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Memories of Moses
Moses has such a big place in our hearts and not a day will go by that we won't remember him. As a puppy he was so cute and it was then that we discovered his passion to play ball. No matter who came to visit, Moses greeted them with a ball...it wasn't until his later years that other toys like the orange gecko and the ugly turkey would also become favorites. When Moses was almost 5 years old he underwent back surgery for a ruptured disc. He pulled through the surgery but was left paralyzed from the waist down. For the next 3 and a half years he was carted and all his physical needs were taken care of by us and Aunt Tammy. He would scoot around the house on his front paws and we became quite used to the sound of his "Knocking Knees on the floor", a sound I would so love to hear now. He was the best nose whistler around and always the first at the door to greet us upon coming home. He loved when visitors came to the house, especially grandma and grandpa. I would tell him they were coming and he would sit staring at the door waiting for them. He'd be so happy when they arrived, he would scoot so fast his back end would pop up with excitement or if he was carted he roll at top speeds, either way it was to get his ball for play time. He loved going to the beach house where he would sit out on the patio in the sun and enjoy the breeze. He was loving dog that would sneak little kisses when we would pick him up to transport him to the bedroom for night time and I loved in the morning we would spend a little quiet time just nuzzling. Moses was also a very smart dog, he understood whatever he was told. We were truly blessed having him in our lives.
8/5/08..Mosey 3 days have passed and our hearts are still hurting horribly. I wake up at night and your not there then I start to cry. I smile when I remember, most of your life, your right ear pointed "go right" and then I wonder why towards the end they decided to sometimes stand together. Thank God for those memories. We know you ran, on all fours, over the rainbows bridge, and that our Tenshi was the first to greet you. We have met so many people who's pets have passed and I'm sure they greeted you too. Run and play til we meet again someday.
We love and miss you..Mom,Dad,Bree,Justin&LuLu
8/11/08..Hi Poo, I cried last night when I found your blue ball under our bed. I put it by your urn which Aunt Tammy brought home Friday. Your urn is next to Tenshi's and like hers it's beautiful. I am happy you came home. Lulu keeps looking for you, she is sad and no doubt she misses playing with you. We talk and think of you often. Hugs and kisses love all of us xoxoxox
12/31/08..Mosey here it is the end of the year and we are without our loving boy. I cried hanging your ornaments on the Christmas tree and again when I took out your stocking. Oh how you loved Christmas. We missed you rummaging through the presents under the tree, but you'll be happy to know Lulu has figured out how to open a present. She misses you too. We all miss you. We hope you are running and playing ball with Tenshi. I love you poo...hugs and kisses...
8/1/10...Mosey it's 2 years tomorrow since you left us. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't think of you. We have a new puppy, his name is Leo. Sometimes he reminds me of you. He listens to me and stares into my eyes to understand just as you did. I wouldn't say he's as smart as you, but he's still a puppy. I'm happy to tell you your carts have been used by other doggies in the vet hospital. I thought you'd be happy knowing you were able to help other doggies with the same disability. Well poo happy 2 years in heaven...We'll see you and Tenshi someday over the rainbows bridge...and bring a ball!
Poo 3 years have passed and we all miss you. I know someday we will meet again. I hope you are running around with all the pets over the Rainbow bridge. Tell Tenshi I love an miss her too!! xox love you poo.
8/3/12. 4 years later and missing you still :( The thought of you running around with 4 working legs brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. We all miss you poo and someday we'll be together again. xo
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