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Memories of MIMI

MiMi was adopted by daughter McKlayne and me from the NMB shelter in the spring of 1998. McKlayne had broken her ankle, was attending CCU, and working full time in our store at Broadway at the Beach. Needless to say her proverbial plate was full but we decided a new kitty would be great company. Making the selection for a pet was not difficult and I know my preference prevailed as I suggested a young kitty rather than a kitten which I knew would require more time for this very busy college student. I spotted the young calico which exuded love, affection and sweetness..I have always had a penchant for calico kitties as my very first, Cookie, was a calico. We removed her from her cage, held her and immediately bonded with this precious creature who immediately returned our affection.

McKlayne loved and cared for her for the remainder of her years at college which ended in 2000 with her graduation. MiMi left Myrtle Beach and accompanied McKlayne to Charlotte where her new career with BeBe began. From that job she accepted a position with BarbiZon wich entailed much travel so we decided MiMi should come to live with me where she would have feline company with Maxx and Miz Kitty. That arrangement lasted for a short time until McKlayne's situation changed and she was able to provide a better living situation for MiMi. Long story short, MiMi came to live with Phillip & Me once again in 2006 when McKlyne's living situation changed once again and MiMi would need to find a new home. I was asked to accommodate her which I did somewhat reluctantly as there were already 2 kitties in residence and I was concenred about the introduction of a 3rd kitty to the household.

the arrangement worked out great! A year or so later I lost Maxx, so having MiMi as a companion for Calli was a godsend. By this time, Phillip & I had bonded so deeply with MiMi, that I could not return her to McKlayne and we agreed that I would keep her permanently.

Since that time, she has been our beloved, dear companion who has brought immeasurable joy and laughter into our lives. She has always been the perfect kitty with, as Phillip says, good manners and a sweet, easy-going, loving disposition. Her favorite sleeping position was on Phillips left shoulder as he lay in bed watching TV...content to remain there for as long as she wanted. Even in her advancing years, she had much energy and would pursue the lazer mouse throughout the house leaping up walls and up the side of furniture chasing and pouncing. In the back yard she could be seen leaping high in the air to catch a yellow butterfly or dragonfly while in flight and amazingly catch them with one swat of her paw!

We will always treasure warm and wonderful memories of this very special creature who blessed our lives with her sweetness and grace...and I thank God for the gift of her!

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