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Memories of Molly

We bought Molly at a pet store on a "spur of the moment" purchase. I had seen her there a couple days before and thought she was the cutest little furball ever. When I took my husband back to the store, I was sure she would be gone, but there she was with those big, beseeching brown eyes. We had them take her out and fell immeditately in love with her. She was nine weeks old and two and a half pounds of fluff.

She was very timid all the way home, clinging to my chest. She was a faker!! We got her home and she started having "puppy fits" and running all over and entertaining us with all her antics. Jim took pictures of her and we still have them in a frame to this day. She was SO cute!

One of my vivid memories is watching our son, Peter play with Molly on the floor. He had long legs and he would get Molly to chase his hands in and out of his legs. We laughed and laughed. Another memory was of my husband taking her on her first walk. I don't think he realized that such a little dog could not walk that far. She came in and drank and drank from her water bowl and then collapsed and didn't move for a couple of hours.

When Molly was about nine months old, we took her to dog training classes. Because she was older, she was the "star" of the class! She already knew how to sit and stay, and come when called. We did learn alot though.

Molly really had the "chaser" instinct. She chased everything...including the windshield wipers in the car, and the telephone poles as we passed them. She was very bad at chasing cars, and we were never able to break her of that.

When she was young, we went on a trip to Hawaii and our brother and sister-in-law offered to watch her for us. While we were gone, she got out of their fence and took off, going across a very busy street to a field where she apparently chased little critters in and out of their holes all morning. She got thirsty and ended up at a golf equipment shed, where the guy called animal control. Fortunately, our in-laws were searching and searching and ended up at the golf course where they called the shed and she was still there. We did not find out about this until I called and got our messages a few days later and found out she had been missing. Frantic, we called and found out that she had been safe and sound for quite awhile.

Toward the end of her life, she developed diabetes and glaucoma and lost her sight. We gave her two shots a day for over a year along with eye drops and pills. She got around really well in the house and would climb up the stairs we provided to the bed. She spent her evenings on Jim's lap in his recliner.

She was the best little dog ever. We miss you, Miss Molly.

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