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Memories of Majic, Mr Wigglesworth, Tzar

Majic, Mr. Wigglesworth, Tzar you replaced Storm Cloud, Furr-person, and Bumble Bee on this earth after they left us and now you too have gone to God, you were all wonderful Black persian companions we had lots of fun together and when your Aunty Judy went to God, you took in and accepted Beatie Siamese and made him one of the family, although we only had him a very short while before he joined your aunty and God, we all loved him very much. There were never a more accepting group of cats than you, if mum brought it home you accepted it.You accepted the possums that lived in our roof at Salisbury and you baby sat for mrs possum on many an occasion, caring for her babies year after year when she went of to visit her friends in the trees, keeping them warm and sharing your food with each new baby as soon as it was old enough to be left behind,
and on many an occasion you brought mrs possum into the kitchen to share your food,, many humans did not believe me when i told them so we took pictures to prove your friends were indeed thepossums. Majic and Tzar you accepted Sebastian who was a very little fluffy dog into your lives and your cat run, when you had no experience of dogs at all, you made him welcome too. When your dad went to America to live you would come to the comuter when you heard me typing how you knew that it was him i was talking to and not any other friends i will never understand because you only came to the computer when i was talking to your dad. Uncle Pilla took over as a father figure in your lives after your daddy moved away he cared for you when i had to be away from home, he spoilt you with special foods, and toys for christmas, and when your mum was away he and Xavier partied up big with you on the kitchen floor with chicken, cheese and pizza. Brandon taught you to make cakes on the kitchen floor, and yout Aunty Lisa spent all that day cleaning the house after you trecked flour and cake ingredients every where, then she bathed you all. You accepted Crystil as your sister, and when aunty Lisa came to live with us you all had cheese parties in her bed with her at night. And when you got old and sick Uncle Warren and Aunty Roslyn bathed and showered around you as we turned the family bathroom into a retirement centre then into an aged care facility and finally a hospital ward. I slept many a night on that bathroom floor while you were very ill and with the help of every one we all got by. Majic you were almost human, we often called you peoplecat you loved everyone and every thing, wiggie you battled 5 strokes and recovered to stay as long as you could with us. Tzar you died too young you were only 10 i thought we would be the last 2 left and you gave me a of love of exotics that i sincerely thank you for, your furr father was one. You all had a good life with lots of friends and warmth and love, but you all gave it back 1000 fold, You are all much loved and very much missed but you will never be forgotton, and i know you are all around me as i have seen your fleeting spirit faces and felt the soft brush of a tail and when i look down there is no cat at my feet. i hear you purring and even though i cant see see you i know you are there. Your dad will visit you here, he provided the photo, Uncle Pilla will visit you here so will mummy and aunty Lisa and uncle Warren and aunty Roslyn, we will never forget you, and Worlok and Cally will look after your mum, and one day as the poem says we will all be together again, God Bless You all

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