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Memories of May

So much time has passed yet it seems like just yesterday you were here. Not a day goes by that I don't find myself staring at your photo...we can never make it through a trip to Jewel without walking through the dog food aisle saying "I miss our dog"...your sock and duck have been lovingly preserved behind glass along with your photos, leash, collar and placemat placed next to the sliding glass door to the backyard. We still have your "wipe your paws" sign up and are awaiting a plaque for the backyard garden...so much time has passed yet we refuse to let you go. My goodness...the grip your tail has around our hearts. We love and miss you more each day, May May...
Mommy and Daddy 3/11/07

Hey girlfriend! It's been 2 1/2 months since you left us and I still have to stop myself from calling out to you whenever I come home. I curl up on the couch to nap and automatically make room for you at my feet...I even save a little of the blanket for you to lay on. I swear I even heard you barking the other night. They say time heals all wounds but each day is just as difficult as the last. I miss you and all your funny ways. I still can't imagine bringing another dog into the house and still find myself saying "well, he/she isn't as cute as MayMay was" whenever I see a puppy walking by. I know that you're better off where you are. No more pain. No more suffering. And, knowing you, I'm sure you're waiting at the gate every day to welcome the newest resident with a handshake and little sneeze. Take care of you and always know that we hold you in our hearts. We'll never forget. Mommy 10/4/05

Your time with us sure seemed to fly by. I remember the first time I saw you, you fit in the palm of my hand, what a cute little thing you were. We knew you would be special when you picked your own name. It didn't take you long to grow and learn, Mommy spent most of that first summer teaching you, we were quite impressed with each new trick. Naturally you captured the hearts of everyone you met, a little later on you realized that you had to protect us and made some keep their distance, you must have thought you were 10 times your size. As our lives went on together your little tail just wrapped tighter around our hearts. Jumping into bed every night, curling up on the couch watching TV, the face licking, and just being you.
As time went on and we all grew older, the diabetes you developed was a bit more, but certainly not a problem, a true labor of love.
And on the day we had to say good bye, Mommy and I cried because we knew we would miss you terribly, but we also knew in our hearts that you had to go, and we believe you knew that too.
Though our hearts are broken we are doing fine, we do miss seeing you in your favorite places around the house, and I still wait for you to want to go out.
I miss our walks, playing with your duck and sock, curling up on a stormy night or when fire crackers are popping and sharing a snack, I won't tell Dr. Bobbie about that.
We were the fortunate ones that you had found us, and will always be blessed for the time we spent together.
May you rest in peace until we are re-united at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love, Mommy & Daddy

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