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Memories of Princess Jasmine "Jazz"

Dearest Jazzy,
Like Ryleigh you were gone so fast and much too soon. We all miss you so much baby girl. You were a part of our family for almost 16 years. (You'll always be a part of our family) I was walking Krysten home from the kindergarten bus when out of nowhere there you were following Krysten, this tiny little black and white kitten. Krysten of course asked if we could keep you. I explained to her that we had to try and find if she already had a home first. We found the lady who had the kittens and she told us we could keep you. I'm sure glad she did because we had already fallen in love with you. It didn't take long before you were the "boss" of the house. You put the dogs in their place. What I will miss the most Jazzy is how you slept on my chest every night for 4 years while I was sick. I held you on my chest as long as I could, at the emergency vet, before they had to take you in the back. I just knew it would be the last time I would ever hold you. You faded so fast Krysten and Daddy decided to let you go so you wouldn't suffer anymore. Krysten and Daddy were there to say Goodbye. Mommy just couldn't do it. I hope you know it's because I love you so much and I couldn't bare to see it. We will all miss your prissy personality, the way you head butted us and treaded on our "boobs" to get us to pet you and out of nowhere you would bite us and run. We joked about it and called you "the psycho kitty" and "miss manic depressive". You would play wildly at night, slapping at make believe targets and running and jumping. When we got Fireball you told him there was only room for one cat in this house and you never did accept him. He was a rolly polly fat boy and would run and jump on you and we'd have to get him off of you because he was so big and you were such a petite little girl. It was hysterical though to watch you two face off. Well girl, I have 15 years of memories and I'm so emotional that I can't think right now. I will be back soon. We love you and miss you Jazzy. I hope Ry is not chasing you and the other kitties too much. Have fun with your new friends sweetheart until the day we join you and cross the Rainbow Bridge together. With all my love, Your Mommy

12/15/10 Hi my Jazzy girl. I can't believe you won't be here for Christmas. You used to walk in circles and meow and beg us for treats on Christmas morning. You weren't so thrilled with the toys santa brought you though. You made your own fun with just a plain old brown paper bag and your imagination. Mommy brought home a Rottweiler puppy. She would definitely chase you like Ryleigh did if you were still here. We decorated at the cemetery for you and Ry for Christmas. It will never be the same on Christmas mornings without you two here to spend it with us. I hope you are having fun playing with the other furbabies at Rainbow Bridge. Just don't forget us because we will all be together again someday sweet girl. We love and miss you so much Jazzy, love. your Mommy

4/09/11 Hey My Jazzy Girl, I just added Cody to Rainbowsbridge. I'm sure you guys have been keeping each other company since we lost him Jan. 23rd. This house is so quiet without you two. Every time I get up during the night I do it cautiously to make sure noone has broken in. I always knew everything was okay when you were here because you would always great me and make that sound of contentment that you had. I look at kittys when I go to Petsmart and when I make donations to the animal shelters but I still can't bring myself to bring one home yet. (and there are too too many that need loving forever homes) I have never had a home without a cat in it and I am not used to it. I'm sure in time I will adopt a shelter cat and I'm sure Krysten will make sure I do! She misses you and Fireball so much. I am so proud of the way she loves and wants to make her life about making their little lives better. I wish with all my heart that she would persue her life-long dream of being a vet. Daddy says that she has finally decided to take the college placement test. Just maybe she'll do it. We love and miss you Jazz and we will forever until we are all reunited. Love your Mommy.

10/28/11 Hey Jazzy girl, just a quick update that Michael and Amber rescued a kitten from a shelter and he looks almost identical to you. His eyes and expressions are hauntingly like you. I feel like I've known him forever because of you Jazzy. His little name is Tux which is fitting because he is a tuxedo kitty like you. I miss you when I get up at night and the house is quiet, there is no kitty greeting me and keeping me company. (Tux stays in Michael and Amber's room) You, Ryleigh, and Cody are all together now, look out for each other until we can all be together again sweet girl, we all miss you so much, Mommy and your family.

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