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Memories of Mookie

Friday, January 2, 2009 -

Mookie went to the Rainbow Bridge today and left us with so many memories.

It was a bright happy day when Mookie walked up to Barbara's house in Scranton back in the summer of 1996. He looked a bit odd, with his crooked tail, but he was sweet and loving. The only problem was that he and Hector weren't sure about each other at first. He spent many weeks up on the third floor. Then when Barbara moved to York and a new home, miraculously, Mookie and Hector became great friends. Mookie was a good brother when Hector got sick. Mookie was right by his side, comforting him.

Mookie loved chasing the bird. Well, it used to be a bird until he tore off/ ate all the feathers and left the plastic stub "mouse." He chased that mouse endlessly, back and forth, around and around. The mouse stub still exists after all these years. He also loved to be brushed. If we wanted to get Mookie to do anything, all we had to do was take out the brush. He would sit still for his brushing for as long as we were willing to do it. He also like the massages Barbara gave him most every day.

Mookie quickly made his way into Steve's heart and started calling Steve Poppy right away. Steve remembers Mookie asking for food the minute he walked into the house. He particularly loved to take naps with Steve, especially in front of the fireplace. Somehow, Mookie would just snuggle endlessly in front of the fireplace with Steve, which was uncharacteristic of his independent self.

Steve brought Mookie a new sister, Sweet Pea. It was not a happy event! Mookie was obsessed with getting at Sweet Pea. He liked her, but didn't know how to show it. Biting her was not the way! So they stayed sequestered, batting a bottle cap back and forth to each other under the door.

And then, horror of horrors, Mommy and Poppy invited a DOG to live in the house. Pardon me, Mommy and Poppy, but don't expect me to be friends with Willie!

He could find the best places to hide. Under the stereo cabinet was a sure place that no one could find him. The other good place was under the queen bed, where he tore a hole in the cloth under the box spring and climbed in between the slats, creating the "hammock"!

We especially enjoyed taking Mookie to the beach, even though he didn't particularly like the ride, unless Steve sat in the back of the car with him. He enjoyed getting under all the beds at the beach.

Mookie was such a trooper. During his long illness, he never complained. He endured numerous trips to the vet, the ER, the hospital. He did not like to ride in the car! But he even endured the rides to Penn. He took his multiple pills, endured endless earsticks, and all those injections. But he knew we were taking care of him. Our special and heartfelt thanks go to Dr. Sinclair and Dr. Tuzo at Catsense. Dr. Sinclair's concern and special care and direction for Mookie helped us to maintain Mookie's quality of life through his many challenges and through many emergencies. Dr. Tuzo's professional and caring guidance at the end helped Mookie to be comfortable during his last days and as he made his last journey from our home to the Rainbow Bridge.

Mookie had a good life. Until just a few weeks ago, he was chasing the bird/ mouse and batting the bottle cap. He had his brother, Hector, and his two sisters, Sweet Pea and Willie. And he was the king, loved greatly by his Mommy and Poppy. He will be missed.

Saturday, January 3, 2009 -


Your Poppy was building a fire and while using the fireplace brush, I remember how you would like to get up on the hearth and chew on the fireplace brush and how you'd lay there with me on the floor with your back up against me and I'd rub your belly. I miss you!



Sunday, January 4, 2009 -


Another day without you. I'm building a wonderful memorial for you right in the bedroom where you left us to go to the Bridge. I sat there this morning and said my morning prayers. When I went in the closet, I expected you to follow me in and start picking at the throw rug and bunching it up like you always did. I pictured you there. I miss you, my little Moo-Boy. I hope you are ok and feeling better and having fun at the Bridge. Till we meet again,



Monday, January 5, 2009 -


Another day without you. We went back to work today. It felt strange to not have to run home to give you your insulin injection at 6:00 p.m. I would give anything to have you around so I could give you that insulin injection. But now, I'm hoping that you don't need any medicine at all, because you are feeling great at the Bridge with all your new friends. Are you ok with all those cats and dogs? I know it's sometimes difficult for you to get along with other cats and dogs, so I'm hoping that you are no longer afraid of them. Your poppy and I are in front of the fire and missing you and Poppy is wishing he could pet your belly. Sweet angel, we miss you.


Mommy and Poppy

January 6, 2009

Hello my little Moo-Boy,

Your mommy and poppy are sitting by the fire tonight and wishing you were here. Wishing we could hug you and comfort you. It's just so quiet around here without you. My sweet angel. Until we meet again. Love, Mommy

January 9, 2009


How are you boy? Hope you are having a great time at the Bridge. We miss you so much! I just wish I could give you a kitty massage tonight and rub my face in your fur. Til we meet again.



January 12, 2009,


Have you run into Hector yet? I hope that he is looking out for you. You and he were such good buddies! And Poppy wants to know if you have run into a little Beagle girl named Muffin. She's brown, white and black. She was Poppy's dog when he was a boy. We read about Cat Heaven last night and it made us feel very close to you. Your ashes are now back home and are with our memorial in the bedroom. We miss you!


Mommy and Poppy

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Life has not been the same without you. I have your memorial in our bedroom close to where you left us for the Rainbow Bridge. I put flowers there for you every week. I left a broom for you today, so you can munch on the bristles. I hope you are happy at the Bridge. I can't wait to see you again. There's still a big hole in my heart.



Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hi Moo Boy!

Your Poppy has been busy clearing a beautiful space for Mookie's Garden. We're busy getting it all ready. We miss you boy. You are the sweetest angel kitty.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dear Moo,

It's almost a year that you have been gone. It's hard to believe. I had a dream about you last night. You are still with me, and will be forever. We visit your garden every day and you feel close. Rest in peace, dear Moo, until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.


Your Mom

January 2, 2010

Dear Mookie,

It's been a year today that you left us to go to the Rainbow Bridge. Your Poppy and I miss you very much. We feel specially close to you today remembering your last day with us. We love to visit you in Mookie's Garden and to stand by your memorial remembering how you touched our hearts. Every week, I bring fresh flowers to your memorial in the bedroom where you left us. Time goes on, but you will always be in our hearts. We miss you, boy.

Love, Mommy

November 20, 2010

Dear Moo,

Just wanted to say hi to you and hoping that you are doing ok. We miss you so much. We think of you in Mookie's Garden and always. Take care, Moo Boy.



January 2, 2012

Dearest Mookie,

Three years ago today, we had to let you go. Your poppy and I still mourn your loss and visit your garden as often as possible. You were such a dear sweet companion. I know that you are with Hector and the two of you are the best of buddies, as you were here on earth. Please give him a kitty hug for me. Until we meet again at the bridge .... I am your loving ...


December 27, 2012

My Sweet Moo Boy,

It's been almost 4 years that you left us. We will never forget you! Your Poppy and Mommy love you always! Mommy

May 19, 2013

Dear Moo Boy,

I hope that you and Willie are getting along better at the Rainbow Bridge than you did at home. We are cleaning up your garden and thinking of you. Remembering your sweet kitty face. We miss you Moo! Love, Mommy and Poppy

Please also visit Willie.

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