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Memories of Molly

Molly was, and always will be, my beloved longhaired, chocolate-dappled mini Dachshund with one brown and one blue eye. She & I were sole mates and she was affectionately called Molly Bee. I bonded with her like I've never bonded with any dog before. I named my little retail toy shop and website- Molly Bee's - after her.

I watched her being born and visited her almost every day til I brought her home. The breeder lived in my neighborhood, about 100 yards from my house at that time.I would visit almost every day before I could take her home. Molly would hear my voice and would sit in the corner of the playpen-type cage to wait for me to come over to see her - even at 4 weeks old - whether the other pups were sleeping or not. She would just sit there and wait for me to pick her up.

When she was 9 months old, she was out in our yard in the rain doing her "thing" when I had to go up the street for an errand. She sat out in the rain looking out through the gate for almost 40 minutes and wouldn't come in the house til my husband went out to get her - soaking wet. She was waiting for me to come back.

In her 9 1/2 short years, on the only two occasions that we left her with others to go on a short vacation (my sister doggy sat one time and my daughter the other), she sat at the door all day and slept by the door at night waiting for me to come home. She even howled a few times which I have never heard her do.

She has always been an active little fluffball. She was so soft and cuddly - all 11 pounds of her. She loved to go on walks, dig at chipmunk holes-laying there with her nose in the ground for hours, run into the lake to swim when she saw those "duckies",and enjoyed her favorite treat of cheese. She would snuggle with me at every chance and I swear she could read my mind.

We live near the lake and Molly LOVED to go for a ride in our boat or canoe. She would sit on my lap facing forward and let her ears flap backwards in the wind. She also loved riding on a blow up raft. She would stand on the edge and look down into the water.

Molly's favorite treat was a piece of cheese. I used cheese as a housebreaking treat, so she would run in after being outside and jump up and down in front of the refrigerator with all four legs bouncing equally like she was on a trampoline, making a funny little Arr,Arr,Arr noise.

She was diagnosed with a slight heart murmur at her last checkup a few months ago, so I brought her to a wonderful cardiologist who has been treating one of our other Dachshunds. She never had any outward symptoms of the heart disease, but the prognosis wasn't very hopeful. She was put on heart medication to help with the function of her ailing heart. All was well and she was her same old self until last week when she started coughing alot. I made another appointment with the cardiologist for the following week, but ended up rushing her to the nearby Pet Emergency Hospital when I came home from work that afternoon to find her in respiratory distress with a purple tongue. Her little heart started giving out and her lungs were filling with fluid. She spent the night on oxygen, nitroglycerin patches and IV to relieve the fluid in her lungs. She had to be given a sedative to calm her down. She hated being there. She was doing well by morning and I was to keep her on fluid pills until she could see the cardiologist.

She seemed fine for 4-5 days and spent them at my store with me so that I could keep a constant eye on her. She started to become lethargic and began coughing again on the 6th day. On the 6th night about 10 pm (March 19, 2009), only two days before her appointment, she had a severe coughing episode and went into respiratory distress again. I rushed her back to the Pet ER for the same treatment however, this time she was not recovering as quickly. The ER called the hospital where the cardiologist worked to make arrangements for Molly to be seen the very next morning instead of her regular appointment in 2 days. I picked her up at the Pet ER and drove her to Massachusetts from New Hampshire early the next morning. Though she was breathing better, it still wasn't as good as it should have been. Her tongue was still slightly purple and she started panting when she realized we were walking into another veterinary facility. I had to walk around outdoors holding her so that she would remain calm until the doctor could see her. She closed her eyes when the sun hit her face and seemed to relax like she used to do in the yard on a sunny day.

The cardiologist gave Molly an ultrasound and after the exam, presented me with the grim news that her heart was failing. He offered to keep her for a few days to administer more meds and see if she responded to staying in an oxygen unit for a few days. I knew that she would not make it if she had to stay in the hospital without me. She freaked out any time she was left at the vets and that wouldn't help her situation. It would have stressed her heart even more.

I brought her home with more meds and instructions and took her to my store so that she could get some sleep away from my other 3 Dachshunds (all older than Molly). She was sleeping peacefully for the afternoon but about 4pm, she got up and slowly walked over to her water bowl. She laid down on her side using the edge of the bowl as a pillow and started taking short, shallow, gasping breaths, staring at the wall. I quickly picked her up and held her. She looked at me with that "help me" stare and I knew what I had to do. I called her regular vet who has been so wonderful to my dogs since they were pups, told them the situation and asked them to stay open a few extra minutes until I got there (it was a Friday afternoon). They promised to wait for me and Molly.

I knew Molly wouldn't make the weekend at home and did not want her to die in that Pet ER, so I did the only humane thing I could do for my baby. I sent her on her way to Rainbow Bridge.
I feel like my heart has been ripped out. I'll be ok in time, but it hurts so bad right now. I just miss her so much. I miss my best friend.

March 23, 2009 6:47 am

It's been about 61 hours since my baby left me and I still feel as badly as I did before. The hardest part is coming home and not seeing her sweet little face greeting me at the door.
I am trying to think of the good times, and there were 9 1/2 years of them. That gives me some comfort.

Molly had this funny little thing she would do with my husband. He would hold her in his arms like you would hold a baby. Then he would take his hand and make it look like it was coming in to land on her tummy. She would stare at it until his fingers actually touched her and then she would let out this long, fake growl. The minute his fingers stopped touching her, the growl would stop as if it had an off button. He could do this over and over again and she would make that same funny noise as if she was going to attack him. Then she would reach up with her little face and give him a ton of kisses. I wish I had put it on video.

March 25, 2009 9:20am

My other 3 Dachshunds know something is not right. Poor Riley (almost blind and 17 years old) misses his "seeing eye" sister. Molly was the youngest of all 4 and yet played the Big Sister part for Riley as his eyesight got worse. When Riley became confused as to where the door was, Molly would run out , bump him in the right direction with her nose and grab his collar to tug him towards the door until he found his way in. No one taught her that. How did she know? Riley constantly walks around the house sniffing the blankets of all the places where Molly used to nap.

Jenny, our 12 year old, misses her little buddy. Jenny was our adoptee when Molly was only 5 months old. Jenny had been overused as a breeding dog and we rescued her. We needed an extra dog like we needed a hole in the head but I just couldn't leave her in that kennel. She is a beautiful, loving, longhaired red Doxie. Jenny has always treated Molly like her puppy and gave her kisses. Jenny now has a hypothyroid condition as well as Cushing's Disease.

Utah, 13,is a tiny smoothcoat red Dachshund and loved to use Molly as her "hot water bottle" when she was cold. Molly was always so warm and fuzzy that Utah liked to snuggle up to her. Utah also has a heart condition but responded so well to meds 3 years ago that the cardiologist calls her his Miracle Dog.

Riley, Jenny & Utah seem lost and confused without their little sister here.

I found a box of photos yesterday that I had nearly forgotten. In it were tons of beautiful pictures of Molly during her first 3 years of life. I had forgotten how many places we had taken her and our other 3 Dachshunds. We used to have an RV and the dogs traveled well.
When Molly was only 12 weeks old, my husband & I went on a trip to Hilton Head, SC. Molly was so young and already so attached to me, I couldn't bear to leave her home. My daughter was caring for the other 3. We decided to take just Molly with us. We hid her in a backpack to take her in and out of the condo where we stayed. She ran on the beach, loved the water, licked the leftover whipped cream from my husband's coffee drink at an outdoor cafe and she rode on a folded towel in the basket of the bicycles we rented.

Molly had a special way of getting my attention as well. She would quietly walk up to me and place her little paw on my leg and leave it there until I responded.

I miss you so much, Baby Girl!

March 27, 2009

It's been one week since you left. I still can't believe you're gone. It's been a sad night and Daddy & I miss you so! I've been crying all week, especially when I come home and you are not there. Why you, and why now? I thought you would have many more years left with us.
Please find your cousin Artie and give him a kiss for Auntie Lori. I love you, Molly Bee!

March 29, 2009

Your big brother is missing you so much. I had to take over your job of helping poor Riley find his way back into the house. He doesn't have you to help him "see" anymore. Riley walks around sniffing your squeaky toys and blanket. I don't think it will be too much longer before he joins you but I know, when he does, he will be able to play with you again like he did when he was young and you will be able to keep him company once again. I feel so bad for the old boy. This house is very empty without you.

March 31, 2009

Well, you are finally home, Baby Girl. I picked up your ashes today. The emotions started all over again. I had to look inside the container. It's all I have left of you other than pictures. It was tough but I knew I had to do it sooner or later. Daddy tried to look inside when he came home from work, but he started crying. Dr Keyser sent a beautiful card today and wrote so many nice things in it about you. You were such a sweet little thing. Mommy & Daddy both miss you so much. At least you are home with us to stay. We love you and miss you so much, Molly.

April 3, 2009

It's been two weeks today since you went away. It doesn't feel any easier at night when you are not here. There's an empty spot in the bed and in my heart that will never go away. Sweet dreams little girl. Mommy loves you and misses you so much!

April 5, 2009

Your big brother had another rough day today, Baby Girl. Sometimes he knows where he is and sometimes he doesn't. He's scared and shakes all the time. He'll be coming to keep you company soon. I know he misses you, too, and someday soon he will be happy again. I know you will take care of him once again like you used to do.
The snow is almost all gone. I'm going to miss taking you for walks down by the lake.
I miss you, My Baby!

April 13, 2009

Hi Baby Girl. It's been 3 weeks and 3 days since you left. It isn't any easier. I still miss you terribly. Today is especially sad because your big brother is coming to live with you. He was doing even worse since you left and it is time. I always thought that he would be the first to go, not you. Please take care of him. He's been so lost lately. I love you Baby Girl!! Mommy misses you.

April 20, 2009

It's been a whole month without you my Baby. I miss you so much. Molly, there isn't a day that goes by when I don't think of you. I hope you are feeling the sunshine on your little face. I'm so lonely without you here with me. The days are boring and I miss the feel of your soft fur. They tell me I should get a new puppy to "replace" you. My Molly Bee can never be replaced. I may get a new little girl to love and keep me company, but you were my very favorite and will be in my heart forever. I will never ever forget you. Sleep in peace my little baby. I love you and miss you.

May 1, 2009

Six weeks tonight, Baby Girl. Tonight your sweet friend Jenny came to join you. This house is getting way too empty without all my furbabies.
It is so hard to watch my babies get old and sick. Please find Jenny and make her feel whole and happy again. Tell her Mommy & Daddy miss her too. We love you Molly Bee, my best Baby!!

May 19, 2009

Hi my Sweet Baby,
I miss you every day! I have your picture everywhere, so I can still see your sweet little face!
It got very lonely around here without you and Riley and Jenny. Poor Utah was lonely too, and with her ailing heart, we just don't know how much longer she will be with us. We never thought that you would go before her.
You now have two new little sisters. I think Utah needed them as much as we did. It wasn't planned for so soon after losing the three of you but somehow it was a blessing that they arrived when they did. You would love them so, Molly! I know how much you loved puppies! Layla & Shelby are real sisters - longhaired just like you and Jenny. Shelby is very shy like Jenny and looks JUST like her. Layla looks nothing like you, but she has your personality. I'm so glad for that because I miss you so much! I swear you and Jenny sent them to us. Layla loves to do all the things that you did and Shelby is just like Jenny in every way.
Someday we will all be together again and you will get to meet your sisters. For now, be happy and free sweet girl. Wish your old brother Riley Happy Birthday from all of us. Tell him that we love him and miss him and give him your sweet kisses.

May 21, 2009

Molly Baby, I can't stand this. Utah had to be brought to Wolfeboro this morning. She got SO sick last night that she couldn't even hold her head up. Daddy and i stayed up with her all night just to hold her. Dr Keyser said that she was very dehydrated from her failed kidneys and they couldn't even find any veins in her legs. They had collapsed. All four of you are gone now and there is such a big hole in our hearts. This has been more than we can bare. We miss you SO much, kids. Why did you all have to go so close together and so soon? It's not fair. We love you all so much. <3

October 17, 2009

Hello Baby,
I haven't been on here for a long time but I have thought about you and cried for you every day. We've been so busy packing and moving and there have been so many people around this summer that I didn't have much personal time.
It's still so very hard for me, even with the two new pups. We like living in Long Island, NY. Daddy has a new job and we love it here. It's been such a bad year, Baby Girl...all four of you are gone and it just plain sux. I still miss you so much!
We went to Heather's wedding last week. When Auntie Kim started talking about you, I started crying again and she misses Lucy like I miss you. I thought it would get easier but it really hasn't.
I will never stop thinking about you. I have your ashes in the bedroom with Riley, Utah & Jenny's. I miss all of you so much!
Layla is only 9 months old and she is so much like you that it's scary. Shelby looks and acts just like Jenny except that she is SO tiny. You would have loved these girls! I know how much you loved puppies!
Sleep in peace my little one.

December 7, 2009
Oh how I miss you, Baby! This Christmas just won't be the same without you.................

March 20, 2010

Hello Baby Girl,
I cried alot all day today. I still can't believe it's been a whole year since you've been gone. I think about you EVERY day and still miss you terribly and it still hurts so much.
Til we meet again, my little one...I will always love you!

April 6, 2010

Happy Spring little Peanut. I miss you so much. <3

March 20, 2011
Two years....it still feels like yesterday. It's hard to come back here. I still miss you terribly. Molly Bee, I love, you Baby. <3 <3 <3
March 20, 2014
Five years ago...........My little baby, you are always on my mind. I keep your photo on my walls and on my phone. Though it's hard to come back here, I am always thinking of you, missing you terribly, and won't ever forget you <3 Til we meet again my sweet baby..........

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