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Memories of Rusty Lion

You came into my life at an early age, "runt" of the litter. You became a "giant" in my eyes. My Lion my love. You are so special that you opened me up to adopting other kitties that needed a home. You always took care of them and welcomed them no questions asked. No one can ever know how much I miss you. 14 years not nearly long enough together, privately cremated your ashes to be buried with me and I'm looking forward to seeing you at the Rainbow Bridge where you have been taking care of all that joined you on the other side. So many have visited your site since you arrived here. They see a beautiful Lion just as I did so long ago. You are missed everyday and we send our love.No Christmas Manger could be complete without a lion lying in it, as you loved to do.MERRY CHRISTMAS my Lion ! Another Christmas without my "Lion in a Manger" . But there is always a Lion in my Heart ! Easter almost here...a time I think of you "living" again on the "Other Side" Happy and Well....I pray it's true and we'll meet again my LOVE LION! Spring arrived with renewed hope that you and I will be together again.Each day you are missed my baby Lion. Your friend Roddy is 19 now and will one day join you....Meet him and await my arrival together with all the others on the other side. MY LOVE TO YOU ALL!
The day (July 31, 2006) has come for Roddy to join you. I pray you met him and you are together. As tears run down I know Roddy is now young and healthy and you will be his friend there as here. Be happy my LOVES! You are some of my best memories....my pain will only be gone when we together again.. Today a sad day, the day my Love Lion crossed the Bridge, his pain now gone and his memory shines on.. I LOVE YOU ! My Special Angel! Fall arrived and soon the holidays....another lonely time without my Love Lion.. My lion , my love , I pray you and Roddy have connected with Joey and Glenn , and you all will greet me when I too cross that Bridge. My days seem empty without you all. Casey is 17 and Tessie 16....and I pray that they'll be with me a little longer. Of course there's TJ at 6 and Skeeter at 4. They give me comfort but the house seems empty at times without my Lion and Roddy. My Two VERY SPECIAL Loves. Tj's fur is wet with my tears as he tries to comfort me. Be happy my loves....
Christmas soon here and another one without my baby Lion layin in the manger.....No manger complete without a Love Lion in it!
Merry Christmas My Love.....I pray you happy on the other side...miss you always....
Another Christmas.....missin my Love Lion....
Another Spring has arrived....My Love Lion .
Another one missing my baby lion.....
Casey has gotten sick and we are trying to cure her cancer....
Keep her in your view as only a Lion can.
I LOVE you .....Always my forever Love Lion....
Sept 17,2007...........Casey has crossed the bridge My Love Lion....please meet her as only a Lion can....she is missed on this side ...I pray she has joined you all my loves .....
Tessie has gotten ill now too.....keep a watchful eye as one day soon she will be crossing that bridge.....and she'll need her friends....
Sept. 27, 2007 Another sad day , Tessie has crossed the bridge....please greet her and show her around as she a shy girl. Now both my girls have joined you on the other side. You all are missed and I pray one day we together again my loves.
Have read a series of books called "The Warriors" A story of clans of feral cats. I now know more about my loves and have started a Clan called Lionheart. It could be called no other as you are the reason for all that followed in my life. Tj as the "elder"-Skeeter as the "deputy" and apprentices Higgins and Murphy. I pray we make you proud my Love Lion. My Lion would approve of our adopting a young feral Mom called Minnie...she gave birth to 5 kittens and we caught them all..kittens went for adoption but Minnie needed more help so we brought her home and slowly she has become a part of our family. She is about 6 months younger than the Higs and Murph. and plays like there is no tomorrow. You would be proud my baby Lion. You make it all possible. Keep an eye on us all. Love Ever.....Aug. 26 , 09, Another lonely time...no Love Lion..but I pray you are happy on other side awaiting my arrival. Have taken in a feral kitten , Flecks her Mom , Minnie her sister. Too many babies need help my baby man....Have a WEbkin online called Rustylion of course ! You always in my heart and on my mind. Skeeter has many lion ways, I'm sure you help him.....LOve Always, Mum.
Visitin my Main Man always.12/9/09 Missing you Ever.....Skeeter recovering from his surgery and you know how well Mum handles that! He'll be fine it's Mom that a mess...LOl. I pray all my loves are happy on the Other side and one day You'll All Run to Greet me. Missing you ever til then . LOVE NEVER DIES! It becomes even Stronger My Love Man. Aug 26, 2010
SAD day me man. As always missing you. Skeeter was very ill but now on the mend my Lion. He remains so like you in several ways.You ever me main Lion love. All that have come are a tribute to you. Love Ever ! 2011? where has the time gone?
Another lonely year without my Lion love. Everyday you are remembered as many things named for the Love Lion. Have caught Flecks and she will be having no more little ones...the 29 we caught and got to rescues or homes are the end of her mama days. She is living in the spare bedroom and does sneak out once in awhile. Always will be a feral but at least she fed and safe. Minnie and Mia her daughters and she LOVES the TJ. Keep your ever watchful eye on us Lion as we need an Angel watching out for us. I pray you are together with Roddy and all the others and will keep an eye out for me. Be happy my MAIN man....Love Ever...Oct. has arrived my love man...missin you ever...you always my main man . Skeeter has many of your ways my baby lion....Keep your eye on us all, we need our Angels.

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