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Memories of Pippi

Pippi Longstocking Osmanski
August 1, 1993 -- April 26, 2010
Pippi past over Rainbow Bridge at 6:00 p.m. on April 26, 2010.
She was spoiled and loved by Mike, Kim, Sara and Nikki. She was a member of our family for almost 17 years and we will miss her very, very much.
Pippi loved:
Just being by our side,
Going to the park,
Opening presents,
Floating in her blow up boat in the pool
Going for a walk,
Laying in the sun
A good nap and
Good food (and I don't mean dog food)
Never could there have been a better dog, friend, companion. You could leave her outside of the gate and she would wait right there for you to come back and let her through. In the past few years all she asked for was a good bed to sleep in, good food to eat and our companionship when she wanted it.
Pippi we love you dearly and will miss you forever.

Hi Pippi, Tomorrow starts 4 weeks without you baby. It's been really hard without you here, I don't think I'll ever get used to it. I love you baby. Mommy has to go to bed so I'll stop by tomorrow. Take care luvie. Love you, Mommy
Hi Pippi Dog,
We made our first trip to Indy this week without you...everything is a first now that you are gone. I could finally start that shadow box of you that I wanted. I just really miss you so...you were always by my side where ever I went and it's hard to get used to knowing you're not here. But I hope that you are in a better place running and playing with everyone else. You have fun luv and mommy will talk to you later. Night. Luv you punkin.
Hi Pippi, It's mommy. Just had to stop by and say hi to you. It's been a little while but you know I talk to you every day. Chloe says hi, she's right here on my arm trying to figure out what I'm doing as usual. You should see the trees we put in the back yard. You would really like them. Remember when we would walk to the park and you would sniff all around until you came to a tree trunk and you'd look up and bark but nothing would happen. You were always such a funny little dog. Always so good, you did as you were told, never took off anywhere, stayed right in the yard with me right under my feet.:) We won't get another dog because we would never find another you. You spoiled me! I have your little friend Chloe the Cockatoo here, I know you didn't really like her and neither does daddy. You were always so good and she's mostly always bad. :) You never would bite anything and she's bites everyone and everything. What am I going to do with her Pip. Right now I'm going to put her to bed and she will sqwack, I hope she doesn't wake dad up. You were always so quiet, we didn't know you were even here unless you had to go outside. Take care sweetie, momma will talk to you tomorrow, just like everyday. Luv you lots!
Hi Pippi Punkin,
Well it's that time of year again, the time you hated because the fireworks scared you so. They've started already and will continue for a few weeks. I would feel so bad for you because you would just shake and be so afraid. I just came by to see how you are doing in your park and to see your cute little face. I miss you so little love. You were my baby and always by my side or under my feet. :) I need to go to bed, 1 more day at work this week. Take care punkin, I love you.
Hi baby,
Hey little Pippi Dog, how are you? I still think about you every day and miss you when I come home from work in the evening. Just wanted to make sure you were doing ok and show you the season is starting to change. It is still so hot though, I'm sure you'd be laying in the house and not out in the sun. I'm glad you are in a place where you can run and play everyday and don't have to worry about getting to hot or cold. Things are changing again around here baby. Now we are planning Sara's wedding, even bought her dress already. And we're going to have another grandbaby around here, a little girl this time. She is due in December, brrrrrr a cold month. Hopefully she'll get here before it gets to cold. Well I'll be back later baby, I think I'll add some of your pictures next time so that you can have a photo album, then I can look at your pics anytime I want to. love you sweetie, mommy

Hi Pippi Baby,
Just thinking about you tonight. Still miss you everyday lovey. Love you Baby!

Hi Pippi,
How's my little punkin doing? I'm changing the season to springtime. Wishing that's what it really was. I don't want you to be cold at Rainbow Bridge so I'm not putting the winter weather up. You always liked to eat and play in the snow but your little paws would get so cold. Remember when I bought you those boots to wear. Everyone laughed at me including you. You tried to step real high in them, you couldn't figure out what they were. So I took them back to the store because every time I tried to put them on you, you would take off running. Just wanted your little feet to be warm in the snow. :) It's still so quiet around this house except when Chloe sqwacks. I miss your little clicking noise on the floors. I'm gonna go for now baby. Love you and good night!

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