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Memories of Princess

I remember when I went to the pound just to look around but not planning on walking out with a dog that day. As I was walking by the kennels the dogs where barking and jumping up and down hoping that they would be picked to go to a new home. When I came by this one kennel I heard a dog crying. It seem to have been the only dog I heard at the time that was actually crying. I looked down and saw your pretty little face with very sad eyes and I stoop down to get a closer look at you and when I said "hi, what's your name?", you started crying even more and your sad eyes looked right into mine and it was though you where saying to me, "please sir, just take me home. I can't take this anymore." I looked over at the tag on the cage and it read that your name was Princess. The tag also read that you had only one more day left before they were going to put you down. I said to myself, what the heck, I just bought a house and I guess a dog can brighten it up a bit. I had to leave you overnight to be spayed. When I went back the next day to pick you up, the Vet at the pound told me that he believes that you were abused and beaten from your previous owners and he also believed they cut your tail down to the size of a thumb because it's something sick people do when they try to turn sweet nice dogs into mean fighting dogs, and that's why you where nervous and shaky. You were so nervous and shaky that the people that worked at the pound were helping me slide you on your ass to get you to my car. When I got you home the fun began. You tore up the kitchen door, you tore up the couch, you chewed through the yard gate and escaped and ran away only after a week of having you. When you ran away I said, that's it. I don't give a shit! That dog is on it's own and it will stay on it's own because I'm not looking for it! But after thinking it over and not wanting you to get run down by a car or anything, I went out in the neighborhood and hung up flyers of you being missing, and lo and behold someone called and said that they saw you being picked up by the dog catcher. I ended up finding you and bailing you out from the ASCPA.
On the way home from the ASCPA, you threw up in my new Camaro and at that point, all I could do was laugh and you seem to be laughing along with me. After you finally gained my trust and knew that I would not hurt you, you settled down and we became the best of friends and family. You followed me everywhere. We would flop on the couch and watch TV together. We would go for walks and when my love Alison moved in with her cats, Desi, Elmo and Oscar, you welcomed them with open arms. Even though you were a cat chaser, you never tried in anyway to harm them and we all became family. You were always sweet and happy and wagged your little tail when company came over. You were great with kids and they loved you. You knew when strangers came to the door and you would bark to protect your family. You were the greatest to go camping and fishing with. You always loved to go and explore with me. You always stood by my side and even when I was in a crappy mood, you were still happy to see me and your little tail would wag and your eyes would light up and you would smile and it would help lift my sprits.

The day that shitty cancer took it's toll on you and you were very tired and very weak. You couldn't move from the kitchen floor and you were letting us know that it was time to let you go. I'm so glad that I got to lay next to you and you put your pretty face on my arm like you always did, and even as sick as you were, your little tail still wagged and you were still giving your unconditional love. I got to hold you for one last time to let you know that you are the sweetest dog that I have every known and that Alison, Eddie, Oscar and I will always love and will miss you very very much, and I'm so thankful that I went back out that day 11yrs ago and hung those flyers up, because you have brightened up our world in so may ways.

When I go to cut the lawn now it's not the same with you not being there to chase the weed whacker.

You will shine at the rainbow bridge our sweet baby Princess, with your sister Desi and your brother Elmo.
Love your family

Tim, Alison, Eddie and Oscar

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