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Memories of Mabel
You came into our lives on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Ed and Judy drove from Long Island to introduce you to our family and you were a perfect fit. The first night you slept in your crate in mom's room. When you awoke the next morning you sat up and looked at me as if to say "Good Morning Mom". As the years went by you brought so much joy to our lives. You had to start and end each day with one of your favorites which was a good "belly rub". You made us laugh stealing socks, stealing paper towels, pulling the toilet paper off the roll, and putting your entire head into the grocery bags when Mom came home. I especially loved the time you went into Mom's closet and found all of your Christmas presents and took each one out. You were such a happy dog and when you got excited and wagged your tail your whole back end would wiggle not just your tail. You were always there to greet me after work and when Mom would make a special dinner you never left my side in the kitchen waiting for something to fall on the floor. Aunt Eileen and I miss having you lay between us when we watch television and Aunt Eileen especially misses you laying beside her and putting your head on her lap. I miss you sleeping with me every night and miss the way you snored so loud when you were in a deep sleep. I also miss you hogging the bed.

We know you are at the Rainbow Bridge and are not suffering any more. Bonnie is there with you along with Brittney, Pudgy, Spunky, Trixie and Ginger.

We love you Mabel and someday we will meet at the Rainbow Bridge.


Hi Mabel We still miss you so much. Auntie Eileen misses you very much. We still have all your favorite toys in your basket. Of course your new brother Casey has been having a good time playing with them and thanks you very much for leaving them for him. Mabel you now have two new friend at Rainbows Bridge. Samantha (Auntie Lori's furbaby) and Brooklyn (Auntie Ellie's furbaby) went to the bridge this past month. Show them around and introduce them to all your new friends. Give Daddy Joe a big hug and kiss from Mom. Tell him we miss him every day. Give a special hug to Skippy, Tiny, Trixie, Ginger and Bonnie. Take care my little one and know that you are loved by so many. Till we meet at the bridge. Love, Mom and Aunt Eileen

10/17/08 Hi Mabel it's mommy. In November it will be 3 months that you went to Rainbow Bridge. Auntie Eileen and Mommy miss you very much. We want to thank you Mabel for all the love you gave us. As you know we adopted a new furbaby. He is a Morkie and we named him "Casey". We know you had a paw in our adopting Casey. We told Casey all about his two older sisters (Bonnie and Mabel) and he is so excited to have sisters. Casey's birthday is November 21st and your birthday was November 19th. Casey wants to thank you for leaving him some of your toys. He is taking good care of them and loves to toss them in the air. Casey can never replace you and Bonnie but Casey needed a loving home and we needed someone to love. Give Daddy Joe a big hug and kiss from mommy and tell everyone that we love them and miss them. Aunt Karen called tonight and said to give you a big kiss from her. I hope you have made many friends at Rainbows Bridge as mommy has spoken to other mommy's who have lost their furbaby's. Go over and introduce yourself to them and remember to play nice. Take care my precious one. Run and play and be happy. Love always, Mommy & Aunt Eileen

Mommy and Aunt Eileen

09/04/12 Hi Mabel, So much has happened Mabel. I know you were so happy to see Auntie Eileen when she entered heaven in December 2011. I know she had so many hugs and kisses for you and Bonnie and all our furbabies (Tiny (cat), Skippy, Trixie, Ginger. I miss her so much Mabel. I can't believe this month she will be gone 9 months. Time goes by so fast. Casey has been my "little man" throughout the grieving process. I don't know what I would have done without him. Casey is such a joy Mabel and I thank you for guiding me to him. Give everyone a hug and kiss from me especially Daddy Joe, Mom, Dad and Eileen. Take care my precious one. Show Eileen around and introduce her to all your new friends at Rainbow Bridge. Always in my heart.


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