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The day you were born we instantly fell in love with you. After a couple of weeks, you made it known to it was mutual by the way you came over to us whenever we came to visit. You have been my favorite animal in my life, and I have had tons of them. You were Judy's first baby and pet, and you permanently inbredded your paws into her heart. We will always have a special place in both of our hearts forever and ever. You were the most lovable, gentle and loyal dog anyone could ever ask for. Thank you for making the last 15 years so full of love. You didn't care if I was angry, happy, sad or confused, you loved me unconditionally. Today when you went, a part of me went with you. Everybody who came in contact with you during your long life just fell in love with you first with your beauty and then with your amiable personality. I hope only one day we can be reunited in heaven when my time comes. That would all I would ever want. This has been one of the hardest days in my life, but I am relieved that you are no longer in pain and suffering. Every penny I spent at the vet, every minute I spent making you well from various illnesses and injuries (the incident with the rotties come to mind) and every biscuit, walk, car ride, food and drink I provided for you was well worth it to me to make you a happy dog. Just know, you were loved by me, Judy, Matthew and Amanda very very much and it will be a big void for a while. I can tell you knew we all oved you by your smiles and affection towards all of us. Although we plan to get another dog in due time, there will never be a dog that can replace you and we will never ever forget you and the joy you gave us over the last 15 years.

9/19/2010- It's been a little over a week now, and when I walk up the stairs into the living room, I sill think you are on the couch waiting for me to come over to pet you.

9/24/2010- I cleared out a corner of my entertainment center to dedicate to your memory. I have a professionally done photograph of you when you were about 1 year old. I also put your dog tags from your collar next to the picture and I am awaiting the decorative tin of your remains along with an imprint of your paw.

9/27/2010- Today was a very bad day for me as I came across some stuff you used to use. Let it be knwn that all your accessories will be retired. No other dog will ever use them. It's like retiring a special players uniform number. When I came home from my karate class, I was expecting to see you in the hall way waiting for me to walk you. This void will be with me a long time.

5/9/2011- Dear Misty: I know it's been a while since I visited. Let me wish you a very happy new year wherever you are. I would like to update you on our lives. We just got a new dog mamed Flurry. she is a Samoyed and she is a wonderful dog. Very mellow and gentle. We all love her very much but I would like you to know that I think of you all the time andI will never forget you. The special thing ab our relationship is that I saw you take your first breath along with your last. I saw you the day you were born and I was there with you when we spared you any more suffering. I write this with a veryu heavy heart and tears flowing because the hurt is still there and wsill be for a very long time. I remember alot of good times we had especially when we went to Taylor Farm and you would run until the cows came home. I also put some more photos in your special memory spot. That's all for mnow and I promise to visit more often..

8/15/2011- Dear Misty: I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. You would have been 16 years old 7/2/2011. If there would be any way that I could bring youy back and enjoy your life to the fullest, I wouild do it in a heartbeat. Flurry is a wonderful pet but you and I shared a special bond that no animal could replace. You were MY dog and you depended on me and turned to me whenever you needed something. I always think of you and I am coping better I am still very sad. The thing I really hate about pet ownership is that you almost always outlive your pets and we have to go through the heartache when you are gone. I have had pets as a kid growing up so one shouild think that I should be able to cope better as I get older but nothing could be further from the truth. The only reason I can come up with is that the other animals were the family pet where my parents took responsibility for most of the care. In this case, I was the one who walked you, fed you, took you to the vet when you wern't feeling well and/or needed medical assistance. I also followed up with the necessary medication after you office visits. As a result of all this, I was the one that you looked to and were the most enthusiastic to see when coming home from wherever I was. I feel badly that I didn't wish you a happy birthday but I guess better late than never. You will be forever loved and missed very sorely.

9/12/11- Dear Misty: This was a very rough weekend for me. Not only do I have to deal with the grief of the attacks on 9/11 but I had to deal with our parting, which was no easier. Losing you was the worst day I ever had in my life notwithstanding the death of my father. they say that grief is measured by when the tears in your heart dry. If that is the case, I don't think that day will ever come. All I can say is that one day will be reunited forever so I guess there is a happy ending to all this sadness I feel. I will check in with you next month to update you on Matts Bar Mitsvah. You will always be a part of my family regardless if you are physically here or not. I love you!!!!!

4/16/2012- Dear Misty: First time I have written you in 2012 so Happy New Year (belated). Rest assured I still miss you intensely. I love Flurry and she is a wonderful pet but there is still a part of my heart for you which nobody can fill and as a result, I feel an emptiness. Matt's Bar Mitsvah back in October was a huge success. Dad got all broken up when I spoke but I am not ashamed. I went to my 30 year HS reunion and that was a blast. I saw many classmates I thought I would never see again in this lifetime. Mommy turned 50 and I am going to be 50 myself this year. Can you believe it. Fathertime has caught up to me. I am just writing to catch up with you and to let you know that I miss you just as much as the 1st week we parted. I will continue to correspond until the day we become reunited never to part again. I love you Boobster!!!!!!

9/10/12- Well it's been two years since the dreadded day and they say that time is supposed to heal sorrow. I suppose that is true however, I have a long way to go before I accept this. There is still a void in my life that will never be filled. I haven't removed the dalmatian statue in front of the house. I don't think I ever will either. I plan to go over it to fill in some of the coloring that has faded over the years. I will never let go of that. I see your picture in the enshrined section of the entertainment center I dedicated to you. When I tell Flurry how special she is, I will never tell her best animal of all time because you were here once. I never want my memories of you to fade. I love you, Boobster!!!!

9/6/13- Well, it's been three years since you crossed the bridge and I still miss you. I am looking through a well of tears as I write this. When I took Flurry to the vet for her annual check up, I saw Dr. Dave. He always took such good care of you and we were talking about you and he was saying how much he loved you. You were a very lovable dog and I will always share a special bond with you as you were my dog although you did have the family. Just know that you are never forgotten and one day we will be reunited. I love you, Boobster!!!!

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