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Monday Night Candlelight Tribute Room

Grief is not measured in time but when the heart is dry of tears and your mind comes to acceptance,
you will begin to heal. Meanwhile, you are not alone. - Ginny Brancato

Below are Tributes for the week of December 16, 2014 through December 22, 2014


Date Posted: 12/21/14
Requested By: Bob and Marie
For: Abby
A: Black Lab
Home Town: Rice, VA
Born: June 17, 2003
Passed On: July 15, 2010
Special Tribute: Abby - Our precious angel - Merry Christmas on Thursday and wishing you were here with us to celebrate Jesus' birth. We so miss you terribly and love you even more. In our hearts forever. Love, Daddy and Mommy XOXO
Email: Bob and Marie

Date Posted: 12/16/14
Requested By: Brittany Fincham
For: Alex Fincham
Home Town: Oakland, CA
Born: 05-05-01
Passed On: 12-11-14
Special Tribute: Alex will be missed every minute of every day. He came when he was called, played hide and seek, sang with his mom, asked for, no, he demanded group hugs. He was my comfort when no human could understand what I was going through. I love you Alex, love mom.
Email: Brittany Fincham

Date Posted: 12/16/14
Requested By: pat
For: all furbabies
A: all dogs cats etc
Home Town: corrigsnville md
Special Tribute: This tribute is to all fur babies who have passed on service military animals included and their families left behind. Holidays ate hard missing them butvtheyvsenf their love and have a big celebration of their own God bless. Merry Christmas Happy New Year to all.
Email: pat

Date Posted: 12/18/14
Requested By: Sandra
For: Ashley
A: DSH Tabby
Home Town: Texas
Born: 1987
Passed On: 12/18/99
Special Tribute: My sweet Moosey Boy, you left for the Bridge so long ago, but not a day goes by that you are in my thoughts. I really miss your Super Purr Machine. Sleep softly, my sweet and dear Ashley, Love, Mom
Email: Sandra

Date Posted: 12/21/14
Requested By: Mia & Caylan
For: Baby
A: Bichon mix
Home Town: Garland, TX
Born: 06/02/14
Passed On: 11/19/14
Special Tribute: Merry Christmas my sweet baby <3 I know your happy at the Rainbow Bridge, I miss you so much. Don't forget about us please.
Email: Mia & Caylan

Date Posted: 12/19/14
Requested By: Dan & Linda
For: Bailey
A: Cocker Spaniel
Home Town: NJ
Born: 1/21/95
Passed On: 3/17/11
Special Tribute: Merry Christmas - wish I could find you and Susie under the tree - that would be the best gift of all. Love you for always and forever, Momma and Poppa xx
Email: Dan & Linda

Date Posted: 12/22/14
Requested By: Diana
For: Bailey
A: Rough Collie
Home Town: United Kingdom
Born: 21st April 2001
Passed On: 25th May 2013
Special Tribute: For our beloved Bailey. We love and miss you so much. Thank you for twelve wonderful years and memories we will treasure always. Forever loved and missed. Always in our hearts. Love always and forever your loving family. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Email: Diana

Date Posted: 12/18/14
Requested By: Karen and Brad
For: Beemer
A: Australian Shepherd
Home Town: Tampa, Fl
Born: 5/98
Passed On: 12/18/11
Special Tribute: Hi B. I think of you every day and today will be a tough one. I'll never forget the helpless feeling when I took you to the clinic 3 yrs ago today. You touched us in ways you'll never know for 10 years. We miss you so much and we will love you forever. Be good my friend. xxxoox
Email: Karen and Brad

Date Posted: 12/18/14
Requested By: Karen
For: Bella
A: beagle
Home Town: Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia
Born: 26/07/2004
Passed On: 03/04/2014
Special Tribute: Hi Bellsy. Another week has gone without you by my side.It is not getting any easier and I don't think it ever will.I miss you so much and I love you with all of my heart.You brought me so much love and laughter and I am so grateful. I am proud to be your Mummy and glad you are my baby.xxx((Bellsy))
Email: Karen

Date Posted: 12/21/14
Requested By: Helen and Nick
For: Bess
A: Labrador
Home Town: Florida
Born: 09/29/2000
Passed On: 12/19/2014
Special Tribute: My soul mate, my best friend, and my child. Without you life will never be the same...I miss you more than words can express. Not being able to protect you any longer, is more than i can bear. I kiss you on your forehead as i did every night. I love you Bess. xx
Email: Helen and Nick



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