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Memories of Rudy

You are an angel loaned to us by God. You have given me so much strength and brought such happiness and joy into my life. You were always an exceptional boy from day one. You will be with me always. You have left your huge paw impression in my heart that can never be filled. I just love you so, so much.

You were so strong. Such a fighter since the day you were born. You thought about all of us and held on and gave us 30 more extra, exceptional days. We did so many fun things together. We went to the puppy beach, we shared valentines day together with Riley and you held strong to go out and play in your puppy snow! You loved the snow! In the end as much as you hurt...you held out and waited to be with your Chris and Mike. They love you so much! You did it all for us and I can't thank you enough. You were always thinking and taking care of others. You knew Mama needed more time and you gave me such joy...every second. You have always been there for your Mama.

You are an exceptional, one of a kind dog. So gentle with the best, most wonderful disposition I have ever seen. I know you are happy now. You aren't in pain anymore and you are with Grandpa. I know he loves you. Everyone, even those who never met you just loved you by looking at your picture! You just had that loving spirit that everyone could see. You are truly an angel.

Now, you are free and safe and not hurting anymore. I know you are up in heaven just prancing around and showing everyone just how pretty you are. You were always Mama's "pretty-pretty". I'm sure you are taking care of all the animals, especially your birdie friends that you loved so much.

I love you boy! My little hunny-bunny bunches. Mama misses and loves you so, so much. I will see you again...and I know you are always by my side in spirit. Mama lights a candle for you every night. I will never ever forget you my boy.

Happy St. Paddy's Day Rude! Mama thinks about you constantly. I miss you so much! I hope you are enjoying your favorite "peanut butter" cookie treat to celebrate St. Paddy's Day! I sure miss you boy. I'm lost without you. Love, Mama

Oh Rudy....today it has been a month since I had to say goodbye. It still doesn't seem real. I miss you so much. I visit your grave every weekend and leave you pretty flowers because you were Mama's "pretty-pretty". I light a candle for you every night too. I just hurt not having you here with me. You were such a huge part of my life. You are my best friend...my everything. My life is never going to be the same. I have gained so much strength from you, but I also have this huge hole in my heart and feel so lost. Your baby Riley misses you so much too. He keeps laying in your spot by the front door and just whines and looks so sad. You made such an impact on our lives Rude. I know you are happy, healthy and not hurting anymore. I have to hold on to that. You know Mama wouldn't want you to hurt or suffer. I loved you way too much. I just miss your presence and your goofy, silly things that you'd do...my "Silly Goofy-ball!" I miss ya Rude. Mama loves you so, so much and I will never ever forget you my kid. Keep staying by the Mama, boy. Mama feels and has seen your spirit. It is so comforting to see you again and that you are alright. You look so happy and healthy. I even got pictures. I know how you loved to have your picture taken! :) As I've said since the day I brought you home almost 10-1/2 years ago..you are one of God's angel's. You truly are. I'm so thankful and blessed that you came into my life. Mama was a very lucky girl to have you. I'm so glad that I was chosen to be your Mama. You were the greatest gift that I could have ever received. Love you boy, Mama and Riley

Oh Rudy...I don't know if Mama is ever going to recover. I miss you so much! I looked at your pictures last night and just cried and cried. I came across a picture of you putting your head on my knee and you looking straight into my eyes. I could understand everything you were saying to me. We just had that special bond. You were always there to comfort Mama that way. You are so precious...I just can't imagine why you were taken from me so soon. I know God has greater plans for you and other things for you to take care of now...I know that...but I still want you here. I know that is pretty selfish of me since God was so good to us in answering our prayers. I am greatful and thank God that I was blessed to have you in my life. It's just hard for me right now. I just wanted you to know that I think about you constantly and I love you so much my silly goofy-ball! Mama and Riley love you!

Happy Easter my precious boy. Mama misses you so much. Riley and I took some beautiful flowers to your grave on Friday. It's suppose to rain on Easter so we went early so you could enjoy your flowers before it rains. Beautiful pretty Easter bouquet with an Easter Bunny! You were always Mama's "pretty-pretty" and my "Hunny-Bunny Bunches"! :) Oh...I miss our silly times Rudy. You were such a huge part of my life every second. Nothing is the same. Life is so different. This is so hard for me. I love you my boy. I always will. Mama and Riley love you so much! xoxoxo

Rudy....I miss you boy, so much! We had a sunny day last Friday and Riley, Ron and I spent a long time at your grave. It was so comforting to be there with you. We re-stained your cross, added some more flowers and also two angels that Mama bought for you. Your grave looks so pretty...just like you! Mama's "pretty-pretty"! Riley likes going to see you too! He seems very content lying on your grave. We talk to you and think about all the funny things you did and the happiness that you brought us. We know you are still with us Rude. I just wish you were physically still here. I miss holding you, talking to you, giving you puppy massages and rubbing your puppy pigs. I miss our walks too. I just miss you period...everything about you. You were my everything Rudy. Mama will be at your grave again this Sunday to bring you more pretty flowers. I love you boy! ~ Mama


It's been 3 months today that I had to say goodbye Rudy. I want you to know that I think about you constantly. You were such a huge part of my life. My everything. Nothing is or will be the same until we meet again. I feel so empty. Mama loves and misses you so much. Riley too. I saw your Mike yesterday. He showed me that he has your picture on his phone...he misses his boy so much too. You were always Mike's boy! You are always with us Rude. We all love and miss you so much. I love you my "hunny-bunny bunches". ~ Mama xoxo


Well my hunny-bunny-bunches...it's almost your birthday! Remember what Mama always said? Everyone celebrates boys birthday! Fireworks and all! Mama, Riley, Chrissy and Da'Mike are planning to visit your grave July 4th for your birthday. We will visit and enjoy a birthday cupcake just like we always did. I wish you were still here to enjoy it too. I so miss ya Rude. Mama isn't doing too well. Losing you has just made me so broken hearted. You were my everything...and still are. I just miss you so much. You baby "Riley" misses you so much too. Riley and I faithfully light your candle every night. As soon as it starts to get dark we say "time to light Rude's candle for the boy". It's been lit since the day you left us Rudy. Your spirit is still around us (we know it), but it is still so, so hard. I just want to hold you and feel your silky beautiful fur and give you your puppy massage and rub your puppy pigs that you loved so much. Love ya boy. See you on your birthday ~ July 4th. You were always Mama's 4th of July puppy! ~ Mama xoxo


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY ANGEL! Mama and Riley miss you so much.

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday our precious Rudy....
Happy Birthday to you.

Love you boy! I will never forget you.
~ Love, Mama xoxoxo


Hello my beautiful angel boy. Mama thinks about you all the time. I'm just sitting here at work and am missing you terribly. Charlotte and I were talking about you last night about what a special, special boy you are and how much you are missed. We were talking about you prancing around and kicking up your pretty freckled legs just like a horse! Brought big smiles to the both of us. You just made everyone's heart melt. I know you are still around me. I have felt you spiritually and physically. I know that you will never leave the Mama. Charlotte beleives you are around her garden area all the time too. That was one of your favorite places to go and be silly! Charlotte is taking good care of all your birdie friends for you too! :)

I miss ya Rude. Mama's going to be moving and I want you to make sure you follow me and Rye-Rye. He's your baby ya know. I still light your candle every night for you since the day you had to leave us. I will keep it lit for you until you and Mama and Riley meet again. That was OUR special thing huh? Mama would leave a small light on for you so you could see to eat. You were my night eater! The light will always be on for you my boy. You will always know where to find me. I have to move though Rude. I have such wonderful memories of you and Riley there, but your sickness and the end just makes me so sad that I can't stay there. I haven't been able to go to the beach yet either. I just can't bare it. I remember our last beach trip like it was yesterday. We had so much fun. Makes me just miss you even more. You were my everything Rudy. I love and miss you so much my boy. You were such a huge part of my life. Nothing will ever be the same again and I will always have this huge gapping hole in my heart. It broke the day I had to say goodbye. Next Friday you will have been gone 6 months already. Doesn't seem possible. The pain is so fresh that it seems like it all happened yesterday.

Mama and Riley are bringing you flowers either tomorrow or Sunday. A pretty bouqet for my boy who was always Mama's "pretty-pretty"! :)

Love you Rudy! xoxoxo ~ Mama and Riley "your baby"

Hey my boy! Mama is missing you terribly. I think about you constantly and cry every day and night because I miss you so much. I don't think this hurt will ever go away. Riley and I are trying to be happy, but it is so hard without you with us. It's just not the same. We miss our boy! I miss your goofiness so much! Mama isn't feeling well either and you were the one who always brought me comfort. You'd lay your head on my knee as if you were saying "it will be ok Mama...I'm here!" Then we'd lay down together and you'd stay with Mama until I felt better. You'd sit there and let me rub your puppy pigs and hold you so tight. You never moved..you stayed right there. I can still feel the softness of your fur..just like silk. I can even still smell you. I can't thank you enough Rude. You are my everything. I am so blessed to have you. You have taught me so much and given me so much love. I just miss you so much. Please don't ever leave the Mama. Please give Mama a sign that you followed me to the new place and that you are with me. Riley and I went to your grave last weekend and decorated it so pretty for fall. We put several pumpkins and some flowers there for you. You know Mama always called you my little punkin! I think you were there while we were sitting there visiting. Riley layed over your grave and just kept whimpering. I think he was telling me that you were there and that he was seeing you. Your baby misses you so much Rudy. He is very insecure since you left us. You were his best buddy and his security. It is so hard on all of us now. You made such a huge impact on everyone's life. You are one exceptional boy...truly an angel! God blessed me with one of His most precious angels. I am so thankful that I was chosen to be your Mama Rude!

Love you so much! Mama and Rye-Rye! xoxoxo


My Rudy. My Boy. My Puppy Angel. Today it has been 8 months since I had to say goodbye. It doesn't seem possible. It seems like yesterday the pain is still so unbearable. I think about you every day, constantly. You are my everything. Mama misses you so much my boy. I will love you forever and will never forget you. You are always in my heart. XOXO


Happy Thanksgiving Rudy!
Thinking of you always. Love and Miss You! Love Mama and Riley xoxo


MERRY CHRISTMAS my Hunny-Bunny-Bunches!
My first Christmas without you Rude and it's going to be so hard. I miss the silly things you like to do. Christmas was your favorite time. You loved ripping open your Christmas presents! You also loved to bat around the Christmas wrapping tubes all over the house. You were so cute prancing around with that big tube in your mouth running into everything in your path. Mama would come home to shredded cardboard paper everywhere! But, as always, Mama said you could do whatever you wanted. You were having so much fun! You were ALWAYS such a good boy! An exceptional boy! I miss you puppy sill! You are with me always. xoxoxo

Love, Mama and your "Baby Riley".


Mama misses you so much. This is my first New Year's without you and it is so hard. I thought about you as everyone was doing their fireworks. You'd always sit back and just howl. :) You were so cute. I know you are with me in spirit Rudy, but it is still so difficult not having you here beside me. I miss you boy...and so does your baby Riley. xoxoxo

Love, Puppy Hugs and Puppy Kisses are being sent to you my Angel Boy!
Love Mama and Riley


Hello my sweet boy! Mama was just sitting here thinking about you! I think about you constantly. Everything I do, everything I look at...reminds me of you. I so miss your silliness and the goofy things you would do. We had snow the other day and the first thing I thought was how much you always loved the snow. You would get down right silly! I took your baby Riley out in it, but he just stood there. He looked very sad...he misses you so much!

I just wanted to say that I love you Rude! I miss you terribly. I bet you are just prancing in heaven showing everyone how pretty you are! I see you when you come to see the Mama too! How happy that makes me Rudy. You kept your word as always when I said to you "never leave the mama Rude". I love ya boy! My hunny-bunny-bunches! You truly are an angel! I'm so thankful for you and Riley. You both are my world. You've never left my side and have been there for me always. Nothing is the same without you here, but the three of us will be together again some day. I know you will greet the Mama with your beautiful smile and you will just be prancing and prancing! Love you my beautiful boy!
Love, Mama and Riley xoxoxoxoxoxo


Mama loves you so much! I went to your grave today and left you some valentines. Your grave looks so pretty...just like you..my pretty-pretty! You and Riley were always my very special valentine's. I've never experienced the love the two of you have shared with me. You will forever be in my heart...my hunny bunny bunches! I was thinking today about our last valentines day together. You were so silly! You could hardly wait to have your treat. I'm so glad Mama has that on video. I love ya Rude. I will never forget you. I smile thinking about you being silly and then I get so sad because you aren't here with me. I miss you so much...it just breaks my heart. I know you are not hurting anymore and you are with Grandpa, but it still hurts. I miss holding you and you being silly making the Mama laugh. You always made me smile and made me so happy. I just miss everything about you!
I love you my beautiful boy!
Love, Mama and Rye-Rye xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Today it has been a year since I had to say goodbye. It still hurts so bad. It seems like only yesterday. I think about you always. I so miss your silliness and everything about you. You were my world. Nothing is the same. I'm so sad without you by my side. You made my life complete and so happy. My heart was ripped out that day and a huge hole has been left that will never be filled. No one understands the bond we shared. I just love you so, so much! I know your spirit is with me, but I guess I'm just selfish in wanting you physically here with me. I'm so thankful that God allowed me to be your Mama. You were an angel sent to me from God for just a short time, and I treasure every second that we were together. I miss you boy! Rest in peace my angel boy. I know you are just prancing everywhere and aren't hurting anymore. Mama never wanted you to suffer, even though it hurt me so bad to say goodbye. I love you Rude!
Love, Mama and Riley xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Happy Easter my Hunny-Bunny-Bunches!
Mama loves you! Miss you so much! Went to your grave yesterday. Left you flowers and an Easter balloon. Your grave looks so pretty just like you...Mama's "pretty-pretty".
I so miss you Rude. I would give anything to hold you again. I can still feel your touch, your beautiful silky fur, rubbing your puppy pigs....I just miss everything about you!
Mama and Riley miss and love you so much!!!!


Happy Birthday to my hunny-bunny-bunches! How I miss you! You brought such joy and happiness to my life that will remain in my heart and soul forever. I miss my goofy, gentle boy! You brought such love, joy, and happiness to my life and always, always, put a smile on my face and made me laugh! I will NEVER forget you and I thank God for blessing me with one of His most precious angels! Love you so much and thinking of you always Rudy. xoxoxoxo

Mama is going to your grave today to leave you pretty flowers and gifts for your birthday. Remember what Mama always said to you? "Wait until this evening...everyone will be celebrating Rude's Puppy Birthday with fireworks"! :) I so miss you my boy!

Love, Mama and Riley (your baby)

Happy Thanksgiving puppy Rude! I miss you my boy and think about you daily. You are my everything! Riley and I send you all our love to you in heaven. On this day I'm so thankful for you and Riley in my life and to God for picking me to be your Mama!

Love you boy! Mamas Hunny Bunny Bunches!

Love, Mama and your baby Riley! xoxo


This was your favorite! You loved the tree lights and opening the presents! Christmas isn't the same without you.
Riley and Mama miss you SO much! A little bit of puppy snow is coming down this morning too! :). You and Riley loved to play in the snow!
Great memories I will cherish forever!

I love and miss you Rudy. My every thing....my world.

Love, Mama and your baby Riley. xoxoxoxo

Happy Valentines Day my beautiful boy! I love and miss you so much! Mama isn't able to come visit your grave and bring you a valentine because of car trouble. It breaks my heart not to be there to share our special day! :). You and Riley are and always will be MY FOREVER VALENTINES! I love you Rudy!

Hugs and Kisses......Love, Mama.
Riley sends you a big "kitty kiss" too! He misses his puppy Rude so much!

Rudy, it has been 2 years already that I had to say goodbye. It doesn't seem possible. I love and miss you SO much! I think about you every day and wish you were still here with me. We are lost without you. Mama attempted to bring you some pretty flowers for your grave and 2 "I love you" balloons and two cute bunnies since you were always Mama's "Hunny-bunny-bunches"! But, Mama had car trouble and couldn't make it. I'm so sorry Rudy. It hurts me deeply....know one has any idea. Mama isn't doing too well, but as soon as I am able to get my car fixed, I promise I will come and visit you and make your grave pretty....just like my pretty boy! You deserve only the best and Mama will make sure of that!

Mama and Riley love and miss you so much!
Hugs and Kisses my boy...Love, Mama...and Riley (your baby) sends you "kitty kisses"!

P.S. Mama has your light on by your picture all the time. I can see it always!


Mama thinks about you so much! I visited you on your birthday! Brought you birthday balloons, red, white and blue flowers and a new angel. I washed up your stone and your grave looks so pretty, just like you!

I miss you my boy....my Hunny Bunny Bunches!
Love Mama and Riley

P.S....Puppy Mike said to tell you Happy Birthday too! He has a hard time coming to your grave he loves you so much and misses you. I left your favorite "Puppy Frenchy Fries" for you from Da'Mike! :)


Happy Thanksgiving my Angel Boy! Mama is very thankful for having you in my life and being your Mama forever! I love and miss you terribly but you are apart of my heart forever! I love you my hunny bunny bunches! ❤
Mama will be visiting your grave tomorrow to decorate for Christmas......
Love, Mama and Riley. xoxo


Merry Christmas my puppy Rude! The holiday is not the same without you here. Mama and Riley miss you so much!


I love you my boy. I will never forget you. Your paw print is embedded in my heart forever. ❤

Love, Mama and Riley. xoxo

Happy Valentine's Day my precious boy. This was and always will be our special day! I so miss you.....

Love, Mama
P.S. Riley sends you a kitty kiss too! xoxo


Oh my baby boy. Today is 3 years since I had to say goodbye to you. It seems like yesterday. I so miss you! I think about you daily and your silliness that always made me smile. Just looking at your pics and thinking of you brightens my day. You will forever be my best friend and my angel boy! I went to your grave today and made it all pretty for you. Then I blessed your grave. I know God is taking good care of my boy. I know you are at peace which makes it easier for Mama as I so miss you! I love you my hunny bunny bunches!

Love, Mama and your baby Riley xoxo

Oh Rudy....its been 4 years that I had to say goodbye. Feels like yesterday. The pain of losing you is so great and will never go away. I love you so, so much. Life is forever changed and will never be as happy as my times with you and Riley. Puppy Grandma is with you now. I'm sure you've been playing with her already. She loved her Rudy-tootie and would do anything for you. Take care of Grandma and Casey for us. Make sure you prance for Grandma! :) You'd always prance and show her how pretty you were. :) That's my beautiful boy! Love you Rude. The mama will be visiting your grave soon. Things have be a little rough, but mama will NEVER EVER forget you.

Love you to pieces my boy! Love, Mama and Riley....your baby. He so misses you.

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