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Memories of Fang "Missy Girl"

Where to start?? All my memories of my girl are special. When you have a companion for almost 1/2 of your life, one that has seen you thru so many times, good and bad...I remember the work it took to get this wild thing to trust, knowing when she was starting to "come around" by the many dead presents that ended up on my steps! The hours we would spend on the glider on the porch, Fangy's favorite times were getting combed, at first working all those burrs out and revealing that beautiful diluted torti coat...her never-ending purring, purring so hard she would start to cough...she purred to the end...the way she would grab my hand with both her paws as she was laying on the armrest of the couch next to me...those beautiful green eyes, the eyes that assured me at the end, that she knew it was time to go across that bridge, those kitty kisses that nite. Her pal Travis the cocker spaniel is missing her so much--how do you explain to a 9 year old dog that the creature he has given slurpy kisses to every morning for the past 8 years is gone?? He looks so sad, never have I seen better friends! These critters give us a glimpse of heaven here on earth!

12/25/2007---MERRY CHRISTMAS FANGY GIRL!!! Mommy misses you something terrible and so does the rest of the gang. Travis and Sadie send Woofy Christmas kisses and Jazzy, Laura and JJ sang their best Meowy Christmas version yet! Grand-meow and Grand-paw send lots of hugs and kisses your way. I know you gave Jesus a whole pile of special dead things for His birthday!

Hi Fangy!

Your favorite time of year is almost here...the birds are starting to sing and you can hear the squirrels running on the roof. I know you would be running from room to room trying to figure out what was going on outside! :)

We all still miss you! JJ has become Travie new slurpy--mommy thinks of you every time I see them together. I am glad that the sorrow is fading and happy memories are surrounding us. :)

Hi Missy Girl,

We miss you!!! Today is one of those days that you would be by the door ready to try and dart outside to chase the robins and the squirrels. I hope you are runny thru the fields chasing butterflies!

Hi Fangy,

Today is a sad day for mommy...it was a year ago that we said goodbye...I miss you more than you know. I hope you and Jazzy and Tina are romping around and snuggling together in the sun. Take care dear friend and we will see each other again someday soon! I love you girly!


Hi Fangy,

I hope Travie found you right off the bat on Tuesday afternoon and that he gave you a head full of slurpies! I miss you all so very much!


I can't believe it has been 3 years, Fangy girl. I know you were overjoyed to see Travie at the bridge and it gave me great comfort to know that he was with his favorite girl again. I miss you all so much. Love you!! Momma


4 years...doesn't seem possible, does it? I hope you and Travie and the gang are having a wonderful time! Momma misses you still...so so much. Love you!!!


5 years...some days it seems like yesterday and some days it seems like forever. Tell Travie momma misses you all very much. You were such a good girl Fangy!!! Love you!


Another year has gone by, Fangy. Mama still thinks of you and misses you very much. Tell Travie to give you an extra slurpy today. Miss you guys so much.

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