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Memories of Rocky

I can't believe its been a week since you left my side. I still look for you when I get up in the morning, throughout the day and at night before I go to bed. It still hurts as if it happened today. I keep hoping that I am having a nightmare and I'll soon wake up.
I can remember the day my son and now wife called and told us they had a surprise. When we got home and walked in the front door we saw this 6 week old boxer, at the time I never thought you would have such an impact on my life.
For the first year of Rockys life he shared staying with my son or his girlfriend. Time came when they had to go away to college and I volunteered to watch Rocky as by this time had become part of the family. I was hooked at that point. The 8 1/2 years of joy and memories you have given me will be forever engraved in my heart.
In August of 2008 Rocky started limping and we started treatment for this. In Feb, 2009 Rocky was diagnosed with extreme spondylosis (arthritis of the spine}. He got to where he could not do steps and we had to leave him downstairs of a bi-level home. I stayed a lot of nights on the couch with him laying on the floor in his bed next to me. He slowly progressed to where he had trouble getting up and down and not wanting to go outside. We tried another vet. and was also told the same thing, nothing could be done.
On June 1, 2009 I made the hardest decision I have ever made. You was living a life that was not of your character. I knew it was time for you to find peace. It would have been selfish on my part to continue the pain and agony you were going through.
I find myself several times a day visiting your grave and going over memories that you have left me with.
6/8/2009 Today was a very hard day for me. It has been 1 week since I lost you and it seems as if you were just here. I was able to look at some of your pictures today and added some so others can see you also. I stood by your grave today and remembered some of the times we had. Thats one thing that no one can take from me because the memories are engraved in my heart.
6/15/2009 Another difficult day as it has been 2 weeks since you passed. I still come into the house and look for you. I am remembering a lot of the times we shared. I only wish there was something we could have done.
6/22/2009 Today is 3 weeks and I still have that empty feeling. I still look around the house for you when I come in. Its hard to eat without sharing my food with you. I still visit your grave several times a day and the only thing that gives me peace is knowing that you are at the Bridge and you are suffering no more. I miss you.
6/30/2009 It has now been 1 month since you passed on to the Bridge. I still find myself looking for you when I get home. I miss the way you used greet me with that tail wagging so hard it throws your whole body from side to side. There is still that empty feeling that I know can never be filled. I talk about you everyday to the outside dogs, Sheena And Chelsea and I know they miss you too.
7/4/2009 Today we had the family over for a cook out and get together. It wasn't the same without you here. I remember how you would visit everyone to get some food from them and you would get a lot of attention. You are truly missed. As I sit here and write this I here the fireworks off in the distance and it makes me remember how afraid you would get and go hide in your bed in the bedroom. I really miss you and will always cherish the memories that I have.
7/27/2009 It's been 8 weeks today. There is still such an emptiness inside me. When people want to talk about you I find it hard to do that. It still feels like it was yesterday that we took you to the vet and we said our last goodbys. I'll continue to visit your grave and remember all the goodtimes we shared in your short 8 1/2 years. I do truly miss my best friend.
8/17/2009 Eleven weeks have past and the emptiness I feel inside as strong as if was yesterday that you left and went to the Bridge. Cathy bought me a book called "Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates" by Gary Kurz to help me in dealing with the loss of my best friend. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and remember the things that made you so special.
8/24/2009 twelve weeks have passed and do I have a story to tell. Last Thursday I walked outside to go to the garage. I saw a white dog at the fenced area for Sheena and Chelsea my 2 outside dogs.
When it saw me it took off and ran. A few minutes later it returned and I saw it was a white boxer with 1 white eye and 1 dark eye. It was young probably less than 1 year old, no collar and under fed. the remainder of the day it stayed close to me with the exception of when the UPS man drove his truck into the driveway it disappeared. When Cathy got home from work it was back and I showed him to her. Our main concern was to try to find the owners to return the pup. We traveled the neighborhod stopping people that were outside and asking them about this pup. No one had seen it or had any info about a white boxer. I posted signs all around with my phone number and no one called. I had him checked for a micro chip and none was there. During these 4 days that he has been here I see a lot of characteristics that Rocky had that this pup has also. Although I said that I would never get another dog I believe that there was divine intervention because the way I had been feeling prior to the pup, I was having terrible meltdowns in the evenings with almost a feeling of helplessness. My daughter also thought the circumstances were really strange how this pup showed up and the things that have happened. We all believe Rocky sent Appollo (that is what we decided to name him because that was Rocky's friend in the movie) to us to help fill some of the emptiness. Appollo will never replace my Rocky but his presence in our household will help the healing process and his unconditional love will keep Rocky's memories alive in all of us. I miss you Rocky
9/17/2009 HAPPY BIRTHDAY little buddy. Today you would have been 9 years old. Fifteen and a half weeks ago you left us to play and enjoy yourself at the Bridge. Apollo also says Happy Birthday. Hope you have fun and a wonderful day at Rainbow Bridge. I miss you and think about you all the time.
11/9/2009 It's been 23 weeks now and I still have an empty place inside. I have your picture on the mantle above the fireplace so I can see you everyday. Apollo being in the home does help with the empty feeling and as time goes on I know that you sent him my way for comfort. There is no comparison between you two as you are different as night and day. I miss you and I know you are having a great time at the Bridge. See you again some day.
11/25/2009 Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I remember it was probably one of your favorite days. Lots of people and lots of food. As I sit here thinking of what I am thankful for, I remember all the good times
we had and I am thankful for the few short years that we shared together. How you was always there for me with that unconditional love. I miss you and hope you are having a great time at the Bridge
12/26/2009 Well Christmas has come and gone. This is another Holiday that you really loved, because of the family coming by and visiting. Time continues to pass and you are still missed as badly today as you were 6 months ago. I miss you and I'm holding on to the promise that one day we will meet again at the Bridge.
4/4/2010 Warm weather is finally here after a cold and snowy winter. As I start working outside again I been visiting your grave. I also have a picture on the mantel that I see daily. Its been 10 months now since you moved on to the Bridge and at times it seems it was yesterday you were following me in the yard and garage and other times it seems like an eternity. I miss you but I still realize you are better off now than your last days here. Have fun playing at the Bridge.
6/1/2010 Today is 1 year since you went to Rainbow Bridge. Yesterday we had all the family over as we did the year before and I remember you walking around the pool seeing all the friends and family not knowing then it would be your last day. Knowing then time was closing in on us because of the problems walking, getting up and down and other problems that the arthritis of the spine effects. I know that the decision we made was the right one but it still does not make it an easy one. You are missed as much today as you were 1 year ago. I don't think it will be much longer till Chelsea will be joining you. Age is starting to take a toll
12/12/2010 Well its been a while since I posted and not because you are forgotten. You are still missed a bunches. We talk about you from time to time and I still look at your pictures remembering all the times we spent together. I am so thankful for those memories. You would have be 10 now. Your grave is still visited and I can look over at any time when I am out back and remember. Have fun playing at the Bridge
6/1/2011 Today its been 2 years since you made your journey to the Bridge. The first thing I thought of this morning was how long its been but how it seems just yesterday that I got up and you were there to greet me. As I am outside I can look over to your grave and remember all the times we shared and smile knowing the decision that was made was the right one as now you are playing at the bridge all healthy and happy. Sheena and Chelsea are still here as they get a little older all the time. Apollo stays with me in about everything I do just like you use too. You are missed and I am glad I have the memories that can never be taken away.
12/13/2012 Today Apollo made the trip to the Bridge to be with you Rocky. It was an accident that his life was taken and I am heart broke, but I know you will show him around and have fun playing together. You both are missed but will see you again one day at the bridge. I am going to create a site for Apollo as a remembrance to him.
12/20/2012 Well Apollo has been with you a week now at the Bridge. I know you are great buddies and are having a great time. I miss you bunches and wanted to say Merry Christmas.
12/25/2012 Merry Christmas little buddy. Miss you bunches. Take care of Apollo and Chelsea. Until we talk again.
12/31/2012 Happy New Year. This is the last post of 2012. Keep Apollo company. Miss you bunches.
06/1/2013 I can't believe its been 4 years today. It seems just a short time ago you were following me to the garage waiting for me to get done working so we could spend time together. Other times it seems ages ago that we were together. Just wanted to tell you that you are missed and thought of all the time. Take care of Apollo and Chelsea and will post again later.

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