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The truth about Misty she was all I had when I was going thru my cancer and I was all she had when she went thru hers. She was a 10 year cancer survivor before she got it again. Growing up I always wanted a cat. My mother never cared for cats and therefore I never had one but when I moved out the best birthday gift I ever received was my Maine Coon Misty. I later moved back home and then to Arizona with my parents. The strangest reaction from people was their amazement that I brought my cat with me from the other side of the country. They really thought I would leave her behind. When I decided to move back east my parents brought us to the airport, my mother didn't care much that I was leaving but wanted me to let her keep my Misty, yes she fell for that face and now she wanted to keep what I couldn't have growing up. Of course I said no. On the plane even the flight attendents fell for her and allowed her to have the open first class seat next to me, no cold floor for my baby. Misty was just so beautiful, when she was 6 months old a co-worker of my sister was trying to open a animal photography business and saw Misty and took pictures to use for her studio and portfolio. Everyone that saw her just fell in love with her. Never a hunter only to be served she had the best personality it made it a pleasure. She defined perfection. I have friends that would ask how do you get your cat to stop clawing your furniture. I didn't have that problem with Misty. So they thought I must have declawed her, no, never. I'm against that. Misty is really the definition of perfection. Doesn't hunt, doesn't do anything wrong, just perfect. When I lost my Misty, I knew I had to get a companion for my Sydney as she has never been alone and so I went to my shelter where I got my beautiful Bombay Sami. 4 months later I accidentally came upon a beautiful Maine Coon boy. My friends thought 3 cats were too much but I thought doesn't hurt to look. I called the shelter to inquire about him and he was still there. I thought I can only go on the weekends if he is still there by then that could be a sign it is meant to be. When I brought him home, he acted like he had lived here forever. Most new cats are scared and hide, not him he went off by himself and played. When I went to check on him he was playing with, of all the toys, and I have lots, he chose Misty's favorite red toy. A while went by, I checked on him again since Sami and Sydney were with my friends and I. Sebastian had wiggled his way into my bed exactly like Misty always had but unlike Sami or Sydney. Later when my friends had left and I had got into bed my new baby had decided to join me by sleeping on the pillow next to me, exactly like Misty did for the last 2 years. If my friends hadn't been around to see his behavior and I didn't take a picture of him on my pillow no one would have believed it. I call him God's gift because some people say Misty's spirit got into Sebastian. I don't know about that, I'm curious. Is it a coincidence that I got him 5 days before Misty's birthday? I don't know. What I do know is, I am glad that I had her for almost 20 years. I have the most amazing memories of her and I am glad that I had her cremated so that no matter where I go I can always have her with me. I still get to see her every night before I go to sleep and every morning when I wake up. No one will ever replace my Misty she truly is a one and only just like all others. I miss and love her everyday

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