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Rainbow Bridge
Monday Night Candlelight Tribute Room

Grief is not measured in time but when the heart is dry of tears and your mind comes to acceptance, you will begin to heal. Meanwhile, you are not alone. - Ginny Brancato
Below are Tributes for the week of October 06, 2015 through October 12, 2015



Date Posted: 10/6/15
Requested By: Jan
For: Abbie
Breed: Minuature Schnauzer
Home Town: Waco TX
Born: 2003
Passed On: March 2015
Special Tribute: Abbie, you are my special girl. Full of life, so sweet and fun. I will never forget your precious face.
Email: Jan

Date Posted: 10/6/15
Requested By: CHRIS
For: ASIA..
Breed: Siberian Husky
Home Town: Lincoln Prk,MI
Born: a RESCUE
Passed On: 11-13
Special Tribute: Miss ya ASIA....run happy,your pal NIKI was sent to you...miss ya guys,Keena was there,waiting for you,now...MY PACK...together.
Email: CHRIS

Date Posted: 10/6/15
Requested By: Don & Vera
For: Bella
Breed: A Beautiful Fun Loving Chihuahua
Home Town: Victoria, B.C. Canada
Born: July 13th 1997
Passed On: April 15th 2015
Special Tribute: Hello little girl,another week without you here,you are so missed Bella,the way you made me laugh every day,I miss watching you & Mom argue,it made me laugh so much to see you two go at it,you never backed down,such feistiness for 3 lbs,I loved it.Come visit sweetheart anytime.We love you Bella xo
Email: Don & Vera

Date Posted: 10/6/15
Requested By: Ron Troia
For: Benson
Breed: Beautiful Boy
Home Town: Shelton, CT
Born: 1998
Passed On: June 23, 2015
Special Tribute: I love you Benson. I love you and miss you more than mere words could ever say and I am so sorry I could not save you from that horrible sickness. My heart is so shattered without you here but I will try to get better. I love you always my sweet beautiful boy in heaven. God Bless you.((((Benson))))
Email: Ron Troia

Date Posted: 10/6/15
Requested By: Christine & Nigel
Home Town: Rochford River Bank Essex England
Born: 31/03/94 & 01/06/95
Passed On: 20/01/08 & 12/07/10
Special Tribute: Hiya again our precious angels,hope you are happy & having lots of fun together & with Jessie & all Bi-po's little friends at the Bridge,every minute of every day we love & miss you more & more & you are safely in our hearts forever,stay close always babies Love Mummy Daddy & Bi-po XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Email: Christine & Nigel

Date Posted: 10/6/15
Requested By: Jessica Thein
For: Brittney Thein
Breed: Boxer
Home Town: Las Vegas, NV
Born: August 16, 2004
Passed On: October 5, 2015
Special Tribute: When Your Beautiful Heart Stopped Beating, My heart Broke In Two, Knowing That Here On Earth, There Will Never Be Another Like YOU...Those Special Memories Of YOU Will Always Bring A Smile, The fact That you are no Longer Here will Always Cause me Pain You're Forever In My Heart Until We Meet Again
Email: Jessica Thein

Date Posted: 10/6/15
Requested By: Janet
For: Bubba
Breed: Doxin
Home Town: Elko Nevada
Born: May2002
Passed On: Sept.3 2014
Special Tribute: How's my handsome guy doing?Bubba,what I wouldn't give to spend one more day with you!I miss you so badly!I'm also grateful that we found each other and had the time together that we did.I'm the luckiest girl on earth!I love you,BubbaWeiner,and we'll have eternity together.Please come visit.
Email: Janet

Date Posted: 10/6/15
Requested By: Joy
For: Buddy
Breed: Dachshund
Home Town: Carlisle, PA
Born: 12/08/1996
Passed On: 09/03/2010
Special Tribute: My beloved Buddy I love & miss you so❤️There is a chill to the air I sure could use my heater dog😇I hope you are having fun at the Bridge & if you get a chance come visit me Bigboy😍I'm so blessed you're my baby! I cherish our memories & carry you in my heart always. Love hugsnkisses 4ever & aday🐾
Email: Joy

Date Posted: 10/6/15
Requested By: Bruce
For: Cinnamon Cinnie Mini Costa
Breed: Dachshund
Home Town: Ridley Park, PA
Born: 1/9/1999
Passed On: 6/4/2012
Special Tribute: Cookie, Last night’s RB ceremony was a difficult one, as you saw. You know, girl, there’s no preparing in life for losing a precious angel like you. Hope you liked the flowers from Mommy GG. You, by her side, in your chair, Cookie, is what she carries in her heart every day. Kisses forever!!!
Email: Bruce

Date Posted: 10/6/15
Requested By: David
For: Daisy Mae
Breed: Bichon Frise
Home Town: Aliquippa, Pa
Born: 3/15/2000
Passed On: 10/29/2013
Special Tribute: You brought so much love, laughter and joy to my life Daisy Mae. My life has such a void without you in it. It will be 2 years soon since I held you. I miss you more and more as time goes on. I wait for the day we will be together again. I love you forever. God bless you always...Daddy
Email: David


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