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FiFi- 1984-1997
"$10.00- One Domestic Cat"

Scattered bits of litter clung loosely to soft silky fur. Confined to a huge metal cage, she looked even smaller. Yellow/green eyes penetrated a haunting stare, as though pleading...help. I could hear a loud purring sound as she gently nuzzled against me. Reluctantly, I tore myself away. The last thing I needed in my life was a kitten. For the next few hours, those eyes bothered me. 

Constant images of the fat little fur ball floated within my mind. Her odd array of colors tugged at my heartstrings until I could no longer resist. The old, worn register clanked loudly. I was handed a crinkled cardboard box with a thick handle and a pink receipt that read, $10.00. One Domestic Cat.

Years later, my little torte is not round and plump any longer. Her poking ribs show signs of her sickness. My counter overflows with medications, vitamins, needles and syringes. A dozen different foods she refuses to eat. Those huge yellow/green eyes penetrate a haunting stare of help...once again. 

"Please don't leave me," I whisper, burying my face into her frailness, tears soaking her dry, dull coat. "I am losing my most beloved and loyal friend." Some make remarks, "It's only a cat." I tolerate their ignorance, knowing they will never understand the joy of unconditional love. 

I still have the worn pink receipt. I keep it in a frame by my bedside. My heart is broken, but I was blessed. How could I have known she would give back to me, a million in love...

By: FiFiCat

Ginny Brancato
Founder - RainbowBridge.com

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