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Memories of Mindy
Mindy loved to lay outside in the yard on nice days and just bask in the sun. She would always bark when she would hear the garage door open, she always put the other dogs in line when needed, she loved chasing sandy the chihuahua, but most importantly she will never be forgotten and will always be in our hearts. Mindy loved hunting any kind of animal she could find, and she was good at it too. She was actually a pretty good mouse hunter as well. She loved swimming she was such a water dog, it was hard to get her out once she got in. She loved chasing squirrels and playing with her squeaky toys and killing the squeaker inside. She was a true blue dog. I always called her mother hen, because she was very protective of my son. Anytime he would cry she was right there to see what was wrong. She was taken too soon I think, but she lived a good long life. My heart breaks not to be able to see her or pet her. She will be greatly and deeply missed. I love you Boo.

3-23-09-It has now been 4 days since you have left, and I still hurt more and more each day. I am wondering if you will give me a sign that you have reached that bridge and you are OK. It is very hard to get up in the morning and do the daily routine without you in it. Knowing you are not in pain eases my mind though. I love you very much and always will, you will always be in my heart Boo. I miss you, mommy.

3-24-09- Hi Boo Boo, I feel a little better today, only because last night I spoke with Dr. Phipps who had started doing surgery on you, and she said that you had a very bad bacterial infection everywhere. She said me and daddy made the right decision and after she told me that, I felt better, because I didnt think we did. Sassy and Pharoah miss you too, I know. They keep barking and barking. I know if you were here you would be putting them in line as usual. I love you baby girl and I miss you dearly. I am glad you are in a better place now. I hope you make many friends which I know you will- Love Always, mommy.

3-26-09 Good Morning, Boo girl, it has been one week today since you have been gone. I just want you to know I am sorry I was not there with you, I thought you would be coming back home to us. I miss you so much it still hurts so much. It just isnt the same without you here, but I know you are here in spirit with us. In a couple of weeks I am going to plant a garden with tulips and some other flowers for you in the back corner of the yard where you use to wander to, I cant wait. I hope you will like it. I love you Boo, and I miss you so very much.

3-29-09 Hi Girly, I miss you so much, it is so weird with you not here. It is snowing here today, and very cold. I know if you were here you would be out in the snow rolling in it and sticking your face in it like you always did, that always made me laugh. I think Sassy really misses you, she just mopes all day. I hope you are doing OK now, I really really miss you though, and this is gonna be hard to get used to. I love you sweetie, talk to you soon!

4-2-09 April already Boo girl. It has been 2 weeks since you left us but it seems like an eternity. I try not to cry but I cant help it. I try to think of all the good times and funny things you used to do. We caught some mice the other day and that reminded me of you when you would go out in the garage and just sit and wait for the mice. We are giving Sandy to grandma and grandpa. This month is your 11th birthday and since we do not know the exact day I am going to celebrate it all month. I hope you are doing well. Hugs and Kisses, Boo. I love you girl.. Happy Birthday!

4-9-09 Hi Boo Boo, it is still lonely here without you, today we are going to grandma and grandpas down south for Easter. I am only taking Sassy, she has been lonely without you, she just is not herself without you, no one is really. I miss you so much, and I look at your pictures all the time and think of all the good times we had with you. I hope all is well and you have made lots of friends. I love you girlie!! XOXO

4-19-09 Hi girl, it has been one month today since you have left and it still seems much longer. It just is not the same around here without you. No one to greet us when we come home, and no one really barks much anymore, you were the barker. Sassy misses you so much, she is not the same at all. I wish you were here with us we miss you. I got your memorial stone the other day and when it gets nicer out I am going to pick a place in the yard and plant some flowers and put your stone there. I hope you will like it. Well I must go sweetie, but I miss you lots and love you always!

5-6-09 Hi Boo Boo, I know it has been a little while since I have been here, but dont worry-I have not forgot about you, I miss you everyday you are not here, but it has gotten a little easier. I look at your picture everyday, and just think how happy you were in that picture. Daddy go the boat out last night, he is ready to go boating, I wish we would have taken you last summer, I know how much you loved it, the wind blowing through your fur. Sassy is doing a little better, but I know she misses you, and Pharoah, well you know how he is, he's Pharoah. I hope you are doing well, we miss you so much, it is just not right without you, I cant believe you are really gone. I love you sweetie, Miss you! XO XO

5-28-09 Hi Boo, another day goes by but not without thinking about you, we still miss you so much. Daddy was looking on his phone last night and found the cutest picture of you on it, you were laying so nice. Noah misses you too, he always talks about you. I have not found a spot for your memorial stone yet, I want it to be special you know. Well Boo, I just want you to know I love you and miss you and there isnt a day that goes by that I dont think about you. I love you girlie!

7-19-09 Hi sweet girl, we still miss you, and today is 4 months since you have been gone. I still think of you everyday and wish you were here, but I know you are in good hands now, but it still hurts. I look at your picture everyday and smile. We miss you so much Boo. Love you always.

8-19-09 Hi Boo Bear! It's been 5 months today since you have been gone and we all still miss you alot! Sassy has grown very different since you have been gone, she just isnt the same as she used to be, I know she misses you too. I hope you are making lots of friends at the rainbow bridge and having fun with them. I miss you girl, so much. Until the next time, I love you and miss you lots!

10-20-09 Hi sweetie, I am sorry I have not been here in a while, I have not forgotten you, I think about you everyday...It has just been very busy and stressful around here..we are moving Boo..away from our beautiful home in the country..I know Pharoah is going to be mad, he wont have the cornfields anymore but oh well he will live..less trouble for him to get into I guess...I miss you girl..the hurt is a little less but I will ALWAYS miss you and NEVER forget you...you were my girl I love you and miss you sweetie!!

12-19-09 Well Ms. Mindy it has been 9 months now, and I still think of you every day. It is going to be different not having you here for christmas this year having you open your present...I miss you so much, you were such a good girl, we talk about you all time how wild and crazy you were to how protective you were..You know digger dog finally passed..last month mom and dad had him put down, as he was so old and couldnt walk anymore..I know he is up there with you too..I hope you are being well taken care of as I am sure you are.. Miss you and love you girl!!

2-19-10 Well girl, it's already 2010..and 11 months since you left us..I always think about you and me and daddy always talk about you..I still think Sassy misses you, I know she does, I will ask her where you are and she just looks at me and I know she knows...We miss you so very much..but I always have all my pictures of you to look at and remind me of the good times we had..you were such a good girl..I love you Mindy girl!!

3-19-10 Well Miss Mindy, here we are, at 1 year... This month has been a little hard for me considering I remember it down to the last few days you were with us, and I wish it could have been different..I cannot believe it has been a year because it seems like yesterday to me, I still miss you as much as I did the day you were gone and it still hurts alot too, but I know you are in good hands, and someday I will join you...I miss you girl and want you to know you may be gone but never forgotten..I miss you sweetie! <3

7-19-10 Miss Mindy, hope all is well..We are in the process of moving from our beautiful home in the country here..It will be different, I know Pharoah will be upset..He sits out in the spot you used to and just sits out there for hours looking..I know Sassy still misses you, she is acting more and more like you all the time..She is funny..I miss you lots and wish you were here, but I am glad I have so many awesome pictures of you to look at, you will always be in my heart girl, I love you and miss you always!

1-13-11 Well Mindy girl, we finally moved into our new home here, and it is OK..Pharoah does not have as much room to play as before, but now he has squirrels and rabbits to chase, but never catches them..I know you would have liked it here..Sassy is doing OK, she is getting older and more crankier than ever..She is alot like you, it's so funny..In November Carson passed away, so I know he is there with you now, keeping you company and playing with you..Sorry it's been such a long time, we have just been busy, and now it has slowed down..I still miss you girl! Love you always!

3-19-11 Well Boo, it has now been 2 years since you have left us..I still miss you more than ever, and think about you all the time. Time has helped me heal, but it will always hurt that you are not here anymore. Sassy and Pharoah are good, I know Sassy misses you as much as I do, sometimes I wonder if she sees you.I hope all is well at the Bridge.. I love you girl and miss you lots! XOXO

3-19-12 Hi Boo, I am here again..It has now been 3 years since you have been gone...Still missing you as ever :) Not much new here this way..We are now settled into our house here and everyone seems to be content...I think you would have loved it here...There are so many squirrels and chips here. I feed them all so we watch them from the front window. Sassy and Pharoah go nuts over them...Lots of critters here you would have loved to hunt..But there are skunks too, which Pharoah got sprayed twice last year...Well sweetie I guess it's that time..I love you and miss you much, and you will always, always be in my heart...I love and miss you girl....

3-19-13 Hi Mindy Girl, it has now been 4 years since you left us, and it seems longer..Sassy and Pharoah are still here with us, fighting and arguing like brother and sister..Sassy definitely learned alot of things from you, girl you were such a smart funny girl..I still miss you and wish you were here, but I know you are in a better place with lots of other animals too..Well I love you girl, and I miss you much..xoxo

12-14-13 Hi Ms. Mindy, well Sassy has passed and she should be at the bridge with you. She was not well, and it was time. If you have already found her, show her around and let her know it's ok..after all, she did learn alot from her big sister.. I love and miss you boo..xoxo..

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