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Memories of Raven

Raven was a fighter and a truly wonderful pet. He was the dream come true that I had as a little girl and he gave me some of the happiest moments I've ever had in my life. I will never forget him, never stop loving him. Hello Raven. I am missing you more and more all the time. It is almost one year since you left me. Daddy now put your special tape on a DVD for me - so I can watch it whenever I wish. The other day I watched it and cried. You were so beautiful and such a joy to me. I hope you are in a better place now and never have to suffer again. My heart aches for you and I long to dream of you -- you are my very special love. Hello Raven. Mommy is missing you more and more each day. I take walks and cry and wish I could see you once more. Daddy had your video made into a DVD so that I can play it. I watched it on Sat and cried watching you gallop around the corral and then take me for a ride. You were so beautiful - so proud - so awesome under saddle. It will be a year soon that you left me and the aching has not eased up at all. The only thing that helps is to believe that you no longer suffer and that you are watching over me. I hope so. I wish I could snuggle in your neck and kiss your sweet, soft muzzle as I did every day for so many years. Rest easy my beauty. I shall always love you so very much. Hi Raven. It is already September. I am missing you so very terribly all the time. When my birthday came, it was you that I missed most of all. I hope you are watching over me, Raven, as I've had some problems lately and I want to be healthy. I can't believe you are gone for more than a year already. The time has gone so quickly but the memory of you will never fade for me. I think of all the times we shared and remember how much I loved to look out the window and see you in the backyard - to be able to go outside and touch you and give your muzzle a kiss. We had so many years together but somehow it never seemed long enough. Please know that I still love you so much and always will. I can see you in my mind and you are always so deep inside my heart. Sleep peacefully my beautiful boy. Mommy misses you and needs you so much. Hello my darling boy. 2004 is coming to an end - and not soon enough for me. It has been another terrible year - not only because you are gone but now Bandit, your beautiful friend, has cancer and we are fighting to save her. Mommy has not had a good health year either - but I am fighting to get better too. It was so much lovlier when you were with me. I miss you so much - I can hardly bear even seeing other horses anymore. When I wasn't feeling good it was always the best thing to snuggle my face against you - you were always there for me. Mommy and Dad are going away next month for 20 days. We need to get away from here. I'm worried for Bandit, Kahlua and Sofie -- but we need our time away from home too. Please watch over them for me and keep them safe. Mommy loves you with all my heart. There can never be anything or anyone who can fill the void you have left in me. My hugs and kisses go to you right now -- I love you, Raven.Hi my angel. It's been a while since Mommy wrote to you. We were away in Jan for 20 days. It was a wonderful trip. I never stop thinking of you no matter where I am or what I am doing. You are so much a part of me. I think of all the years we had and sometimes I feel like I didn't always do the right thing for you. You were always so brave, so honest and strong. I miss your beauty and your warmth and how it felt to put my face against yours; the smell of your muzzle. It is so hard, Raven, to be without you - yet I know if you were still here I would be frantic each time I go away - each time it rains so much - or gets so hot. I hope you will keep watching over Mom, Dad, Bandit, Kahlua and Sofie. We all miss you so. Please know that there will never be another to take your place. I can only pray that you are in a better place and at peace. So much harm came to you that I could do nothing about and I am so sorry for that. I always tried to give you the best life and hopefully you had that with me. I love you forever and always my beauty. Mommy Hello, my beautiful boy. Mommy had to send Bandit to Rainbow Bridge last week. I hope you are together now - along with Andy, Hershey, Remi, Smoky, Rinty, Golda, Simone and Chaps. I miss all of you so much - but you especially and now Bandit, who was such a wonderful girl and a treasure for the past 9 years. I wonder if Mommy will ever stop crying over you babies?? I try to see you in my mind - with Bandit running along the fence by your side. She loved running with you so much - and I know you enjoyed it too. I miss hugging you and kissing your beautiful muzzle. If only I could have had more time with you. I love you so - and think of you every day. Hello, my darling boy. I've been awhile in writing with all that has been going on - but you are in my mind and heart every day of my life. I miss you so very much. I try to think of our times together and sometimes that makes me so much sadder. It is almost 2 years that you left me and it has not gotten any easier. I hope you are content and that you are watching over me. I love you so, Raven. Always remember that. I see you in the horses I love to watch and I remember how much I loved seeing you in our yard every day. I'll be back to you soon. Hello, my angel. I hope you are doing well. Nothing has changed, I still miss you with all my heart and love you even more. I hope you keep watching over me and protect me whenever you can. You remain my beautiful memory and shall always live in my heart. Hello, my beauty, how are you? Mommy is going away on Fri to Europe. I want you to watch over Daddy and me while we are away from home. I will think of you all the while, as I always do and miss you. It is easier when I am not here where all the memories are - but you are never out of my heart. I love you my boy. Hello my beauty. It is holiday time again and once more we aren't having very happy days. Your sister, Kahlua, now has Valley Fever - so here we go again. You are never out of my thoughts my boy - and I wish every day that we had our time together back again. I just want this year to be over - and maybe 2006 will be better. Time hasn't changed anything - I still miss you, love you and hate looking out at your empty yard. Please watch over us and know that Mommy will love you with all her heart forever.Hello, Raven, darling boy. Mommy is here thinking of you as always. I miss you so much, Raven. It breaks my heart looking out in the yard and not having you there to see. I shall never get over that. It's almost 3 years now that you are gone and nothing has gotten any easier for me. I treasure our days together and know that there will never be another to take your place in my heart. Thank you for all the love you shared with me. Rest, my lovely boy - and watch over our home. I love you. Good morning, my angel. Next month will be 3 yrs. since you left me. Nothing has changed - I still can't believe you are gone and that I don't have you to pet and love on. Now we have had to send Kahlua to join you and all your brothers and sisters. How terrible it is to lose one of you precious babies. You have been such an important part of my life. I still love you as I always will and you are in my heart forever. Please watch over Daddy and me, Raven. Know how much you are cared for and missed. Hello beautiful boy. Nothing has changed -- miss you every day of my life and love you even more as the years pass since you left me. I try to think of only the good things because you gave me so much when I was so lonely and needed you. Nothing can replace you, Raven, and I would never even try. You are my heart and my soul. We had such a connection that I've never experienced before or after. I love you, my beauty. Hello, my angel. It is already almost the end of Oct. Mommy is going away again next month. Please watch over Daddy and me while we are away. I miss you so much. It never gets easier. You are the one very special love in my life and I shall never forget that or the years we shared. I hope you are happy and resting peacefully. I look at your photos all the time and wish I could dream of you as you were. Never forget how much you mean to me and how deeply I love you. Sleep well my darling boy. Hi baby boy. Momma is having hard days thinking of you and missing you so very much. We are entering a new year and even though you have been gone for 3 years now -- it hasn't made my love for you or my lonliness without you change. I still wish I could bury my face in your beautiful neck and kiss your soft muzzle. Mommy loves you with all her heart and misses you more and more every day. My most darling boy - yesterday when Barbaro died it brought back all the pain of losing you after your long fight. You were my brave boy and the love of my life. You are still. I miss you every day and love you with all my heart. Please keep watching over Daddy and me and my girls and Trevor and Brynn. I hope you are with your special sisters and that you are at peace because there is no peace in my heart without you. Kisses and hugs my beautiful Raven. Hello my darling boy. I hope you are peaceful and content. Mommy misses you so very much and I love you more each day. You are always in my thoughts and prayers and I still wish we could have had more time together. It just never seemed to be enough. I love you so. Good morning, my love. Pretty soon it will be the anniversary of your entering the Rainbow Bridge. Four years now! It doesn't seem that you have been gone that long. It seems like I can still see you in your corral looking at me thru the doors! I miss you more than I can say. Everytime Daddy and I travel, there is a black horse somewhere along the way -- we always stop and I take a photo and talk to it - hoping that you are watching over me. Nothing can take your place in my heart, pretty boy. You are not here physically, but I feel you always in my heart and love you as much as I ever did. You are my darling treasure and you will always be with me in some way. I'll light your candle and wish you only good things. I love you. Hello my boy. I miss you and love you very much. It's been a horribly hot summer, just like when you left me. It's so empty in our yard now, with all of my beautiful babies gone. Raven, you are my love and my darling boy and I miss you so very much. The joy you brought to me will always be here, in my heart. Mommy loves you so very much. Darling Boy - Mommy & Daddy are going on a trip next Thurs. Please watch over us both and all the family. I miss you with all my heart, Raven. When I spend time with horses it just makes me long all the more for you. I would love to bury my face in your neck and breathe in the smell of you and feel your warmth. You are forever in my heart and soul and I never let a day pass that I don't think of you and love you so very much. My darling boy -- another year is coming to an end - the 4th year since you left us -- nothing has changed -- I am still missing you every day and thinking of you always. We are going away again on 1/1/08. Please watch over us as you always do. You are in my heart no matter where I am -- and you remain always my precious treasure. I love you always and forever. Raven, it is now the start of year 5 since you went to Rainbow Bridge. I miss you so much and love you with all my heart. The pain of losing you never leaves -- I still have a hard time looking at your empty corral - but I can't ever replace you, nor do I want to - so I will just live with the memory of the best friend and most treasured pet that I ever had. I was so lucky to have the years with you and I thank you for being with me as long as you could. Darling Raven: We are coming upon 5 years of your being gone -- one would think it would be easier - but for me, it is not. I miss you so much - probably more than ever as I get older and have my regrets over time lost with you -- but please know, of all the animals I ever had for pets - you were and are the one most special to me. Our relationship was so unique and I can never replace that feeling. I love you so much and always will and as the date of your leaving for rainbow bridge grows nearer - so does my sorrow get stronger. Mommy adores you my love. Until next time. Hello Raven - darling love of my life. Five years now and yet the ache inside does not ease up at all. The corral is too empty without you. Raven, you are my best friend of all time and I could bare my soul to you and I know you understood everything and now I don't have you anymore. I am sad for that and miss you and love you so very much. Angel Boy -- off again in one week to Europe. Please keep watch over us, Tassie & Koley and the children. Mommy never stops thinking of you and loving you. You are my heart, darling boy. I keep your photo with me so that I can always see you. I love you beauty and miss you every day, every minute. My darling love. Mommy & Daddy are going on a cruise and we hope that you will watch over us and your two sisters, Tassie & Koley, while we are away. Mommy misses you so very much and loves you more than ever. I still cannot believe you are not in our yard anymore. I love you, love you, love you. Hello my darling angel. Six years this month - and it still hurts me to not have you here - every day where I can see your beautiful face and feel your love. I miss you so much, Raven - and there definitely will never be another you in my life. Nothing could ever replace you. You will always be my treasure - my darling - my one true, true love. Always know how much I love you and miss you. My precious boy -- Mommy leaves tomorrow for a trip to Australia. Please watch over Daddy and Tassie & Koley and take care of Mommy too! I love you, I miss you - you are my forever love! My darling special boy -- Mommy & Daddy are going away for 2 weeks on Thurs. Please watch over us - as you always do -- and also protect your stepsisters Tassie & Koley at home. Raven, I love you with all my heart. I miss you more than anything. You are my very precious and special love - forever and always. Nothing can take your place. My angel - this s the month 7 years ago - that you left me for The Rainbow Bridge. I miss you so much every day and wish I could have you with me again. Going thru a hard time right now - and you were always there for me in the past. I know you are watching over me and that you know you are always in my heart and on my mind. I love you so my darling, beautiful boy and best friend. Hi darling - Mommy loves you and misses you with all my heart. Tomorrow I am having a big surgery (remember how many of those I had with you here) - well now I need to know you are looking out for me and our Daddy and girls. I will think of you and get thru this - because of the way you always got thru everything - your strong heart and mind. I love you, angel. Keep watch, please. Hello my darling boy. Well, here we go again. Daddy and I leave tomorrow morning for our trip to FL for a cruise. We need you to watch over us, as always, and also need you to oversee our little girls, Tassie & Koley, at home with Christa, their friend and sitter. Raven, Mommy misses you so much - it never stops hurting to have you gone from me. I guess age and years don't really matter - once you find that special kind of love - still you are here in spirit and in my heart, forever. I love you with every inch of my heart and soul. Please be our angel again. My most darling boy -- it is almost the anniversary of your entering Rainbow Bridge and leaving Mommy with a broken and very painful heart. It is still like that for me - even all these years later. I miss you more than I can ever say -- you are always in my heart and mind. My memories of you are always of the strong love we shared and how much I relied on you for strength. I know you are at peace - which you so deserve after what you endured on earth. Mommy loves you with all my heart and cherishes every moment we had together. Sleep in peace my darling angel. Good morning my darling boy. Just a quick note to say "hello". I love you and miss you. Hello Raven. Mommy misses you so much and loves you even more. I am going away again in a few days - please watch over your baby sisters, Tassie & Koley and our families and us, Daddy and myself. I look for you everywhere we go and know that somehow you are there - watching me. My love for you is undying, Raven and life has not been the same since I lost you. You are forever to me! Raven, Mommy loves you so much and missing you more than ever. I think of you all the time and wish I had one more minute to share with you. There will never be another being that touches my heart the way that you have. I treasure everything about you and wish so much that our time together had not been taken away from us. You are my darling treasure and love forever. My angel -- we are now 11 years apart -- I miss you so much still -- now I am involved with retired racehorses -- it makes me feel closer to you -- I haven't felt this happy since I lost you. You are and always will be the light of my life -- the treasure I had for 24 years that is and always will be one of the best parts of my life. I love you still with all my heart and wish I could see your beautiful face again. My beautiful, darling angel. I am still missing you after all this time. I have my horses now that you sent to me and I know you are watching over me when I am with them. I find comfort with them and hope you are OK with that. I'll never love more than I love you and I know that you know that. You gave me so much and I only hope that I gave something back to you. Thank you for letting me have time with the horses now. Mommy loves you and misses you with all my heart!

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