Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Grief Support Chat Room

The Pet Loss Chat Room allows a more personal contact with those who are feeling or have felt the loss of a precious friend.

Please feel free to express yourself but please refrain from criticism or judgment. Respect each other's loss. Talking about our pain is healing, and healing takes time.

The chat rooms are moderated nightly from 8 -12 pm EST by our angels without wings, our volunteers.

To begin participating, select Java, Flash or Mobile mode and enter whatever nickname you choose in the box below and then click the "connect" button to log in.
If you have trouble with one login option, Java for example, please try either Flash or Mobil.

Apple Users: If you cannot log in using the options below please download Our IPhone App:   Once downloaded click here for detailed login information.

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IPhone App Users

Once the App is downloaded and installed select the Network Settings:

Modify the Site Name to 31769, Modify the Room Name to: PetLoss & Type in any User Name. No password is needed.

Click on the Server Selection button. Select server 7

Shut down the ParaChat App and then restart it. The new settings will take place and you can now Sign into the room.



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