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Memories of Thunder
Our Thunder has always giving a lot of love to us. He would greet you with barks and kisses. He loved following me around the house into what ever room I went into. I could not even go to the bathroom without him opening the door and poking his head in. When I am sick he would spend the nights awake with me just watching to make sure I was alright. He loved sitting in the front yard so he could see people walk by because he always got their attention. Cars would drive by and stop and we always heard how cute he was. He loved to play with his cousins Cody and Cassie. He loved when anyone came to visit. When he seen the kids outside playing he would cry until they said hi Thunder.
Mommy and Daddy miss you so much. We are both heart broken and crushed. I miss all the kisses and woo-woos. Rest in peace my little boy and watch over us until we meet again. Then you will have a lot of kissing to make up to us. We love you baby. XOXO
10/12/10 Thunder it's so hard to believe that is has been 3 weeks since you left us. Mommy is still having a very difficult time. I can't stop crying, just keep asking myself, "what if?", I know you are in a better place with no suffering but I would rather you be here with me. I am so lonely and empty without you. I miss you so much big boy. Love you always Mommy. XOXO
10/21/10 Well baby its been a month that you have left us. You are so missed. This house will never be the same without you. I am still finding your hair around the house and some are still in our clothes. I keep every piece and put it in the bowl as a reminder that you are still touching me. I love and miss you so much. XOXO
11/16/10 Hi big boy, Its been 8 weeks since you left, my heart is still broken. We did get a new furbaby last night. Cara rescued a cat so she took it to us. She is a cute little thing. She follows mommy to the kitchen and cry's for food all the time. She has long white hair like you, it evens feels like you but just a lot smaller. She would never replace you, nothing can ever do that. I love and miss you baby. XOXO
12/8/10 Well Thun I can't believe its been 12 weeks since you left. Mommy is still broken. I miss you so much I don't know if I will ever heal. Love you big boy XOXO
12/18/10 Well it was my birthday today, it was a very difficult day without you here, giving me birthday kissed and woowoo's all day. Christmas just a week away and your birthday 10 days from now. Its just not the same. Give me the strength to make it through the next 2 weeks. Mommy misses you big boy. XOXO
12/25/10 Hey Big Boy, Merry Christmas!!! The house was not the same this Christmas.. no opening your toys and playing, no fixing your plate of all the food you loved to eat, just very quiet and lonely. Mommy and Daddy miss you so much, our hearts are still broken. Your birthday is in a couple of days and there will be no birthday cake. Mommy's heart is still broken. Love and miss you baby. XOXO
12/28/10 Happy Birthday Baby!!! You would have been 14 today, for some reason you were taken away from us 3 months ago. There will be no ice cream birthday cake for you or squeaky toys to play with. Mommy and Daddy are so sad today, every day since you left us. We love you big boy.XOXO
1/6/11 Mommy misses you big boy. My heart is so broken. I don't think I will ever heal
2/14/11 Hi Baby, Happy Valentines Day. I'm sending all my love to you even though you are no longer here with me. I miss you more and more every day. We had so much snow this year. Mommy and Daddy talked about how you loved playing in the snow. I miss those days. I miss all the days we shared together. I love and miss you so much Thun xoxo
5/26/11 Thunder, Its been a while since I wrote. The cat Babe is doing better. I think your spirit is in her. Mommy and daddy have been sick. Daddy has been going through a lot of test, its been scary, we will know more in a couple of weeks. Thun we miss you so much Big Boy it has been one of the hardest things that we ever had to go through losing you. I Love and miss you XOXO
9/21/11 Hi Big Boy. I can't believe its been 1 year since you left us. So much has been going on, my lupus has been worse and I am trying to fight it and not give in to it. We just found out that daddy has cancer. He is doing ok with it. The cat Babe was sick last month and we almost lost her. She try's her hardest to act like you. I still think your spirit went into her last year knowing that we would end up rescuing her. Thunder mommy misses you so much, my heart is still broken. You gave me so much love and joy. I miss all the silly things you did and the laughs you gave me. WooWoo Thunder...XOXO 12.4.11 Hey Thun, its been a while since I wrote to but I want you to know I still think of you all the time and I miss you terribly. My heart is still broken. Mommy and daddy have been doing a lot of stuff around the house because we are getting ready to sell it and move to Florida. I will be taking your box of toys with us, I just can't let go of them. I miss you big boy. The cat Babe has been feeling better. its funny she just came to sit on my lap since I started writing to you. She never does that so I think she knows because she has your spirit in her. She is cute and is the cat version of you but I'm still heart broken over you. I love you baby.2.22.12 Hey Thun, Just want you to know that I do think of you daily and my heart is still broken. I don't know if I will ever get over this pain. Well mommy and daddy put the house up for sale, once it sells we will be moving to Florida. I have all the memories of you in my heart and mind but it will be different when we don't live here anymore. Mommy still isn't feeling that good, my health is getting really bad. I miss and love you so much big boy. XOXO 9.5.13 it's almost 3 years since we lost you and not a day has gone by that I don't think of you. I miss you so much big boy. Babe is doing good she reminds me so much of you except shes a cat. I would do anything for some of your doggy kisses. 9.17.14 Hey big boy, I can't believe that its almost 4 years since you left us. We still have Babe and she reminds us of you in so many ways. I think your soul went in her on that day because you knew we would save her. We miss you so much and not a day goes by that I don't think of you. My heart is still broken big boy. Can't wait till the day I get some of those doggy kisses until then just know I love and miss you.12.28.15 its that time of the year that is always sad. My heart is still broken like the day you left me. Love you my big boy.9.20.16 Tomorrow is 6 years since you left us, I'm still broken hearted as I was the very first day. Mommy hasn't had such a good year, I now have cancer. I'm going through the treatments and doing what I have to do. It's not easy. I still talk to you and I still believe your soul went into this crazy cat Babe. She still does certain things that only you did but now her. It does give me comfort. I wish you were here still to give me lots of kisses and a bunch of woowoo's when I get home from these treatments you always had a way of making me feel better and all the undevoted love you gave... it could never be replaced. Love you big boy xoxo woohoo!!! 9/21/17 hi baby boy. It's hard to believe another year has past since you are gone. So much had happened this past year. I just had my hip replaced and so many nights I wished you were here to snuggle with me while I was recovering, you always always me feel better when I was sick. Baby is still here helping me...you picked a good girl for me to rescue. She helps me get through everything. I love and miss you more...until we are together again. XOXO 💜 9/21/20 I will forever miss you💔🌈😪🐾🐾
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