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Memories of Abbey
Abbey, From the day we met you with your little purple collar on, we knew you were the pet for us. You were so tiny. A little ball of black fur, so very soft. Giving us licks on our faces and bitting our ears. You and your brothers and sisters were all playing together, but we knew you would be ours forever. You have brought joy & love to our home from the minute we brought you home. Your friendly, kind, loving manner helped our family through happy and sad times. You were much to young to die. You had so many years ahead of you. I know your in a place giving joy to those around you. We had so much fun with you. Playing your favorite games of fetch the ball, hide the treat, and find Vincent. You loved water and getting wet with the hose. We loved giving you all of your favorite treats, especially peanut butter bones. Daddy would give you popcorn & you amazed us by catching every piece of popcorn he threw. We knew you used to sneak on the chairs and in the beds , but we let it go. You were so much a part of our family. One day we will see you again and give you the big bear hugs and blessings you loved so much. In the mean time, you will stay close in our hearts.
We love you Abbey,
xxoo Mom, Dad, and Vincent and all you Doggie Friends and Family.
2/17/07 Abbey, We still think of you everyday. We miss you very much. We have gotten Hunter. He is very cute. He is a black Lab like you, but so very different. He is keeping us busy. I miss your gentle kinds ways. It snowed last night and I know how much you loved snow. I hope you have plenty where you are. XX00. MOM, Dad, & Vincent.
Abbey. It's warm out now & I know you loved the warm weather. We miss seeing you play in the yard. We love you so. Please look out for Hunter Bear, he hurt his leg.
10/19/07: Abbey, I think about you often. I see Hunter and sometimes expect him to be like you. He is great, but there is only one Abbey, so sweet and gentle. We miss you a great deal. There are tennis balls in the yard always for you.
12/12/07 Abbey, Its our first Christmas without you. Your stocking will be under the tree along with Sandy's and Hunters. We will have our fond memories of you from other Christmas's. I'll make sure I give Hunter a bone from you. Love you Abbey. Mom
We miss you Abbey. Your still in our thoughts. The weather is getting warm again. Hunter loves tennis balls just like you.
Abbey, tomorrow is the day you left us. We miss you so. Hunter is doing well, so is your Vincent.
I hope you are happy where you are. Your spirit will never leave us. XX00

1/11/10: Abbey, We miss you very much. I hope your happy where you are. I miss you sitting on my lap & your hugs. I'll never forget you XXOO Mom

1/29/10: I wish you were here with me Abbey. We all miss you. I hope you are happy & playing ball in heaven. XXXX MOM, DAD, Vincent

1/3/11: Abbey -I still miss you very muchand think of you often. You left us too soon. I hope you are happy & playing with your friends. I'll never forget you. I still hang your stocking every Christmas. XXXXXXOOOOOO Mom, Dad & Vincent

1/1/12 Abbey: I wish you were here with me. I think of you all the time. Your stocking is under the tree again. Look out for Vincent. He is having a hard time of late. Love you XXXXXXX Mom

1/29/12: Abbey we all miss you very much, V has been ill , keep an eye on him. Everytime I see a tennis ball I think of all the fun you had. Love Mom Dad and V xxoo

10/29/12: Abbey I will always think of you and miss you. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

1/29/13 Abbey. Miss you. I always think of you. I hope you are playing in heaven. Your vincent is growing up wish you were here to see him. Love you Mom

2/3/14 Abbey, I miss you and think of you often. I hope you are with my parents and playing in heaven, your spirit lives forever. Your Vincent misses you too. Love you Mom

12/29/14 Abbey: i still think of you often and miss you so much. I hope you are happy in heaven and having fun with our family. I know they love you as much as I do. Love you always , Vincent is doing well , I kmow you watch over him. MOM XXXOO

2/1/15 Abbey- I miss you. Have been thinking of you and wish you were here with all of us. MOM XXOO

2/17/15 Abbey- Hunter was out in the snow today playing. I remember how you loved snow, Hope there is snow in heaven. Love Mom XXOO

2/6/16 Abbey- Miss you so much. I'll never forget what you brought to our family. I think of you when it snows. I know you loved the snow. Wish you were here with us. I left you a tennis ball. I hope you are playing in heaven. Love Mom XXXOOO

8/30/17 Abbey- Miss you. Miss your jumping and running and big eyes and warm heart. Keep watch over Vincent. He needs an angle now. XXXXOOOO Mom

1/29/22 Abbey- It has been many years but I still think of you often and really miss you. You were the best. I could not have gotten a sweeter girl that gave unconditional love like you did XXXXXOOOOO

1/15/23 Abbey- Always in our thoughts and prayers. Miss you girl. XXXOOOO Miss your big hugs and jumps to greet us

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