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Memories of Murry Graham
To Dear Murry
you where so funny and sometimes you where a naughty little fella but we still love you anyway.love lots and lots from your best friend Ben

My sweet baby. Everyone is missing you. Dad cries a lot because he can't get you beautiful face out of his mind. We hope you are happy in your special place. Taken way too soon from us.
From the day Daddy brought you home at 8 weeks hold, I knew you would be the sunshine of my life. You brought so much joy to our family, unconditional love, fun and games. You loved to play with Bella, Soxie & Mini, chase the leaves in the wind or anything that moved really. We will never forget the day you were chasing a little garden lizard which darted underneath the forklift at work, and when you couldn't catch him, out you came with grease, diesel and oil all over you. Boy did you pong! Instead of being black and white, you were almost all black!! We had to bath you twice!! And you sure loved rolling in possum poo!! So much fun we all had in the 9 months we had you. We will celebrate your first birthday with joy and tears, and look for a sign you are still surrounding us. P.S. The people driving that big car are so very, very sorry Murry. They didn't see you, because you were too quick. They send you a prayer, and hope you are at peace with your new found friends. xx

Hi Murry. So many people are thinking of you puppa. You are greatly missed. I hope you can see us and hear us visiting your grave every morning and night. We sit with you and remember the happy times we once shared, and it brings us some peace knowing you are still with us in spirit. Lots of love from Mummy & Daddy. xx

I just want to hold you again Murry.
03/10/11 Hi puppa. You were lying on my pillow with your head resting on my shoulder the other night. I awoke and reached for you to move over so I could get out of bed. It was so real Murry and if it was you in spirit, then thank you for visiting me. I know you are still around us. Sometimes I catch you out of the corner of my eye, at least I think it's you and hope it's you. It will be one month tomorrow Murry and still we grieve for you and wish we could have you back in our lives. You are constantly on our minds, missing you and loving you always. xx
22/10/11 Happy Birthday little man. You are 1 year old today.
Our days are long without you here,
We're missing you so much
Our nights are cold and empty,
Without you near to touch.

The joy you brought in your short life,
Are locked up in our hearts
We wish to God you didn't go
And that we were to part. Lots of Love Forever & ever. xxxxxxxxx

10/11/11 Hey little man. We know you are still around us. I'm sure you are watching us. We've had your best photo done in canvas, and it looks so good. You look at us with those dark brown eyes and a little smile on your face. Soooo cute!!!! Wish you were still here. xx

12/01/12 Hey puppa. We got through Christmas and New Year OK. Everyone in the family has your picture up on a wall in their homes now. Everyone misses you so much. You still bring tears to our eyes when we talk of your little escapades. I haven't been coping very well, and cry regularly when I think of you. I know everything happens for a reason, but I don't understand why.
Just want to pick you up and cradle you in my arms again. If only I could. xxxxx
10/02/12 Love you precious!! Always. You are so beautiful.
It's winter and it's so cold without you.
07/09 12. One year yesterday Murry. Still thinking of you and missing you badly. Spring has finally arrived and it's warming up, but our hearts are still cold and ache for you. We still don't have another fur baby yet, but maybe one day we will get to meet your brother. Love you always precious boy. xxx
22/10/12. Happy Birthday my little man. Thinking of you always!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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