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Memories of Otis (Otie)
Dear Otie, I want you to know how much you were loved here on Earth. From the day Brandi brought you home, you were a joy to have around. You were the best puppy there ever was and will be! You never bit, snapped or ever was mean to anyone. I want you know how much you were loved by everyone. We will miss you very much. Brandi wants you to know that she is sorry she couldn't play with you. She was allergic to your fur and couldn't touch you without breaking out in hives. She wants you to know it's not your fault and she wishes that she could have played with you more. She felt so bad everytime you scratched her leg wanting to be picked up and she couldn't. She's very sorry! Even though she didn't, you will still her baby..her first born son.
I am terribly heartbroken right now because I feel like I let you down. You needed your Momma and I wasn't there. I want you to know I am SOOOOOOOO sorry that I didn't know you went outside. I should have paid attention. I should have been there with you and then you wouldn't have fallen into the pool. Momma is soooo sorry! This shouldn't have happened and I hope you forgive me. You are not hurting anymore! No more blindness, no more coughing, no more high blood sugars, surgies, and shots. I hope you are at peace and that you love where you are. Nikki and Rudy were probably there to greet you. I hope you love Nikki. We loved him very much too. He and Rudy were friends before you came to live with us. I know you and Rudy were the best of friends and I hope the 3 of you are running and playing together. Enjoy your brothers! I hope you have fun and I can't wait to see you again. I know Nikki and Rudy will look after you. Fuller and Charlie are still here without you. They will miss you too(even though at first you hated Fuller and ran out the door when Brandi left and hopped in her car...you wanted her to take you home and away from that crazy puppy!) I hope you have lots of steak and popcorn in your meadow. You loved them both very much. In fact I have sent some along to you. I hope you enjoy it. (Share with your brothers though!)Oh, Brandi saw your rainbow yesterday. She said it was bright and beautiful and I know you were crossing it to your meadow. I love you very much Otie and I am so sorry and wish I was there with you. God only knows how much I loved you and how much I miss you. You will always be in our hearts! Love, Momma
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