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The life of a Giant

by steven lokey.........................................

Today i came home and found that we lost a giant of a family member.Our great dane of 9years passed today.We got him when he was a puppy and the runt of the litter.My wife liked him because he had blue eyes and was the smallest dog.He was so small he could fit in both hands and weighted 5 lbs.when he was about 12 weeks he got parvo and that almost took him.we then had his ears trimmed and i will never have that done again.he was a inside dog for 7 years and had his own room and cage. he grew up with out 1st daughter and she is 5 and she loves him. she would bring him food and he would accidently steep on her feet and he would not even know he was doing it.He had a special bond with my brother cause he would take care of him when we would leave for vacation.he would get sooo happy when he saw his uncle byron. marmaduke was smaller than a normal great dane and weighted about 80-90 lbs.he was a good friend and was going blind and would stand in the yard and bark into the blue because he did not see anything but would hear it.Im going to miss him cause he would greet me every day after work at the gate but would never go out then he would lean against my leg to say hi and you could pat his side and rough him a little and he would buck like a bull and start to jump and play for a 9 year old great dane thats good.today is a sad day and i really thank my brother for being there to come help at the drop of a hat to help lay a gentle giant to rest.....Im sorry for the way this is done but im greiving and im helping regan deal with the lost to. Today is 11/29/11 and the pain has eased and we are still missing you and the little thing you do are missed.The few days after you passed ms glenda said it would be nice for us to find a rescue dog to have?a few days ago i was at work with uncle byron and he pointed out a 1year old great dane that was rescued twice and i started to think about it but the pain of you being gone is still to much.we went to walmart and i made 3 dog tags with your name and your birth date and you passing date an the words forever in our hearts and byron really likes it.Your head stone came in and we will place it for you.we have a cross and a light at your head and regan put 3 roses at the cross for you.This thanksgiving was hard to and eating every night is hard to cause we would give you the extra food and you loved it.Its turning cold and it will be christmas soon and regan spoke to a person at school to tell them how she felt about losing her buddy.I say a prayer for you and all the others at rainbow bridge and i hope your doing good and having fun and i thank everyone for the love,prayers and support.I love you Monster and will never forget you boy...

Its been 1 long month with out you monster,I came home 1 month ago to find your lifeless body laying in the driveway next to your food bowl and thats when our life came crashing down.Regan real misses you and has been drawing pictures of you.We set your head stone out at your grave a few days ago.Time has helped with the wounds and it is still hard not having you around.i still wonder what was it that took you away from us?if i could spend 1 more day with you i would and i wish i was at your side when you took your last breath and passed to the bridge.i know i cant change things or go back in time and i found you in a picture on the side before i deleted it and i will keep it on my phone.I love you monster and there are small signs trying to tell me to get a great dane but the lose of you is still to hard and to soon.I love and light a candle for you and still have the sign in the back of my van saying(i love my great dane).I love you and will talk to you soon.

Today it the 1/3/12 and its been a hard christmas and a new year.Its turning cold and freezing for the next 3 day.Tonight it will be 25f (cold for north fla)i would have checked on you and plugged you electric blanket in and turned your heater on high and made sure your warm.Regan still misses you and i still miss you and the people behind use got a mean ugly bull mastiff and his bark sounds just like yours.Im still missing you and the pain is going away as each day passes.we still love you and i still look sometimes thinking you will run up to me or to the gate at times.im trying to keep all the cats from using you grave as a litterbox.The good news is ireane has gotten used to us and is a semi cat beside that she is at everyone house.i will visit you soon and i love you and miss you....

Today is 2/19/12 and its your Birthday and you would have turned 10 years old today.Nana and Papa finally came by to your grave and left flowers but still dont want anything to do with us.Your uncle byron has been blessed with a daughter and kendall is the cutest thing and we all still miss you.We found a little black kitten and regan has taken to it but i don,t think it will work out cause it still pees in the corners and like outside.miss kitty is doing good and she is 12 years old.We still miss you and i still think about you and love you.Happy Birthday Monster...

11/13/12 It has been 1 year ago that you left us monster and the first months were hard and it did get better with time.I did turn my head a few times washing the car cause it sounded like you were walking towards me then i turned around and you were not there.The kitten regan had gotten did not work out and the people next door took it.Regan wanted a kitten about 6 months ago and we found a hemming way kitten and want to pick it up and i decided to take her brother to.so now we have 3 cats and the kittens are the last wonders of the world and the names are big foot (26 toes) a.k.a pepper and elvis.Regan still misses you and i miss you to.Every time we tell someone how long you were in our lives they say you loved us along time.I still take care of your grave site and you have a nice tomb stone marking you place of rest.Its tough and i still love my moose moose,monster.Love you

Its been 2 years since we lost our gentle giant.Time has healed the wounds and the pain has softened.There is still a special place in our hearts for you monster.Me and regan put new flowers on you grave any your collar and leash are still hanging you cross.Regan still misses you and ask about.The little black cat didnt work out,so a neighbor took her.a few months after that regan was doing good and page found a ad for free kittens and we went and got regan a multi toed cat.We also to the brother home.So now we have 3 cats and miss kitty is doing good but took her a long time to get used to the other cats.Their names are pepper(big foot) and Elvis.I swear Elvis is you be cause he acts like you and is hugh for a cat and he also has stinky paws in the morning,and he is very big.Uncle byron still misses you and there will never me another monster and we still love you and miss you.

Its been some time since i have visited you.I hope your doing good up there and i want you to keep an eye out for a big orange cat called Oliver,It was gammys cat.We left for our cruise in December and when we came back she got news he got attacked and was in poor shape.She made the hard decesion to have him put down due to his injuries.She has gotten 2 kittens from the animal shelter and they are named callie and gaberil.Regan still misses you and savannah will walk over to your grave and look and talk to you.I still miss you and you were the gentlest dog and the best friend we could have asked for.I still love and miss you very deeply.I still love my monster and moose moose.

4/26/14 it has been a hard day monster we had to take miss kitty to the vest and they had to put her to sleep.It was hard for us all and even for page.I hope you will guide her and protector her.I also still miss you you and hope your doing good.I love you both and miss you both and monster if i knew you were in that much pain or hurting i would have taken you to vet and had you fixed to or laided to rest..
I love you both.alos if you see ireane please take care of her she got attacked by 2 pit bulls and died a painful death.if i catch the dogs so help me.
I love you all till we meet again.with love steven

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