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Memories of Maxi

Maxi, I remember when we picked you up as a puppy and brought you home to your new sister Kayla in March 1998. You had all the energy and love a puppy could give. Even on my darkest days you and Kayla were there to comfort me. And on these days your love always brought me back to happiness. I miss the days when we would go to the cabin, on long walks or car rides. Both you and Kayla knew when I said "okay girls," it was time for fun. When I came through the door at the end of a day, you two were there to greet me and knew we were spending the evening together. Now that both of you are gone, I wait for the day to see you and Kayla so we can all play together again. I miss you so much Maxi and Kayla. I can't begin to tell you how much my heart aches. Not a day goes by I do not think about you guys.

On Valentine's Day 2011 I lost Maxi to liver cancer. She had been battling many surgeries to remove tumors for the past three years. This time, there was no recovery. When Dr. Hess came in to give me the bad news, he said she only had 2 days to a week to live because of complications with internal bleeding around the tumor. I had to make the hard decision to let her go this day. I was not prepared. Just the day before Maxi was out on the back deck barking and playing with us. I can't understand how one day she seemed fine and the next I had to say goodbye.

A few weeks after saying goodbye to Maxi, Kayla started showing signs of having problems with her breathing. We brought her in to see Dr. Hess and he diagnosed her with Laryngeal Paralysis. We were relieved to know her condition could be mostly fixed by a partial de-bark procedure. We did this on May 4th. After bringing her home later this day, she seem to be feeling better. Over the weekend however, her breathing started to become more labored. We thought it was just a complication or swelling from the surgery. We brought her back in on Monday to run some tests of which one was a chest x-ray. They found Kayla's lungs were so full of tumors she was non-operable. In disbelief, I asked what does this mean, and they told me they could put her on steroids but this would only postone the inevitable by a few days. I fell back and put my hands over my face not beliveing what I heard. Less than three months after saying goodbye to Maxi, I was faced with making the same decision to say goodbye to Kayla.

On May 9th, the day after Mother's Day, Kayla joined Maxi to play in the fields under the Rainbow Bridge. I knew, at 13, we had limited time with her as she had been battling the same tumors and surgeries as Maxi. We were hoping to have her through the summer but God had other plans.

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