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Memories of Mollie

October 7, 2011... the day my world collided with Heaven... the day God took His miracle named Mollie home with Him... the day my life forever changed...
From the first moment I held you in my arms-- you held my heart...
I met my very best friend that day, who would love me unconditionally, unfailingly... a perfect love.
The Bible says... 'These three things remain... Faith, Hope and Love and the greatest of these is Love...
Without a doubt, Mollie, you are the greatest of these...
It was on October 22, 1996 that God created a Miracle named Mollie... It was three years ago, on October 7, 2011 He took His Miracle home... our hearts broke into a million pieces that day... shattering like glass.
We were introduced to God's Miracle, on a frigid Minnesota winter day in December. From the moment we saw her she came into our arms and into our hearts... we didn't choose her... Mollie chose us to be her Dad and Mom.
Thru out our years together, Mollie was a wonderful caretaker of our hearts... while she was with us there was never any danger of heartache... she loved us perfectly... an Agape love... unfailing... unconditional... unchanging.
Loving Mollie was easy... as easy as taking a breath... losing Mollie... took our breath away... three years later we are still a little breathless...
A piece of our hearts went missing the day she left... tender holes in the hearts she held for so many years... not a day passes without memories tugging at the hearts left behind... we laugh, we cry... but we always remember... the Miracle that holds the missing pieces...
Do you remember choosing Momma that day in December?Your sister ran to the back of the pen,but not you.You came right up to me, into my arms and into my heart.I fell in love with you in that moment and everyday you were with us we loved you more that day than the day before.Dad's and my hearts are breaking because you went to the Rainbow Bridge,and only seeing you again will make them whole.When you were diagnosed with the liver shunt at 5 months old and Dr.Ross told us you would probably only be with us from 2-5 years we knew we had to love you perfectly because you might be gone too soon.But you showed everyone and you lived with us for almost 15 years.Of course,Dad and I will always wish we had more.You filled our lives with so much joy and laughter;after all you were a funny little gal.
Do you remember being a tattletale?Sometimes you made your brother,Erik,so mad.Before you,he was an only child and then along came Mollie.He could be ruthless when he teased you but you always came to either Dad or me and let us know what he was up to.I remember the day we had Erik's graduation pictures taken.Dad and I wanted a picture with both of our children;the photographer asked me what was up with the two of you.You wouldn't look at Erik and he refused to let you sit too close.With a lot of patience we did get a great picture of our two kids but neither of you made it easy.Erik nicknamed you 'Stinks' because he said Dad and I spoiled you(which of course we did). For Christmas one year he even gave you doggie perfume to get rid of the spoiled Yorkie smell.The name stuck and you even answered to it.After Tucker A.Byrd came to live with us you and your big brother formed an alliance against poor Tucker that lasted the rest of your life.Erik loves you as much as Dad and I do and misses you so much.
God made you perfectly,Baby Girl,and there will never be another 'You'. Dad,Erik,Margo,and I love you so much. You touched so many lives with your sweet disposition and just being Mollie.We look forward to the day our family will once again be complete and until that day we will have huge a hole in our hearts that only you can fill.We love you,Baby Girl,and miss you every second of every day.
P.S.I know you loved your Aunt Chrissy as much as she loved you.
I thought of you today,but that is nothing new.
I thought about you yesterday,and days before that, too.
I think of you in silence,I often speak your name.
All I have are memories and a picture in a frame.
Your memory is a keepsake,from which I'll never part.
God has you in His arms,I have you in my heart...
Love, Mom
Mollie,in order to be able to write every day I take off some of our words placing them in a file I created just for you.The days that are special I will leave on your site.
10/22 Happy 15th Birthday,Mollie Girl!!!
I wish you were here to help us celebrate your birthday today.Just think,Baby Girl,you would have been 15 years old today.You didn't look your age you were always so beautiful.We never dreamed we'd celebrate this day without you;but we did get to have a lot of other special days with you,didn't we?Please celebrate today with all your friends;ask them to help you look for the balloons Dad and I are sending your way.Anna has a lot of experience catching balloons so I am sure she will help if you need her to.We ordered a little cake for you;remember I had told you could have a piece of cake and a scoop of Frosty Paws on your birthday.You are in our thoughts and our hearts on this day our 15 year old little girl.We wish we could say it is getting easier to be here without you,but we're just not there yet.We're still so sad but sharing our memories of you does make us smile,you always brought so much joy into our lives every single day.
Baby Girl,we miss you and would like nothing better than to have you with us again but we know you are in the only place where you can be healthy,happy,and young again.So have a very Happy Birthday,Little Girl.
Love, Mom,Dad and Tucker.Aunt Chris, Uncle Kevin, Sarah and Jordan, Riley and Piper.
10/31 Happy Halloween,Little Wizard.
I know you were never very happy wearing the wizard costume Aunt Chrissy made for you,but you always looked so adorable.Every minute we spent with you was God's treat to us.I love you so much,Baby Girl,Mom
11/24 Happy Thanksgiving, Mollie.
This morning I was thinking of all the blessings in my life and, you, my Mollie, are a blessing.I thank God for you and all the joy and love you gave me.I am thankful you no longer are old,sick and weak;but instead healthy and happy. Your love for me will carry me through the sad days for you are just a precious thought away. You,Miss Mollie,are one of the things I am most grateful for. Thank you Sweet Girl for all the memories,the joy,the love,and the happiness you gave to us.
12/24pm I need you to be with me on this sacred night, my Angel.I will look for you and I will find you in the music,the sermon,at the cemetery,in the stars,and in my heart,where you now live; you will be with me in this silent and holy night.I love you,my Angel.
The entire world should sleep in the peace of Heaven for... tonight a Child has been born unto to us,His Name is Prince of Peace,Wonderful Counselor.Sleep peacefully tonight,Mollie.
12/25 Merry Christmas,Angel,I am sending you every ounce of my love wrapped up in a huge red bow.
I am looking and finding you in the beautiful day just beginning.I see you on the sun that is starting to peak over the horizon. I see you in your brother's face.I see you in your Dad's arms.I see you in Hope.I see all this through my tears as my selfish heart weeps for you;but what I see most clearly is our love for one another and the joy that is YOU!How can I be sad when you make me so happy?Today my Christmas gift to you is I will wipe away my tears and wrap myself in your happiness,love,joy and of course,your hope.I will be happy and celebrate the blessing of Jesus' birth and the blessing that is you.I love you,my Christmas Angel,and will find you every where I look today.
01/01/2012 Happy New Year, Angel.
My prayer for the New Year is for healing and comfort for all who are in pain,grieving,or ill. I love you,Mollie Bean, for always and forever, Mom
4/8 It is because of this day over 2000 years ago I know we will be together again one glorious day; Happy Easter,my Mollie.
5/1 Happy May Day, Mollie,my heart is sending you a May basket filled with beautiful flowers and is watching you run around the May pole,chasing the ribbons.
7/4 Happy 4th of July!!!God bless America and God bless you,Little One.
*10/5 It was 52 Fridays ago that God kept His promise to you that He would only let us have you for a short while.On that Friday He came and took you home with Him to mend your tired little body and make you whole.He has made that promise to all of us and one glorious day,I believe He will come for me,too, Moll,and then our hearts will once again beat as one.Mollie,you were the magic of my ordinary days.
*October 7, 2011, the day our road trip came to an end and we reached your final destination. You continued on a journey without me and I am left to watch the sunsets and weather life's storms without you. Our journey here has come to an end, but our hearts still hold each other and our love becomes us.
*10/22 Mollie,sixteen years ago today,God created a perfect little miracle He filled your heart with unconditional love and you shared your love with Mom and Dad for nearly fifteen wonderful years.Today, we celebrate you,our life together and the love we shared.You made it so easy to love you,Mollie,and so hard to let you go.This is your second birthday we have had to celebrate without you.Special days like today are more difficult because you hold the missing piece to our hearts.We know that one glorious day our hearts will be made whole and we will celebrate all our special days together once again just as we did for so many years.Today,Mollie,is your sixteenth birthday;sixteen purple balloons filled with love and a kiss on each one are making their way to you.If love could have saved you we would be together rejoicing that you are sixteen years old today.
Happy,happy birthday,Sweet Mollie,we love you!!! Mom and Dad
10/31 Happy Halloween, my little Wizard!!! I have put your costume away,I know how much you liked wearing it(not!You were God's treat to Dad and me for your whole life.
11/22 Happy Thanksgiving,my Mollie.We are thankful for the miracle God made on Oct.22,1996;He breathed life into the miracle, named her Mollie and placed her in our arms and in our hearts.We love you,Sweet Girl,for always and forever.Mom and Dad
12/24 pm It is a silent,holy night,Mollie, a night of wonder and joy.I will look to find you in the music,in His Word,and in the bright,calm night.You will be the brightest star shining over us tonight at the cemetery and I will find you where now live...in my heart.You are my Christmas Angel,tonight, tomorrow and forever.Mom
12/25 Merry Christmas,Mollie,the world is rejoicing for unto us a Savior is born and with His birth comes the promise of that one glorious day when we will be together again!!!I am sending you all my love wrapped in a big box and tied with a big red bow.My selfish heart wishes you could have spent this day with us,but I remind myself you are only a thought and memory away.I will look for you in the wonder of this beautiful day that God has made.You are my Christmas Angel today and everyday.Mom
1/1/2013 Happy New Years!!!This year my prayer is for all we love to have a healthy,Hope filled,and joyful New Year.I pray the pains from the past heal and we can turn our faces towards the sun(Son)and find faith,hope and love.
2/14 Happy Valentine's Day,Mollie Bean.My heart belongs to you and loves and misses you so much.You are my Forever Valentine!!!
3/31 Happy Easter,my Mollie!!!He is risen...He is risen indeed!!!Because of this,Moll,I know one glorious day you and I will be together again...I will hold you in my arms for all eternity.
5/1 Happy May Day, Mollie,I know you will be running around the May Pole...catch the ribbons!!!
5/27 Memorial Day 2013
Remembering you is easy,
I do it everyday.
Missing you is hardest part,
it never goes away.
I love you!!! Mom
7/4 A day to celebrate love of family, friends and country, Moll. God bless America and God bless you.
***10/4 104 Fridays ago, our world tilted on its axis and came to a heart breaking stop. We received the call we had dreaded... Dr. Bisignano told us it was time... time to let you be free... time to let you find peace... time to let you go....
Loving you was so easy... as natural as taking a breath. Letting you leave... took our breath away.
Love wasn't enough to keep you here... but it was love that gave us the strength to place our Sweet Girl into the loving hands of God... He was the only One who could give you what you needed... rest for you tired, tiny body. Only God could heal you... all we could do was to love you enough to say 'Good Bye'...
***October 7, 2011... the day my world collided with Heaven... the day God took his miracle named Mollie home with him... the day my life forever changed...
From the first moment I held you in my arms-- you held my heart...
I met my very best friend that day, who would love me unconditionally, unfailingly... a perfect love.
The Bible says... 'These three things remain... Faith, Hope and Love and the greatest of these is Love...
Without a doubt, you are the greatest of these...
***Oct.7, 2013 marks the second anniversary of that life changing moment... the moment you went from our arms to His. Loving you was so easy, who couldn't help but love a miracle? Losing you has been so difficult, definitely one of the hardest things I have ever done... the emptiness of living in a world filled only with memories. Not a day has passed that you have not been in my thoughts... I think of you first thing in the morning, you are my last thought at night.... I think of you and smile; I think of you and cry... but I always think of you.
Even after all this time... my heart still hurts. It hurts its way thru each day; selfishly wanting what it cannot have... You... My head tells me you were no longer happy here and needed to be healed, not with my love but with the healing power of God's love. You left your tired, worn out body here and exchanged it for a healthy one in Heaven and knowing that causes my selfish heart to rejoice.
Even though there has been this pain since you left, I would not give up one moment of the 15 years I spent dancing with you on God's great dance floor. You were so tiny but your love for me was bigger than this world and I believe with every fiber of my being it was your love that brought Mollie's Hope into my life. She is my dance partner now, Mollie, and I will cherish each song with her just as I did with you.
I love you, Mollie Bean Hurst, with every breath I take. You hold the missing piece to my heart and I know you will keep it safe until that one glorious day... Mom
10/22 Seventeen years ago today, God created a wonderful miracle and shared it with us for almost fifteen years... You, Mollie Bean Hurst, are that miracle. We have spent every day of these past seventeen years loving you... who could not love a miracle? Our first moment together sealed our bond. You came into our arms and into our hearts the instant we met. We knew you were to be our little girl, our little Mollie. You gifted us with such joy and unconditional love every day we spent together. We always knew that you would bring your magic into our ordinary days... a sweet, precious magic that soothed us, healed us, calmed us and loved us. There is no greater magic or wonder than the love you gave us... the love God gave to our miracle, Mollie, to give to us. Time has lessened the hurt most days, but it has never lessened the love we have for you...
and today... we say 'Happy Birthday, Precious Mollie'!!!
We love you, today, tomorrow and for eternity, Birthday Girl!!! Mom and Dad
10/31 Happy Halloween, my Mollie, I am grateful for the wonderful treat God has given me...You!!! My heart is sad when I think my Little Wizard won't be delivering treats to the neighborhood children. You hated your costume but believe me you were adorable. I can still see you running across our front lawn with your wizard hat falling down on your head and looking like a miniature unicorn. I love you, Bean, and miss you so much.
12/24 It is the Holiest night of all tonight, Mollie... Christmas Eve. Tonight is a sacred and holy night filled with the promise of new life. We celebrate the birth of a Child, the One who will be called Wonderful Counselor, Everlasting God, Prince of Peace... tonight we celebrate Jesus.
On this most sacred night, I will look for you in the music, His Word, the candle light, the stars shining over head, and in the silence of the night. Mollie, you will be with me where you have lived these past two years... in my heart. Our love is alive because of the promise God full filled on this night of wonder.
12/25 Merry Christmas, Mollie!!! I am sending you all my love and tied it with a great big ribbon.
1/1/14 Welcome to 2014, Mollie, a brand new year has begun!!! My prayer for 2014 is we will find Hope, Joy and Love in the One who has blessed us with our family and friends, always remembering He is the center of it all..
2/14 Happy Valentine's Day, Mollie, you are the keeper of my heart...
***10/7/2014 third anniversary of Black Friday***
It was on October 22, 1996 that God created a Miracle we named Mollie...It was three years ago, on October 7, 2011 He took His Miracle home... our hearts broke into a million pieces that day... shattering like glass.
We were introduced to God's Miracle, on a frigid Minnesota winter day in December. From the moment we saw her she came into our arms and into our hearts... we didn't choose her... Mollie chose us to be her Dad and Mom.
Thru out our years together, Mollie was a wonderful caretaker of our hearts... while she was with us there was never any danger of heartache... she loved us perfectly... an Agape love... unfailing... unconditional... unchanging.
Loving Mollie was easy... as easy as taking a breath... losing Mollie... took our breath away... three years later we are still a little breathless...
A piece of our hearts went missing the day she left... tender holes in the hearts she held for so many years... not a day passes without memories tugging at the hearts left behind... we laugh, we cry... but we always remember our Miracle that holds the missing pieces...
***10/22/14 Eighteen years ago today God created in you a very special kind of love. Agape' love is as rare as it is pure and unconditional and is the only word that can describe how you loved us. You are Agape' love in the truest sense--a more perfect love does not exist. There is no greater love than the love you gave us; you were the essence of the word. We cherished your love and you for nearly 15 years and our hearts broke the very moment you left. Loving you was as easy as taking a breath, loosing you left us breathless.
Today, we hold each treasured memory of you in our broken hearts as we celebrate you and all the birthdays we spent together.
Happy 18th Birthday, Sweet Mollie, we love you today, tomorrow and for eternity. Mom and Dad
10/31/14 Happy Halloween, Mollie, you were God's treat to Mom and Dad for 14 Halloweens and we cherish the memories of each and every one, Little Wizard. Mom and Dad
12/24/14 Christmas Eve
It is the 3rd Silent Night, Holy Night without you, Mollie...
I will once again look for you in the candle light, in the music, in His Word...
I know I will find you in my heart where our love lives on...
Together we will celebrate the holiest night of all...
For unto us a Child is born... the Son of God...
He will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace...
He has come to not to condemn us, but to save us...
Because of that promise...
On one glorious day we will be together again...
Merry Christmas, Mollie Bean!!! I am sending all my love for you tied with a red ribbon. You were a wonderful gift from God... you gave us love, joy and brought us so much happiness... love you, Bean
Happy New Year, Mollie Bean Hurst.
My prayer for 2015 is... everyone will be blessed with good health, lots of love, hope and joy.
2/14 Happy Valentines Day, my little Sweetheart. You are my Forever Valentine and I will love you forever, Mollie. Mom
3/1 Welcome to almost Spring, Mollie. I have put our February words in your folder and soon I can change your scenery from the cold, long winter to Spring, Mollie. Yes!!!
I have lots to share with you. As you already know, Aunt Chrissy's biopsy came back and there is still cancer cells present. That made me so sad, Mollie. I was really hoping for the cancer to be gone. Her Doctor will get together with the other doctors on her care team and come up with a plan. Please keep your wings wrapped around Chrissy. Speaking of Angel wings, I took the Wings Cheryl and the Yorkies sent us with me to the Women's Retreat at church last weekend and shared with the ladies how I felt our whole family is wrapped in the wings of the Angels. I truly believe that, Moll.
I will spend more time with you later, I have to run to a meeting at church tonight. Love you, my Mollie Bean Hurst. You are the sun in my shine. Mom
3/2 Hi Mollie Bean. It is so cold here--the windchill is -30 below and we had snow this morning. We got up really early because Dad had his chemo appointment and we wanted to get there before the roads got too bad (which we did). We had breakfast at Perkins while we waited for his appointment. We saw Dr. Hugec today--he took the time to answer all of our questions and we both came away feeling pretty positive. He told us Dr. Kwon is making plans for what comes next in Dad's treatment and that reiterated that Dad had an excellent response to the hormone therapy. Dad has two more cycles of chemo and then we go to the Mayo to see Dr. Kwon. Tomorrow we have to run down to Maplewood again so he can get his injection.
I had a meeting with Suellen tonight at C of H. She invited me to be part of the Adult Faith Formation. I will help her as much as I can at C of H but I want to be involved at S of C as well. I feel more at home at Spirit of Christ.
Tomorrow after work and Dad's appointment we will pick up J from school and go to his karate class. This Sunday he has a tournament we will go to. I enjoy watching him because he loves it so much. We should try to get to one of his basket ball games, too, we just haven't gotten there.
Well, Bean, that is about my day. I am going to take a bath and get ready for work tomorrow. I see your face in the moon--it is almost full and is so beautiful just like you. I love you, my Sweetest Girl, and miss you so very much. My Mollie, my Angel. Mom
3/4 Good night, Bean. I just got home from church--it is still cold and windy out--and I just want to get my pajamas on and go to bed. Dad is watching t.v. but I think I will read for a little while. I love you, Mollie Bean Hurst. You are my very best friend and even though I love Mollie's Hope so much--she is not YOU! I see you in the morning sky and of course, you are the brightest star--my Star. Mom
3/6 Hey Bean, well... the good news around here is that Dad has had no side effects from his new chemo drug. He was told it may make him more nauseous than the other one did. But so far he is feeling okay... the bad news is that Aunt Chrissy will need surgery to remove the tumor. Because it is so close to her bladder she will have to have a urostomy bag for the rest of her life. Even after the surgery the doctors expect that her cancer will reoccur. It makes me so sad, Moll, and all I can do is pray. I just wish there was something more I could do for her. I know the Mayo is the best place for her to be, I just want better news. She has been so brave, Mollie, I don't think I could have done what she has had to do. I love her so much--she is one of the three legs of the tripod that is my life. What would I do without her, Moll? I could barely stand to lose you. You and the Littles need to keep your Angel wings wrapped so tightly around her that the cancer won't be able to breath and will die forever!!! I know God gives each of us only as much as we can bear--it is just so hard to see Chrissy and Dad having to go thru this. I wish I could take their places.
I love you, Mollie, so very much. You will always be my Fur Angel. Mom
3/7 Hi Moll, after being so cold earlier in the week we are starting to have a warm up. It is suppose to be in the 30's today. Now that Dad is over his pneumonia and it is warmer, he is able to go for his walks. Although he is having bone pain from his injection for his blood count. The doctor told him the medicine makes his bone marrow work in hyper drive to produce more white blood cells and that causes his bones to hurt. Hopefully, he will feel better soon.
Chrissy and Kevin are coming over for chicken noodle soup--I told Chrissy it is for our souls. I think J will be coming too, but Sarah has plans and won't be here. J will be staying with Dad on Monday and Tuesday because he doesn't have school. It is suppose to be warm out and Dad is planning on taking him ice fishing. They will have fun.
We have to make a Costco run for some of their baguette bread and I think I will pick something up for dessert.
I love you, Mollie, you are the sun in my shine and soon I will be able to change your scenery to spring; just a couple more weeks of winter left. I can't wait!!! Mom
3/11 Hi Mollie, it is almost time to welcome spring in and winter out. I think that will be a good thing. The fall and winter have been very hard seasons to get thru for everyone. I just visited Tiffy and saw that her big sister is in need of you and the Littles, too. I know that when you girls became Angels, God gave you wings large enough to hold all of us and I know you are holding Sarah and Cheryl as tightly as you are holding Dad and Chrissy. God's love and protection is bigger than this world and He has wonderful helper in His Littles. I always keep Tiffy's family in my thoughts and prayers and I will be sending even more love and hugs to our Nevada family. The love we have for our friends and family is one of the most precious gifts we have to give, isn't it? Oh, my Mollie, things have been really hard for Cheryl and me since you and Tiffy left us. We both miss our little Girls helping us thru the difficult times.
Didn't J do a wonderful at his karate tournament? He was sooooooo good at his form. Dad told us J was going to score 9.99 and he did!!! He was almost perfect (I actually thought he was perfect). He finished 1st place in the form category and in the conciliation division for sparing. He ended up with 2 1st place trophies, he was really proud.
Next week I will be going with Chrissy for her consultation with the urologist. I feel so bad, Mollie, I wish it were me instead of Dad and Chrissy. It is so hard to watch them go thru all these things and when things get difficult I miss you more than ever so you know I have been missing you a lot. But it is not about me it is about them, right? I try to keep my focus on them and to put my feelings aside, but sometimes I just want to go some place and cry, get angry, yell, and cry some more. I wish you were here, Moll.
Well, I best get downstairs and finish making my soup for the Lenten dinner at church tonight. I love you my Sunshine, my only Sunshine and in a few days I will change you scenery to spring and put sunflowers out for you. You are surely the shine in my sun. Mom
3/13 Hey Bean, another IMMF and it is Friday the 13th as well. It doesn't have to be Friday the 13th for bad things to happen, does it, Moll? Friday, October 7th was a bad one too. I miss you everyday but it seems Fridays are the worst. I have noticed a very bright star in the sky when I go to work, that wouldn't be you, would it? I think it is, you are there watching over me every single morning. I am glad you are my Guardian Angel.
It was a very busy week at work and it will be that way next week, too; $$$Day is next Wednesday. Since I get to stay in the office, I don't mind them as much.
Our weather has been so nice lately, everyone is getting spring fever. I can't wait until the trees start to bud out and the grass turns green. It has been a rather long winter even if it wasn't as cold as last year was. I think I needed some sunshine--it puts every thing in better perspective.
Soon, my Girl, I will change your scenery to spring, not quite yet as it is still winter for a few more weeks.
I love you, Mollie, so very much it hurts and missing you hurts even more. You are still my very best friend and I can't wait for the day when I can pick you up in my arms and carry you across the bridge. When I get to hold you again I am never, ever putting you down!!! Mom
3/17 Happy St. Paddy's Dad, Mollie McBean!!! I tried to visit you on Tuesday but my computer was causing me angst so I just shut it off, but now I am here. You know even if I don't write words everyday that doesn't mean that you are forgotten. You are always on mind and always in my heart.
Your big Brother is in Las Vegas this week for a board game show. He and Megan are attending in place of the owner of the store where they buy their games. Another friend of theirs is letting them stay at their time share condo. I think they will have a good time. Erik is not into gambling so I don't even know if they will spend any time at the casinos, which is a good thing. Oh and guess what!?! Megan got a nursing job, she will start in April. She was so excited, now she wants to start shopping for an engagement ring. Erik told her she had to have a job before they could get engaged. He can be strict with the rules he sets.
Dad is driving me crazy--he is doing something online and it is not working for him and then he hands me the phone. You know how much I hate computers and how frustrated I get when they don't work. I just told him he had to do it himself. OHHHHHHHHHH.... drives me nuts.
Well, Bean, now that I wasted time doing that stuff I have to say good bye because I have to pick J up from school.
I love you, Mollie McBean, this St. Patrick's Day and for all the rest to come. Mom
3/19 Hi Mollie!!! I have just finished work for the week. I have Friday--Monday off; I think I will work a few hours on Sunday to help Scott out, I will try to get most of the Easter ad programed. Originally, Chrissy was having surgery on Thursday but that has been rescheduled so I am able to work more. I still am going down to Rochester with her on Monday to her doctor's appointments. At that time she will probably find out what day her surgery is scheduled for.
Dad has an appointment with a Pulmonary specialist this afternoon. He is still having issues with the pneumonia and Dr. Fox wants him checked out. I am praying it is nothing serious--he really doesn't need any more issues, does he?
Our weather has been a bit cooler this week but it is still better than below zero temperatures. Aunt Anita called and said she has iris's and tulips blooming already. It is warmer in Salt Lake than here. I can't wait to see if the bulbs I planted last fall come up. I am so ready for lots of colors other than grey and brown.
Erik and Megan come home from Las Vegas tomorrow. They are having a great time.
Well Bean, that is the news from here at home. I imagine you are sunning yourself and enjoying the company of all your friends. I love you, Moll, for always and forever. You are my pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow. Mom
3/22 Hi Bean, it is going to be a very busy week. We have lots of doctor appointments to go to. Chrissy, Kevin and I are going down to Rochester tomorrow. She has an appointment with Dr. Peterson and Dr. Langstradt to discuss what her options are. Dad has his chemo on Tuesday afternoon and the injection for his blood on Wednesday. Please keep everyone here and in Nevada wrapped tightly in your Angel wings--we need all the help we can get.
I had to work this morning because I am taking off Monday to go to Rochester. I went to church for the Bible study and then left for work. I don't like to miss church services but I also wanted to get home early in the afternoon. I have to say--the study was really good. Pastor Jason is an amazing man.
Well, my Little Angel, I am going to take a bath and get my things ready for tomorrow. There is a winter storm warning out for Minnesota and we want to leave by 5:00 tomorrow morning. I love you, my Mollie, you are my 'bestest' friend, aren't you? You put the shine in my sun. Mom
3/27 Hi my Mollie, it is another IMMF and boy do I miss you. I often think how much easier all of the things we are going thru would be so much easier if you were still here with me. You always, always made me feel better. I do love Mollie's Hope so very much... it is just that she is not YOU!!! I have some tears again today... the missing my Mollie tears. I guess there must be some flowers that need watering.
It was a very busy week and today I went over to Chrissy's and cleaned for her. I hope she enjoys the quiet when she gets home. I stopped and got her a Calla Lily plant just because.
She truly is the bravest woman I know. I could not do what she is going to have to go thru. The doctors are going to remove her entire vaginal area and as a result she will need to have her bladder reconstructed and will have a 'stoma' in her tummy to re-route her urine. I don't know anyone more brave than that, do you? Tell Riley and Maddie they need to send their Momma a whole lot of love, okay?
Sometimes I feel so useless, I can't do anything for Dad and Chrissy. They are both going thru so much, aren't they? They are my heroes!
Well, Bean, I have an appointment to get my hair cut and colored so I have to go. I love you, my Sunshine, today, tomorrow and for always. Mom

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Sue Hurst (10/7/12): Love became us
Sue Hurst (11/14/11): A tiny piece of clay.

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