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Memories of Rooty

Oh, baby, more than a year later you are still missed so much. We love you and think about you all the time.

You've been gone 15 days now, sweet boy. Cissy is really missing you. She refuses to lie in Daddy's lap like she used to when you would lie there, too. She doesn't sleep up by Daddy under the covers anymore, either...she sleeps down at the foot of the bed where you slept. We all miss you, baby.

I was remembering yesterday how much you loved to go berry picking with us. You especially loved to get into a huckleberry patch, where you'd pick and eat your own berries from the low branches. What a treat!
We're missing you terribly, sweet boy.

Some memories about Rooty:

Rooty was one of a litter of three. His two sisters were born just fine, but Rooty, always the "big boy," got stuck and had to be delivered by ceasarian.

His registered name is Dunn's Root Beer. Dad's first thought was to name him Dunn-o-saurus, but...!
The "Root Beer" comes from Dad's favorite soda at the time, Dad's Root Beer.

When he was a puppy, if you held him on his back and tickled his belly, he'd make a noise like Flipper the dolphin.

He was always hungry!

His best friend outside of the family was Buddy, a Border Collie. They're playing together again at Rainbow Bridge.

His butt had the cutest little wiggle when he'd walk fast!

He didn't look like he could run fast, but you should have seen him take off when a chipmunk would call on our walks in the forest.

He & Buddy liked to play "tag" in the living room.

He dragged his feet when he walked.

He really, really, loved his Daddy.

He loved to have his back scratched & belly rubbed first thing in the morning.

He and Cissy would play "Smell my belly" on the bed in the morning.

He made friends with everyone, four-legged or two-legged.

He made a great "Santa Root" dressed in a scarf & Santa hat!

He was loved a lot and we'll always miss him.

We had to let you go today, baby. We love you.

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