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Memories of Niki Tingley

Niki Tingley came into my life when i was in the ninth grade. My family had a previous pomeranian Gizmo. Unfortunatley Gizmo passed away as he fell and became paralyzed and incapable of living a good life. My dad brought home Niki. I was just about to turn 15. Niki looked like a kitten. she was so furry and little! She was an orange sable pom. SHe was so much fun and always had so much energy. Somehow along the way we didnt train her to well or at least I didnt. Niki knew to bark until she got a milkbone from me! oops but she was worth it! In 1999 we got another pom, pepper. he was so mini and white next to Niki. At one time Niki looked more to me like Lassie and she was up to 22 lbs. quickly she was on a diet and went down to about 14 lbs. she was vibrant, playful and loud! LOL We loved her so much. She would cause so much chaos getting into every bit of food she could, barking until she got her way! Our family was always Niki and Pepper! Niki loved going for walks, she loved lots of food and treats, i was a milkbone to her! She loved the snow... she would go out and rub her little nose in the snow like an alaskan snow dog. She loved my mom and my dad and loved trying to sneak dinner from the table! Once we moved to the condo she loved going out and exploring and it would scare us! she was always up to something! One time we found her at the neighbors grille! She loved pepper so much she would hang with him or sit under the kitchen desk or at night be in the corner in the living room! she loved to snore and she loved to play! she loved attention and knew how to get it! About a year ago Niki really started to age and it was so hard on all of us. We took extra special care of her but this spring she had really started to loose it. She would have accidents, didnt want to eat and was down to 8lbs. Last week she didnt look well so we rushed her to our vet who really did nothing for us. That night my mom and I took Niki to Ocean State Vets and they were amazing! We spent the whole night with her and we knew she needed an iv and blood work. we knew the inevitable. So we couldnt see her the following day until after 11. My mom said they were redoing blood work on her and she was doing ok. after work around 12 we got a call that she was having trouble breathing so we flew over to the hospital. the whole way I just prayed that she would wait for us. I believe she is in a better place and she waited for us to get there. we saw her in an oxygen tank which hurt so bad bc its not the life she deserved to live. Then she started having trouble again with the breathig again after we said our goodbyes and the vet administered something to relax her and Niki left us and headed to the rainbow bridge I felt better knowing she waited to say goodbye and knew it was her decision to go. I know she is not alone up there and she is at peace. I have been so depressed. I miss her so much I hope she knows how much we all love her and that there is not a day that goes by that i dont kiss her picture or smell her scarf! call me crazy. We had her cremated and tomorrow she is coming home to us in spirit. we love you niki. thank you for making me have the best childhood and completing the family. I hope you have fun with gizmo and frosty and ralph, whitey, thumper, tommy the hamster, gian's mittens and dudly and samantha. we all love you mom, dad lee, shawn brian steve pepper, snowball, smokey mittens, trixie, tiara, stew and sunshine! and cousins lily francis vega and busty xoxoxo

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