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Memories of Murphy
Murphy Dog, as we called him was a blessing to us all. He was very well behaved & polite. He loved us so much, his adoring eyes would tell us. There are 4 in our family & every one of us could have their own love story of Murphy, but since I'm writing this now, I'll tell about the things that stood out to me, (his mom). I have Multiple Sclerosis, and in 2000 I started having seizures, not many at first, but they grew increasingly more often. Murphy was beside me through the whole difficult period, which ended up lasting about 6 months. One thing that stands out in my mind is a day when I was walking out to our mailbox to put something in it to be picked up. Murphy loved going to the mailbox-he got to where he understood the word. I put his leash on him, & off we went. It was raining lightly which he DIDN'T like, but he went with me anyway. I had a seizure at the end of our driveway, which isn't short, & he stayed right there with me, out in the rain until some wonderful people stopped to help. They got Murphy back in where it was dry & then got me to my mom's house. Murphy WAS NOT going to leave me even though it meant he had to stand there in the rain. After my visit to the hospital where I had to get stitches, my mom took me home & Murphy met us at the door, so happy I was home again.
One of his very favorite things to do was to be outside with me when I was planting flowers in my flowerbed every spring.He would just lay in the grass, basking in the sun until I'd ask him "ready to go to the house?" He knew what that meant & would accompany me inside where we'd both get a drink of water & relax for awhile. He was always ready to go outside for any reason. Another one of his favorite things to do was to "go to the creek". Another thing he understood. We have a small creek that runs behind our house & a trip down there was the highlight of his day. It wasn't a short walk, we live on an acre & 1/2. As my disease progressed, my mom would take him down there whenever she came by. He loved my mom. And she loved him.
As years passed by, Murphy aged as all dogs do & things got harder for him to do. He suffered from arthritic hips. But as recent as about 3 weeks ago, he would still manage to get down those steps for a trip to the creek. The last time we tried was 3 days ago & he didn't even get off the deck. He knew he wouldn't make it. It was sad.
When he couldn't even get off the deck to "do his business", we knew something had to be done. We had gone through giving him many of the arthritis drugs & nothing seemed to work anymore. This Monday, my husband told me again that we need to make the decision-the one we didn't want to make. We scheduled the euthanasia for Thursday-yesterday and spent all the time between scheduling it & yesterday loving him. We cried and reminesced and cried some more. The time came & it was one of the hardest things we'd ever had to do. We stayed with him till the end & it really was a peaceful ending to his life. He was worn out & it was almost like lately he would look at us & ask "how much longer am I going to live like this?"
He was always a polite & dignified friend and left this life in a very dignified manner......
We miss him so much & will forever...........We love you Murphy Dog.

We just passed the anniversary of your passing. It was very hard. I have SO many memories of you that will never, never fade. Today I woke up remembering how excited you used to get when I'd say "Go outside?!?" You knew that was a place you loved!! I remember when we went through the period of time when we'd go for a walk every morning. Oh, how you loved it!! It got to the place where all I'd have to say is "leash?" & you knew what it meant. Unfortunately, we were only able to do that for a short time. First, it became winter & too cold, then it was becauseof me. I'm so sorry Murphy Dog.
Also, going to get the paper isn't nearly the treat it used to be either. I no longer can do that, but Dad always took you too. The mailbox isn't nearly as fun either.
We still have Paisley & have gotten another little dog. But NONE will ever replace you in my heart. You were just a special kind of dog. When I used to stumble around you, you'd come straight to me & see if I was o.k., if not, you'd stay right there with me until help came. Our little guys now usually run in the opposite direction!!! I can't blame them. But you never, ever left me!!
You never ever will. I picture you up in Heaven running & "going to the creek". Maybe Grandad is taking you now!
Please know how much we love you & miss you. It isn't the same around here. But, you were ready to go. You were worn out. But, oh Murphy Dog, what a life you had!! Thank you for letting us be a part of it.
Now be a good boy. Know that you are loved, and we WILL meet again!!!
I Love You So Much,

My Dear, Dear Murphy Dog,
I'm later than usual because up to a certain amount of time, I couldn't--emotionally.
Murphy, you left such a huge hole in my heart that I know will always be there. You were my puppy dog. You were with us for 13 years & some 7 odd months. It was too short a time. But we knew how tired you were. You ran alot of miles to the creek with me & then with grandma. You were the most happy & well-behaved dog I've ever known. And you were so smart. I don't understand why a pets' life has to be so much shorter than a human life. I think maybe it's because God loves pets as much as we do & can't wait for them to be His pet!
Always remember, we WILL meet again and what a reunion that will be!!
I'm going to quote something to you that perfectly describes the way we felt about you on the day we took you to the Vet. for the final time..........

"A dog has no need for fancy cars, big homes, or designer clothes. A water logged stick will do just fine. A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. Give him your heart & he'll give you his. How many people can you say that about? How many people can make you feel rare & pure & special? How many people can make you feel extraordinary?

Murphy, you did all these things, & so much more!! I will miss you forever as will grandma, dad, Sara, & Emily, (and even Paisley).
Until we meet again.............
I Love You Murphy & always will,

P.S. They say it happens often, but it never had to me---when I got through with this & was just checking over it-----I heard YOU bark!! Yours was a very distictive bark, and it WAS you. I didn't know at the time if it made me happy or sad. Then I figured you were telling me "I'm o.k. Mom! It's great here! I can't wait to see you! I Love You Too!!!
P.P.S. I didn't mention that Sara & Emily no longer live here. They both moved to Nashville. But I know when they come home, it's not the same for them without you here either.

December 21,2011
Oh my Murphy Dog,
It has takrn me aover a month to finally get to your site!!I had to write quite a few times to get to where I could FINALLY get to you. I know you're feeling wonderful & strong & enjoying your time with all the other animals up there. We just had another one of ours "ctoss the Bridge" the first of August. You knew Tucker the cat. You've already found each other I'm sure. He got sick back in the summer & we think he must've gotten into something outside. I think if we'd have taken him to the Dr. sooner, he could've been saved. As it was, we brought him home & he died that night. So, be sure to be nice to him. Tell him we still love him & miss him & his antics.
I still miss you terribly too. I can talk about you without crying now. (most of the time) You're still my *1 dog. You always will be. ALWAYS!!!
I think what I miss the very most is your beautiful face. You always looked at me with such trust & love, I truly felt that I was your favorite human. It was like we could just look at each other & know everything was going to be alright. When I left, you always knew I'd come back. You would always greet me like I'd been gone for too long. We were always happy to see each other, and when we were both here, everything was good. No matter how big you got, I always made room for you on my lap. You loved to be there.Just like when you were the little puppy we brought home so many years ago....

Oh my Murphy dog,
It seems each year it gets later & later when I write. Be assured it's not because I miss you less. I still miss you like crazy. What I wouldn't give for just one more look into your eyes or one more walk with you. But that can't be, for either of us. Not in this world anyway. When we meet again someday, I know you'll be totally able to & so will I. Remember the way I stumbled around before? Now I can't hardly walk on my own. I know I'll be all better when we meet again too!!! I've read so many books about dogs this past year. One of them said we would know when it's time to get another one. We've still got Paisley & Chazz. (the 2 chihuahuas) but they belong to dad. I have a very loyal cat in John (yes, he's still here). I think he thinks he belongs to me now that dad has his own dogs. He keeps me company a lot & has grown to love me more & more. Just know that no dog or cat will ever fill that void that you left in my heart. Another thing one book said is that when a dog passes away, they don't want to see their human unhappy. That would make sense I guess.
Murphy, I still love you so much & I still cry at times just remembering that sweet relationship we had. Know that I still love you & will forever.

I love you so much Murphy. More than anyone could ever imagine, so much more. We were indeed "best friends". You knew my ever move & what it meant & I knew what your every move meant. We just have so many memories. And their all good. You were everything people say dogs are. The first thing I think of is "LOYAL". You never strayed far off without someone with you. I will always remember the walks we took that fall of 2009. You absolutely LOVED those mornings!!! So did I. I also remember going out into our backyard & throwing a ball for you & how you'd come bounding back to me and practically knock me down with your exuberance. We'd sit on the porch, front or back & we were just happy to be together with each other. In the spring when I would or Grandma & I would be planting flowers, you were content to lay there with us just soaking up the newly awakened earth. I can't imagine not ever having you in my life. I truly believe God had a hand in our coming together. Just think, we'll be together again someday & it will be so great that I no longer will have this disease & we'll both be as good as new. Think of the walks we'll be able to take then!!! And we WILL take them. I sometimes wish I could walk the way I used to, but I have the assurance of being able to someday. And I thank God for that!!
Are you being friendly with all the other dogs & cats & people up there?? Especially Tammy, Tucker, Jack, & Granddad?? And don't forget Bubba!!! I can see you 2 wearing a path between houses up there!! Your path down here is long gone now. But we could still see it for quite awhile after you both were gone. It was kind-of sad. John the cat is still with us & doing well for his age. He's 14 yrs. old now. He's especially attached to me now since the dogs have claimed dad. I'm doing good because I have dad here to help me & he does that a lot. He's another blessing God gave me & I love him so much.Sara & Emily are still in Nashville. That's a long way!! They each have special pets of their own. I'm glad they got their love of animals from us. There's nothing better than sharing your life with a pet. I just wish pets would have longer lives. O.K. Murphy, I'm going to stop now. The memories could go on & on & on. But you remember them too. I love you oh so much & I will forever & ever...................Till we meet again.
If you were here, I'd give you a treat before bed.

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