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Memories of Onyx

My Dearest and oh so loving and friendly fur son Onyx.I put 5/1/99 as your birthday.That is just a guess.I remember when you came to be with me in the spring of 2001.You were already a year or two old.It was shortly after I suffered the loss of another fur son.I was asked to take you in and rescue you from your previous owner who was abusing you by kicking you,throwing you off the bed,throwing you around and just did not want you.This same previous owner,I was told,kicked you so much and so hard it gave you a tender tummy and you would sometimes throw up on me or my carpet or furniture.I never scolded you and always showed you love whenever this would happen.You were so scared of me at first.It took a good year or two of showing you nothing but love kindness and gentleness before you would trust me.Once I earned your trust however,it was so strong that whenever you felt scared or threatened you went to your "safe" place as cats do,my neck,back and shoulders and I would end up wearing a living fur collar(LOL).You also became trusting,loving and oh so friendly towards anyone else.You knew where your loving home was.You still had all your claws yet you never used them on me or anything of mine.The only time you would use them was in defending your loving home and surrounding territory from what you felt was an intruder.I remember one time ,I was inside and you were outside.All of a sudden I hear you growling and hissing so loudly I could have heard you from 5 blocks away.I rushed outside to see what the commotion was and there you were on a Dobermans back trying to tear him a couple new eye sockets.Yep,a Doberman that could normally keep his senses and attack at will or on command.You had him so confused he didn't know what to do.I never saw a more scared and confused,Doberman,in all my life(LOL).Yet you were always gentle and loving with and towards me.You enjoyed Your time outside,So Much!! but whenever I would come home from being away,You would be there to greet me.You would also want in because you were usually hungry from running around outside.You also enjoyed your tuna,milk and all your special food treats.But yet you were always there to share your love and companionship.I will miss being able to hold you,pet you,comfort,relax and Love you,very much!!.But I will,Never!!,Ever!! Forget You,"Best Buddies Forever!!!"

My dear Best Buddy.It was a year ago when you started getting sick.We did not have to much more time together.Although I did not know that then.It has been a year and I still miss you very much!!!.I look at your pic and think about you just about every day.I have never forgotten you.

Oh Dear Dear Onyx.It has now been over 2 yrs since I was last able to hold you pet you between the ears like you loved so much,have you come running up the street and greet me,have you go to your safe spot and see you do all your crazy antics.You may not be here with me any more but you are still!! not forgotten!!.Hope you are having a wonderfull time romping and roaming around the green meadows by the bridge free of your sick earthly body.Hope you are waiting for me and you will be there whenever it is my time to come join you.Best Buddies Forever!!!

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