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Memories of Rudy
My Rudy, It is Christmastime (12/5/09) and I miss you my loving boy. I miss how you used to love to sleep on the Christmas tree skirt, under the tree and just cuddle up thinking it was your bed. You looked so beautiful under the twinkling of lights and the buff color of your fur just radiated with the colorful blinking lights. I loved the way you used to try and sniff each one of the presents like you knew they were for you. You were a very nosy dog but that was so amazing about you. Your gentle natured personality disguised that you would stop at nothing to get exactly what you wanted! And I was always happy to give it to you! I love you my baby boy and miss you terribly. Tears will always, always flow for you and my heart will never heal with the loss of you. Christmas Kisses to you my precious Rudy. XOXO

Rudy- On 7/26/09, it has been one year since your passing and everyday that has passed since then... life has not been the same for us.. we miss you every minute that goes by. The tears still flow for you and your beautiful spirit and I can't believe that your not with us anymore.. it still hurts so as if just happened. We miss your loud, "look at me I'm eating" barks at meal time and your quiet gentleness. We miss you and love you Butter.. (Love always, Mommy, Daddy, sister Lady and new baby brother Buff (he looks just like you!) XOXO Kisses to the Heavens!

To my love Rudy- 7/26/10.. Oh how we miss you my precious boy! Still can't believe it's two years already since your passing. Your sister Lady misses you too! I hope that you are having a great time with Goldie and the rest of your Rainbow friends. Give Goldie lots of kisses from Daddy and I!
Kisses my Butter boy! XOXO


Rudy came into our family when he was 7 years old and lived such a wonderful amazing dogs life over the next ten years with us until his spirit and soul needed to finally rest.
We were with him.. to hold him, kiss him and be there for him during his last moments.. as he was always there for us.

His love for us was unconditional and limitless... greeting us everyday with those beautiful Cocker eyes, curly floppy ears and his famous bark.. and we are so honored and lucky to have had such an incredible amazing dog to share our lives with each and everyday. And what a blessing it was!

Rudy was a gentle boy yet so magestic and proud in nature as all Cockers are - chasing their birds, protecting his yard and doing his famous "Army Crawl" as his Dad so proudly taught him! He was a quick learner, fiesty and loved to talk back at at times when he didn't get his way... like at dinnertime! He would bark and bark until we would have to surcumb to giving him some form of a treat.. he was relentless! And very determined, our boy was to get what he wanted!

But Rudy could melt your heart! He was such a wonderful part of our family, older brother to "Lady" (7 yr old Black Cocker).. who loved his baby sister and relied on her for support and guidance until the end.. and she loved him back just as much!
He also loved to give many kisses - he would love to pin Glen down on the floor and kiss his face for almost 15 minutes straight - without coming up for air!! He truly loved to share in his affections!

Our boy Rudy will forever be in our hearts and we know that he is resting comfortably now in Heaven and has crossed over on the Rainbow Bridge with all of his friends like "Goldie".. the "Love of his Life and Girlfriend"... running in his yard, chasing many birds, chewing on his favorite Milkbone treats and more importantly free from the hurt and pain of his crippling diseases.

He was our BEST and most LOYAL Companion and Friend.
He continued to be unselfish and unconditional with his love for us from that very first day we rescued him 10 years ago until the last moment he was with us. He will forever be in our hearts and souls and I know that he is our guardian Angel looking down over us, protecting his yard and his family as he always did.

And I know deep down in my heart that one day we will all be together again.. as a FAMILY.

You will always be Mommy & Daddy's precious baby-boy and we can't imagine our days without you... and can't wait until that day comes when we see you again!

We love you and miss you so much Rudy,


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