories of Tallulah
Tallulah, I can't believe it's been a year. I think of you every day. Rudy and I went to the NY apartment in November. He was convinced he would find you there. He was so sad when you weren't. So this Christmas we added a new baby. Her name is Miette and Rudy is being the best big brother. She runs like you used to (fast and low) and makes us laugh, but neither likes to cuddle the way you did and I miss that most of all. You would like the new house. I think we all like the winters better down south. I'm sure you know that Sophie has joined you and I hope you guys are playing and barking at squirrels and living it up. You were there with me for 14 years and I miss you. Go play now, Mammy needs to get a tissue.

It's been two years now. Rudy is a grand ole boy and Miette is full of happiness. We got a cat this year, Guillaume. I've been saying your name often, so know that you are in my heart. Run and play. Mammy loves you.

6/1/11 Today Rudy is joining you. He missed you so much and now I will miss both of you. You have brought unimaginable joy to my life. xoxo

2/1/2013 Has it really been 5 years? Miette is taking care of the house (the way you used to) chasing squirrels and keeping order. Guillaume is like Rudy in many ways and now there is Guinevere. She is Guillaume's niece and she like to curl up on the couch with me and Miette. Guillaume sometimes joins us, but it's mostly us girls. I miss how close you'd sit next to me. You were Perfect. I will always love you. xoxoMammy

2/1/2014 Wow 6 years...doesn't seem possible. I was remembering all the places we went together and especially your favorites...Santa Fe, the farmhouse in Ossining. You were quite the traveling girl. You were most happy sitting next to me or in my lap. Miette is becoming cuddlier, but she likes her space nearby. I think Rudy's spirit went right into Guillaume when he came to you. He occupies the space on the bed where you and Rudy loved to sleep. Guinevere has taken the princess role. I miss you so much. xoxoMammy

2/1/2015 I moved to a new house. Guinevere loves it so much. She sits by a window all day long and looks like the princess that she is. Guillaume has taken a while to adjust and Miette has a backyard to chase all the squirrels away. A Red Standard Poodle has entered our life. He's still a puppy and Miette is equally mad and curious. I remember how mad you were when Rudy came into our lives. You two became such good friends. I know Figaro will find his own way. You will always be my 1st love! xoxoMammy

3/15/2016 Sweet Girl...it's hard to believe that 8 years have come and gone. I moved to Dallas right after you crossed the bridge. Things have really changed here. Miette is the house Marm at 7 years. Guillaume lirks around spying on us all. He's 6. Guinevere is so sweet and sits pretty for all the world to see her beauty, but last year, when Figaro joined us, little Guinney just runs in terror. He's kind of disrupted the household, but he doesn't know it. He thinks every loves him. Eventually they will. I don't come here often, but I think of you all the time. The thought of you and Rudy together is such a comfort. Thank you for being my special girl. I love you. xoxoM

2/1/2017 Nine years..I took Guillaume to Oradell in NJ and it was such a shock to enter the place where hard decisions were made...they were as kind as they were years ago. I spend half the time now in NJ to be with Kim and her new babies. Miette doesn't like to go up and down stairs, as you did. She's reminding me so much of you these days. She is 8 now. Guillaume is 7. I left Guinevere in Dallas, but Figaro is here and loves the snow so much. He's growing up too. You will always be my first love! Each year I have a good cry on this day but like to imagine you and Rudy running with gusto. I miss you. xoxoMammy

2/2/2019 Eleven years...We are all in NJ now...full time. Miette is slowing a bit at 10 years, but still has enough spunk to put Figaro in his place now and then. He is 4 years old and boundless energy. Guillaume is 9 and everyone always asks if he is mad, but he's just got a grumpy face. I miss you. Every year on this day I cry a few tears for you. I do the same for Rudy. Always in my heart. xoxoMammy

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